UN Survey: Arabs Read Approximately 4 Pages Per Year


*  No wonder they’re so intelligent. But somehow they know all about jihad. Mysterious, isn’t it?


                                     Intelligent Arab females

one must go on jihad (i.e., warlike razzias or raids) at least once a year…one may use a catapult against them [non-Muslims] when they are in a fortress, even if among them are women and children. One may set fire to them and/or drown them…If a person of the Ahl  al-Kitab [People of The Book – Jews and Christians, typically] is enslaved, his marriage is [automatically] revoked…One may cut down their trees…One must destroy their useless books. Jihadists may take as booty whatever they decide…they may steal as much food as they need…

From Al-Ghazali (arguably the ‘greatest scholar in Islam’)  

by Malkah Fleisher

(IsraelNN.com) The average Arab in the Middle East reads approximately four pages worth of literature a year, according to a RIA Novosti Russian news service report published in November. 

The Syrian newspaper Tishreen, commenting on a recent survey conducted by the United Nations, said that according to the study, Americans read an average of 11 books a year, with the average Briton reading eight books.

The Arab Thought Foundation, which reports on cultural development in Arab countries, concluded that only a little more than 8 percent of Arabs aspire to a higher education.

The U.N. survey reported that every year, one new book title is published per 12,000 people in the Arab world, as compared with one per 500 people in Britain. Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) says Israel publishes more than 4,000 books a year, making Israel the second highest per-capita publisher in the world, after the People’s Republic of China.

The United Nations Development Programme Literacy Report for 2007-2008 listed Israel in 56th place for world literacy, with the Palestinian Authority coming in 80th, Jordan 84th, Lebanon 97th, Iran 114th, Syria 120th, and Egypt in 132nd place.

5 thoughts on “UN Survey: Arabs Read Approximately 4 Pages Per Year”

  1. I am not surprised and if they are from the ‘royal’ family of saud they read even less.

    The book ‘Princes of Darkness’ reveals a lot of how we are dealing with utter morons from that country. BUT!! do not underestimate them – they are dangerous utter morons with one thing on their little brain cell – jihad.

  2. If they only read 4 pages a year, how did they know that Rushdie’s book (Satanic Verses) was offensive? Oh, wait, they go to Friday prayers and let the imam read to them. /sarc

    I’m guessing that Israel ranks so low because of it’s arab population. If you were to rate the Jewish/Christian population separate from the muslim population it would probably be closer to the U.S. (or at least E.U.) ranking. (“arab” and “muslim” were not capitalized intentionally).

  3. Its on record that not even the imam Khomeini who issued the fatwa against Rushdie read his book, the Satanic Verses. I guess you can count the Muslims who have actually read the book on the fingers of one hand. its pretty much the same with the Koran down the toilet and the Danish cartoons. A few imam’s get together and whip up the illiterate morons who want to kill infidels to get their 72 houris (not to forget the 28 boyz) and that’s just it: the whole monkey-jihad show starts to blow out of control.

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