"All we want is kill da Jooozzz…"

From Jihad Watch:

* Gee, who could argue with that? Its been said (and done) so often its (almost) boring. Don’t these people have a right to kill Jooozzz? After all, they even have a holy book that tells them to kill Jews. So hey, who are we to argue with these holy men?

Berlin: Thousands in Europe protest against Gaza operation

Denmark pro-jihad demo: “We want to kill all the Jews”


Denmark pro-jihad demonstration (thanks to Clarebunny) features Muslims chanting “Down down Israel, down down USA, down down democracy, down down Denmark”; a Muslim making the Nazi salute (at :41); a Muslim saying, “We want to kill all the Jews, all they Jews should be slain, they have no right to exist!” (at 1:10); and chants of “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahoud, jaish Muhammad sawfa yaoud” — that is, “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.”

That chant is a reference to a celebrated incident in the life of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, when he massacred a town full of Jewish farmers. Details here.

Is this really what Europe wants for its future?

UPDATE: Ted Ekeroth has an eyewitness report and more video, and Lars Hedegaard has an illuminating report about a pro-Israel demonstration in Copenhagen: “Supporters of Israel demonstrate in Copenhagen despite threats of violent attacks.”

Toronto pro-jihad rally: “Jewish child, you’re gonna f****n die. Hamas is coming for you”


Toronto pro-jihad demonstrators shout at, berate and threaten pro-Israel counter-demonstrators: “I want the war to continue because I want Hizb’Allah to wipe the state of terrorism off the planet….You’re being wiped off the planet. That’s a promise.”

Is this what Canada wants for its future?

(Thanks to Kathy Shaidle.)

More Information from Barcelona

Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey


Barcelona demo
I reported yesterday on a pistol-packin’ jihad supporter who made an appearance at a pro-Hamas demonstration in Barcelona. AMDG from La Yijad en Eurabiahad this to add (via the comments):

It is even much worse; you may update the post: The Interior Minister of the regional Catalonian government participated in the demo and was close to the man. He was not identified nor arrested by regional police, who only requested him to hide the gun. He was allowed to continue with his face covered.

* Newslink: A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery

Kristallnacht in Chicago


Debbie Schlussel receives a chilling letter from a reader in Berlin Chicago:

Debbie:I don’t know what happen in other cities, but let me tell you what happened in Chicago early this Shabbos morning.

My father in law passed away a little over a year ago. His name was Morton Pliskin and he was the Chazan [DS: cantor] of a Traditional Synagogue named Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation in Lincolnwood Illinois (a suburb of Chicago, near Skokie).

To commemerate [sic] the long years of service my father in had to the synagogue, my family dedicated the chair he used to sit in and sponsored the kiddush [DS: a Jewish reception blessing wine (and usually featuring food)].

When we walked to synagogue this morning, we saw yellow crime scene tape around the front steps. On the wall near the door was painted “Death to Israel long live Palestine”. Also, the glass on the front doors was taped. It seems that bricks were used to smash the windows. We are not certain, but we believe an there were plans to enter the synagogue and to destroy everything inside….


Read it all.

Is this what Chicago wants for its future?


Pro-jihad, pro-Hamas rally in New York City today

Then what are you guys so angry about?

High jihad fashion

Rally ’round the jihad flag

The real neo-Nazis, crying “Nazi”

Standing together for civilization

Dreaming of genocide

Photos of today’s pro-jihad demonstration in Times Square from Jihad Watch reader Eric, who comments:

The contrasts to the pro-Israel march earlier were clear. The pro-Israel march was calm. Songs were sung, there were Israeli flags and flags of the United States, and people having discussions about the events. The Times Square pro-Hamas rally was a bizarre mix of communists, socialists, jihadists, screaming, “Down down down Israel,” “Boycott Starbucks,” “Boycott Jewish businesses,” and “All of Palestine will be free and will eventually take over Israel.” Flags of Hamas, and red flags of communists were seen, but there were no American flags to be found. I have attached photos of the use of nazi imagery, calls for the end of Israel etc.

From Atlas Shrugs:


I single out Western governments because Islamic governments promote, finance and export the vile Jew hatred that is in the Koran. But we are not Islamic or medieval ….. we are an advanced civilization that stands for and exalts the civilized man. 
 violent call for Jewish annihilation MUST STOP. Please write any and all of your government officials. 

Wiesenthal Centre to Interior Ministers of France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Greece: “The Terror of Gaza Must Not Be Transplanted to Your Cities, and Your Jewish Communities Must Be Defended from Further Assaults”

Paris, 7 January 2009

In letters to the Interior Ministers of France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Greece, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, expressed “grave concern at the increasingly threatening situation for Jewish communities in your country and across Europe. Pro-Hamas demonstrations are encouraging extremists to take direct action against the nearest communal institutions, synagogues and Jewish passersby.”

The letter continued, “The banners and invective of demonstrators are degenerating to calls for violence against your Jewish citizens. Indeed, those calls reflect such incitement ‘to murder Jewish children worldwide’ from Hamas senior officials, disseminated in Arabic and European translations on Jihadist websites and Middle East satellite television.”

Samuels stressed that “European Muslim leaders must condemn such voices and admit that Hamas and its allies endanger their own youth, by sowing among them not only hate for Jews, but a revulsion for Western values and for their own moderates.”

The letter noted, “Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak has advised European diplomats that ‘Hamas must not be allowed to win this war’ for the sake of peace in the region and for Europe’s own wellbeing”, adding, “this means, Mr/Madam Minister, that the terror of Gaza must not be allowed to be transplanted to your cities.”

The Centre called on each Minister “to monitor and prosecute all calls for, and acts of, antisemitic violence while, simultaneously, reinforcing security in Jewish neighbourhoods and around community institutions.”

“Calls for violence, and assaults, so far in Metz, Toulon, Auber, the Paris and London suburbs, Brussels and Antwerp, Berlin and Frankfurt, Stockholm, Odense, and on the Volos synagogue in Greece, must be treated as warnings and not be permitted by your respective governments to become precedents. Your Jewish communities must be defended from further assaults,” concluded Samuels.


More from Atlas:



Check out this video. It’s horrible. The violence of the UK riots put to tech electronica. The thugs and punks talk about their violence as a result of “oppression,” when their anarchy is oppressing free societies. This is not the exception. This is what is happening in all of the death marches, some more violent than others. Where will this lead? What is the next level of violence?

What’s to stop these violent zombies from firing into pro-Israel rallies and killing people? I ask you. What is next?

vid hat tip Kasper

Btw, the bill for keeping control of anti-Israel mobs hits £1 million: Taxpayers face a bill of more than £1million after violence erupted during a weekend of demonstrations over the Israeli military action in Gaza.


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