And the Winner is: Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs!

Sweet victory!


LGF pwned!

Hey: what’s that ugly shirt doing on a pretty girl like you..?

Atlas Shrugs has finished third in the 2008 Weblog Awards voting for Best Conservative Blog, and that is a major victory because Little Green Footballs, the ugly libel and slander site that used to be a significant anti-jihad voice on the web, finished…fourth.

More from Jihad Watch and of course from Atlas, here…

* Now do us all a favor and send Pamela your congrat’s, nobody is more deserving than Pamela Geller, the shining star of the counter jihad!

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  1. Well done Pamela keep up the good work. By the way Sheik I am not the UK Lionheart, my apologies for any mix up. Thank you for this blog you are doing a grand job.

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