Anti-Israel Rally in San Francisco January 10, 2009

A personal account from Zombietime

From Flower-Power to this? WTF happened here?

Projection doesn’t replace reality. Good will win over a totalitarian cult…

“Globalize the Intifada.” This is the fundamental message underlying all of these anti-Israel rallies organized by far-left radical groups: They see the Palestinian Intifada as the first wave of attack in a global revolution. Which, in their delusional fantasies, will usher in a secular communist utopia. This goes a long way toward explaining how left-wing groups can possibly give their support to Hamas, which is after all a repressive theocratic regime. 

Take a look at the whole thing, well worth it!

3 thoughts on “Anti-Israel Rally in San Francisco January 10, 2009”

  1. I used to really like San Fran:(
    They may as well change the name of that famous street to “Hate-Ashbury” by the look of these pictures.

  2. “Nazism = Zionism” / “Zionism = Nazism” – UN does … nothing.

    “Nazism = islam” … … UN calls for global criminalisation of “hate crime”.

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