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 May all the jihadists end up where they want us to be!

Islam’s most significant global contribution of 2008 was the Mumbai
massacre, a landmark interfaith event in which devout Muslims
 slaughtered Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Jews in one fell swoop


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From the good folks from the Militant Islam Monitor site:

I have just read on the Dept of Immigration website that the Govt is calling on public opinions in relation to future refugee immigration.

I thought that if people out there wanted to put in writing their views on refugee immigration for the future then now is a good time.

We could STRONGLY put forward the argument that Christians, Hindus and other religious denominations that have been persecuted by Muslims in the Middle East and other countries be given priority over Muslims and state the reasons why.

State examples such as the Egyptian Coptics, Christians in Iran and Iraq etc.

If anyone knows of people in high places within religious communities, such as the Copts, etc then forward the info on to them so that they can put their arguments forward.


This may be a start for us to start small.

Here is the info below:

You can also go to the Dept of Immigration website


Australia’s Humanitarian Program: 2009?10 and Beyond

On this page

    * The Humanitarian Program

    * The consultation process

    * Discussion paper

    * Submissions

    * Further information

The Humanitarian Program

Australia operates a dedicated Humanitarian Program, which offers resettlement for refugees and others in humanitarian need and protection for people already in Australia who are determined to be refugees.

The program is designed to fulfil our international obligations under the United Nations 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, and to go beyond these by helping people who are outside Australia but in great need of our help and protection.

Since the end of World War II, over 700 000 people have begun new lives in Australia under the Humanitarian Program.


More information on the Humanitarian Program is available on the following pages.


Refugee and Humanitarian

Fact Sheet 60 ? Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program

The consultation process

The Australian Government is committed to a fair and flexible Humanitarian Program. Australia’s Humanitarian Program must be able to respond to world events, to focus on the resettlement of those persons most in humanitarian need, to enhance Australia’s international standing but most importantly, be one in which the Australian community has confidence.

Each year, the Government seeks the views of the Australian public on the Humanitarian program so that these can be taken into consideration in planning for and building future years’ programs.

Discussion paper

The Australian public is now invited to provide their views and ideas on the size and composition of Australia?s Humanitarian Program for 2009?10 and beyond.

This discussion paper outlines how the Humanitarian Program currently operates and provides information on its size and composition over previous years.

The discussion paper also outlines possible options that are designed to improve the responsiveness and delivery of the Humanitarian Program. These are the introduction of a multi-year planning framework for the Humanitarian Program and associated with this, Australia making a longer-term commitment internationally to particular protracted refugee caseloads.

The discussion paper is available here.

See: Australia’s Humanitarian Program for 2009?10 and Beyond: Discussion Paper (452KB PDF file)


If you would like to provide a written submission on Australia’s 2009?10 Humanitarian Program or the issues raised in the discussion paper relating to a multi-year planning framework and greater involvement in protracted refugee situations, please send it to:


Postal address:

Humanitarian Program submission

Assistant Secretary

Humanitarian Branch

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

PO Box 25





All submissions should be received by 11.30 pm Friday 23 January 2009. Submissions received after the deadline may not be considered.

Further information


For further information about submissions on Australia’s 2009-10 Humanitarian Program contact the department’s Humanitarian Branch.

Telephone: 02 6264 4683



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