Aww, its that Ashura time of year again…

Oh, but not to worry, lets celebrate diversity!

* Welcome to sheik yer’mami’s cultural awareness program: soon coming to a street near you!

Ashura, the most important day in the Shi’ite calendar, guarded by a heavy police and army presence three days after a suicide bomber killed 35 pilgrims outside a Baghdad shrine. Shi’ites in Iraq gathered in their thousands to observe an annual ritual of mourning on Wednesday.

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… in the Middle East. Worshippers bleed as they perform self-flagellation to mark the Ashura festival in Manama. Some use swords …

… in order to mourn and remember the seven-century martyrdom of Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein …

The 10-day-long event includes a bloody ritual of flagellation…

… cutting scalps with kinves…

… or swords …

This boy performs ‘tabrir’ the cutting the forehead.

… even a one-year-old Lebanese boy, wearing a headband with the name of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussein, joins adults in a self-flagellation ritual.

Shiite Muslim men beat themselves with chains and blades during a Muslim ritual that is part of Ashura celebrations. Shiites in their hundreds of thousands crowded the streets… Picture: AFP

At processions of thousands at Baghdad’s Kadhamiya shrine and at other holy sites in Iraq to mourn the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, men sobbed, cut their scalps with daggers and whipped their backs with chains.

The ritual took place under unprecedented security after Sunday’s attack, with thousands of police and military out.

A road leading to a golden domed Mosque at the north Baghdad shrine, scene of the bloody bomb attack on Sunday, was again spattered with blood — but this time it streamed from pilgrims cutting gashes in their heads: a traditional rite of mourning.

Thousands chanted “Haider, Haider“ another name for Imam Ali, Imam Hussein’s father, to commemorate the slaying of his son in the 7th century battle of Kerbala.

Groups of men, some riding horses, dressed up in medieval military outfits with spiked helmets and chainmail to re-enact the battle between followers of Hussein and his enemy Yazid. Others waved green and red flags. Women wailed.

Huge vats of stew steamed over wood fires on the roadside and a canal was died red to symbolise Hussein’s blood.


In a bid to tighten security, authorities had forbidden women from entering the entire district of Kadhimiya surrounding the Baghdad shrine, because it is hard for the mostly male police force to search them, but on Wednesday the ban was lifted. A gun attack on pilgrims in another part of Baghdad late on Tuesday underscored the tough challenge of securing such festivals. Gunmen fired on a procession of Shi’ite pilgrims in southeastern Baghdad’s Zaafaraniya district, wounding four.

Ashura is the most important and dramatic annual rite distinguishing Shi’ite Muslims from Sunnis and it has become a show of strength for Iraq’s long-repressed majority sect.

“In Saddam’s time, we were cut off from our history, our culture. Now that’s changed. Now we can know our heritage,“ said Jasim Mohammed, an engineer.

Sunni militants have frequently staged attacks on pilgrims, beginning with coordinated suicide bombings in Baghdad and Kerbala during the first post-Saddam Ashura in 2004 that killed more than 160 people and heralded the sectarian bloodshed that ravaged the country in 2006 and 2007.

But like Baghdad, the southern holy city of Kerbala was calm on Wednesday, thanks partly to some 20,000 security forces manning checkpoints with bomb detectors and banning cars.

Local officials estimated 1.5 million people marched through the city, about 50,000 of them pilgrims from Shi’ite Iran. Men flailed themselves with chains and adults helped young children, some as young as three, whip their backs with little chains.

Arabs and Turkmen in the volatile northern city of Kirkuk also held a march, under watch of Iraqi military helicopters.

“Until now, there has been no security breach,“ said police commander Brigadier-General Adel Zain al-Abideen.

Many pilgrims said they felt safe in Iraq, now that the government had stamped its authority on formerly lawless places.

“It’s different from the year before because the government is getting stronger. When the government is strong, terrorism will stop,“ said Sadeq Jaffer, a construction worker in Baghdad.


All that follows from Atlas Shrugs

And of course they are using Ashura to gin up Islamic Jew hatred


Our friends the SAUDIS: Muslims hold knives during the Shi’ite Ashura religious festival in Qatif

PAKISTAN: A Muslim performs self-flagellation during the religious Ashura procession in Karachi January 8, 2009. Ashura falls on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, grandson of the pro moe (propeller beanie be upon him).

INDIA: Muslims beat their chests with small blades during an Ashura procession in New Delhi, India


IRAN: Children attend an Ashura religious festival near the city of Ardabil, northwest of Tehran


TURKEY: A Muslim girl stands near her mother during an Ashura procession in Istanbul


IRAQ: Muslims  take part in a religious procession of Ashura in Najaf, south of Baghdad

IRAQ: A baby boy during a reenactment of the death of Imam Hussein in the holy city Karbala






IRAN: Iranian man re-enacts a scene from the 7th century battle of Kerbala during the Ashura religious festival in Ardabil,


LEBANON: Ashoura day held by Hezbollah, in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon



MUSLIM CHILD ABUSE: Lebanese Muslim young girl, cries as a man cuts her forehead with a razor – no happy meals for this little girl.



AFGHANISTAN: Afghan Muslims flagellate themselves with knives during the Ashura procession in Kabul


BAHRAIN: Bahraini men rhythmically beating their chests in mourning lead a horse at the head of a Shiite religious procession over symbolic Israeli and American flags.


Islamic Jew hatred
: The shadow of a Bahraini mourner flagellating himself with a chain whip is seen Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009, in Muharraq, Bahrain, as he passes a blood-splattered Israeli flag drawn on the pavement for Muslim participants to walk on.


ASHURA: Lebanese Hezbollah supporters gather to listen to the speech of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah during Ashoura day.




Muslim woman, holds her daughter wears a head band with Arabic words read:’Oh, Zeinab,’ (Zeinab is the sister of Imam Hussein) reacts as she listens to the death story of Imam Hussein. Yeah right, that’s why this slave woman is crying.

The annual ashura festival of ……….. whatever the West is calling this quaint practice these days. All the above images were taken yesterday, January 7th.
Previous Atlas Ashura coverage here (check out last year’s Ashura festival on Park Avenue, NY and in Queens)

Pakistan’s Shiites observe Ashura under tight security AFP via Yahoo! NewS

Photos: Ashura Mourning Ceremonies in various parts of Iran Payvand Iran New

Hezbollah woos crowds at Ashura rally BBC News

  • Hezbollah uses the Muslim festival of Ashura in Lebanon to rally its supporters against Israel, says the BBC’s Natalia Antelava in Beirut.

  • Will update when the photos from Ashura in Western countries come in.

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    1. I have personally watched these revolting acts of self-flagellation whilst living in Bahrain. I guess it will be coming to a place near you soon. God forbid.

    2. “For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whsoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
      This is the God we adore, the one who demands not cutting of ourselves, but loved the world of mankind so much that he gave his only son from heaven, to die on a cross so that we could be called children of God.

    3. That is terrible. it should be banned. Especially for the younger children. I’m sorry but that is awful.

    4. I find this highly horrific. It should be banned to children under eighteen. it is not right. have you seen those babys and thelittle girls screaming in horror as she’s about to be cut with a razor blade. i find it despicalble. BANN THIS ACT NOW! 🙁

    5. it is so horrible the people are not realizing that if someone die by doing such a fool activity then it will said a SUICIDE and suicide have place in JAHANNUM.please think about it and cahnge your mind

    6. Yes .. I am a Muslim, Shiite too, that is really happening
      But not all Muslims are doing it,
      That God has prescribed for us to cry over what happened with Hussein, but did not rush us to kill ourselves!

      However, you have no right to interfere in their affairs, they opened the do not interfere with your beliefs, and the Cross, churches and other

    7. problem is that many muslims interfere in western affairs in
      order to influence, destroy or take over.
      it is easy to say that the western countries did the same in other
      countries across the globe but they left and those countries are
      independent now.
      Did you ever wonder how indonesia became the worlds most
      populous muslim country?
      It was a dutch colony and people were free to remain/ become
      muslim or hindu or christian.
      That is not the case in saudi arabia, iran and other islamic countries.
      The inconsistency, injustice and prejudice of religion will pave the
      path for abolition of all religions in favor of servientes vicarius diabolo.

    8. Islam is a natural Religion, do you know that certain foods are Haraam (Prohibited) in Islam? Have you ever thought what kind of foods are Haraam in Islam. Foods or what ever the things such as Pork, Alcohol which have at least some probability to harm human’s body is banned in Islam. Islam prohibits Alcohol solely for the sake of its disadvantageous it could have on us, then do you thin this religion will promote such an act? Islam is a religion in which their is complete way of life. Coming to your Indonesian case, I want you to be optimistic in this case. If Muslims start practicing Islam in the real way, there will not be a single non Muslim in this world.

      Do you know why? That is the beauty of Islam. Its a complete way of life its just not only a religion. Hope you would have heard about Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Islamic law etc. Do you thing those are created just 10-15 years ago? No, they are included in Islam when the prophet was sent. Simply from the way you eat to the way you go to the washroom Islam has its own way. So finally if Muslims start practicing the real practices not only Indonesia, the whole world will turn to Islam.

      Quran clearly says there is no compulsion in religion. If you need just Google the previous sentence and see the results. We no need the sword to spread Islam, just find how many people are converting to Islam in America alone and in Europe alone. I don’t say that other religions teach bad, but the teaching of Islam is alone perfected.

      Do you want to see the result of Human laws? Just follow the below link.

      In other find out the result of God made laws as well.

      1. You are welcome to educate us on the history of Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Mufleeh.

        As for the “no compulsion in religion” don’t bother.

        We know about Abrogation.

    9. Islam is a religious system not a religion.
      btw, religion can not save you, only personal faith in YHWH through Word (YHM) and Spirit (Ruach Kadosh) under His Glory (Kabod).
      Russia, China or the islamic Ummah have not enough time left to rule the world, the anti-christ will take over the entire world and YHWH
      through YHM will terminate him and establish the Millennium-reign.
      All religion(s) will be history.

    10. Piss off you ignorant turd Mulfleeh. No one is converting to islam! Where ever do you get the idiotic idea that every one wants to be a stupid moron like you!!! Islam is an excuse for a way of living without thought and without real purpose that suits useless and stupid morons like you. Most people are considerably more intelligent than you Mufflehead. Very few convert to islam – however we are allowing lots of muslims into our countries and allowing muslim parasites to have high birthrates – so the growth in islam is generated from within the islamic community and not from conversions. This will be allowed to continue for a while until muslims become an open threat, then the muslims will be dealt with.

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