Cry Me a River: Prince Wally Lost $7.9 Bill!

So Sad, Too Bad: Saudi Prince AlWaleed Lost $7.9 Bill

By Debbie Schlussel

I wish that when Prince AlWaleed lost his $7.9 billion, American taxpayers didn’t bail him out by rescuing Citigroup. If the government hadn’t bailed out Citi, AlWaleed would really have gone to the cleaners. After all, he’s still worth many billions of dollars. And what’s the loss of a few billions to a multi-billionaire. He’s still worth between $10 and $20 billion.

Still, at least he got soaked a little. He is, after all, a major donor to homicide bomber telethons and a big hater of Jews, Israel, and America (he hates us, but he buys us).

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, seen just a few months ago as a bastion of Mideast support for banking giant Citigroup Inc., said Tuesday his Saudi Arabian conglomerate, Kingdom Holding Co., lost 29.7 billion Saudi riyals, or about $7.92 billion, in 2008.



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  1. Even if Citigroup didn’t get a bailout the prince (of thieves?) would have gotten his money back sooner or later. An increase in oil prices would have filled his pocket in no time.

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