Dueling Rallies in L.A. by Israeli Consulate

* From Islam in Action

As the Israel-Palestine conflict continues more and more American Muslims show us that they are no different than the Palestinians who voted Hamas into office. At 2:07 we can see some Muslim women challenging the Jews to a fight and at 4:30 we can see calls to put the “Jews in the oven” and laughter as an American Muslim call for Jews to be used a “fossil fuel”. 

“Long live Hitler, Put Jews in ovens, Jews are fossil fuel…”

A keen observer on Youtube posted this:

Everyone that watches these Pro-Hamas / Pro-Terrorist videos should notice something that is missing from ALL the rallies organized by these demonstrators in the USA. None of these Hamas supporters are carrying the flags of the USA. The US Constitution that gives them the right to demonstrate and freedom of speech, but instead they choose the Green Terrorist Hamas & the Palestinian Flags. These “governments” not only prevent their people of having opposing views but kills them if they do.

Tuesday, January 6, in front of the Israeli consulate in L.A.