Ghetto Britain: MUSLIMS want to remain segregated from British society

* Who guessed it? But YOU are called a racist if you say ‘apartheid is not on’- can’t wait for the howlers and dementi’s from all the ‘Muslims spokesmen’…

Daily Star

MUSLIMS want to create their own communities and remain segregated from British society.

A shocking 44% think they should be free to develop along separate lines.

But critics claim Muslims will create their own ghettos if they are left to their own devices.

The poll found religion has replaced race as the biggest equality issue, with six in 10 Brits thinking it is more divisive. Mass tension has grown following terror attacks from Muslim fanatics, including the 7/7 Tube bombings in 2005.

The war in Iraq has also added to divisions leaving many communities split.

But critics are fuming Muslims are refusing to fit into our way of life.

English Democrats’ chairman Robin Tilbrook said: “As far as I’m concerned, what we want to be about is having an integrated society.

“If people don’t want to  integrate, they shouldn’t be here.

“It’s not at all right to have what’s really a sort of ghetto situation developing – it’s going to lead to trouble.

“We can’t have a single society with lots of different rules.” Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, said: “I’m not surprised because there are already Muslim enclaves all over the country. They keep themselves to themselves anyway.”

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission poll found 67% of Muslims would not be happy for their child to marry someone of a different religion. But marrying someone from a different race bothers them less, with 61% content with the idea.

The shock results come a day after commission chairman Trevor Phillips said Britain was “by far” the least racist country in Europe. Hmm, but its not a race issue/ed…

And the commission said the poll confirmed Brits are “increasingly at ease with racial diversity”.   * Conflating Islam with race is an act of stupidty…

It found 58% of ethnic minorities are optimistic about the future and 56% of the public think Britain will have a non-white Prime Minister within the next 20 years. But minority groups are still wary about the police, with 53% believing the failings made in the Stephen Lawrence murder could happen again.

Mr Phillips, 55, said: “At this historic moment, when America has chosen its first black leader, it is heartening to recognise that here in Britain we have a sophisticated sense of our own identity and an appreciation and interest in difference. But we can’t be complacent.

“The survey points to emerging religious divisions. And as we mark a darker moment in our history, the 10th anniversary into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, it is clear the police still have work to do to convince our ethnic minority communities they deserve their trust.”

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  1. * Time to buy them a one way ticket to their native country.

    How about a cab ride to the airport – they can leave the cab on the rank.

  2. Don’t you know its only White people who can be racists all others are simply victims of European and American injustices. Therefore it follows that whatever they do CANNOT be racist or divisive or discriminatory those slurs are applicable to to white people only. Just ask the left wing Moonbats who govern us and the MSM they will confirm it for you.

  3. If they want a seperate society, their home lands would work for them. But they want the Jizya (welfare of the British state) so they have come there for the high life and the chance to conduct the Dawa Jihad and Demographic Jihad.

  4. The only reason they are there in the first place is to expand colonization of Eurabia. If they actually integrated into Brittish society & culture…that would mean apostasy from Islam.

    Since Islam is a unique specific form of Culture, Government, as well as a Religion…they cannot remain faithful Muslims and assimilate in Western civilization by any means or fashion. The “Secular Muslim” is a useful idiot in lying for the sake of Allah in this. Faithful Muslims will point to them and say “see Islam can be a part of Western Culture. but wait until Islamic Sharia becomes thee law of the land…then those secular wanderers will become victims like the rest, at the hands of the real Muslims [what so commonly referred to as “radical fundamentalists”].

  5. Give them a one way ticket with the Compliments of Her Majesty theQueen.

    These are ungrateful dogs that eat, live and shit at the cost of the British people and if they have no wish to be a part of British Society and its culture, laws, protocols and habits – then it is high time that these specimens are sent back to their homelands irrespective of whether they are first generation or last generation ‘British Citizens’.

    Of course they will be welcomed with Open Arms by their Caliphs and petty Caliphs and be provided with all the needs of life till their departure to Muslim paradise where the 70 virgins are said to reside waiting anxiously for the faithful to come there.

    Of course, the sent back ungrateful specimens can enjoy the laws of their motherland where chopping lega and hands is a normal pastime. For added pleasure they can stone a few women who could not produce 4 reliable witnesses. Reliable? Have you heard of reliable people from this community at any time. May God help these unfortunate women.

    Send these ungrateful dogs back to where they came from before they soil the fair land of Britain.

  6. All these comments are just from fanatics and racists. Do you know that this is illegal?

    According to my view(i m a muslim), everyone has the opportunity to have his own religious beliefs and they should never force anyone to follow a specific religion. Would you like to see your children moving from your religious beliefs that you taught him to another? NO NO NO.

    therefore why are you fighting against someone just to change his religion??


    if i m offensing anyone …ignore this message…plzzz

  7. Judge,
    Firstly no one here is racist – would you like to tell me what race islam is?? Secondly, how dare you try and impose your voice on the rest of the world by accusing the people who comment here of behaving illegally. They have every right to speak – and if you don’t like what they say then point out their errors or the fallicy in their statements. But you cannot – so you threaten. We are not your firiends – certainly not if your “friendship” is bought at the point of a gun. Offending anyone – yes you are. Go and preach to your fellow muslims, and when they openly accept that all are equal we might talk again. As regards religion, the religion your child chooses is HIS or HER DECISION. NOT YOURS, YOU BLOODY IDIOT.

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