Hamas Responds to UN: More Rocket Fire

Israeli forces have not entered population centres where many missiles are hidden, security expert says


The Israeli forces have succeeded in reducing the supply of rockets, but they haven’t reached the inland missiles. “They have yet to go into the densely populated areas,” Mr. Heller said. “They’re hoping to persuade Hamas to agree to a ceasefire without doing this.


* Good luck with that…!

(IsraelNN.com) Gaza terrorists responded to the United Nations Security Council’s call for an immediate ceasefire early Friday morning with a renewed barrage of rocket fire directed at southern Israel.

30 Gaza rockets strike Negev, one person lightly wounded

At least 30 missiles have been fired at Israel since 7:00 a.m., when the now-familiar daily routine of rocket fire began with four long-range Grad missiles aimed at Be’er Sheva, the “capital of the Negev.” Residents had about 45 seconds’ warning of the attack, thanks to the blaring Color Red siren that wailed through the city and was broadcast over the radio.

British Muslims Doing Their Best To Cleanse Britain Of Jews

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK Calls Muslims to Jihad

Skewered reporting from Die Welt: 

Israel rejects U.N. resolution, pounds Gaza

 al-Hoda Moschee in Gaza City- best looking mosque in the ME!

Tens Of Thousands Of Egyptians Protest Gaza War

Moderate Muslims, all of them! You don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it:

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AFP)–More than 50,000 Egyptians demonstrated in Alexandria after Muslim Friday prayers against Israel’s two-week-old onslaught in the Gaza Strip, witnesses and security officials said.

The demonstrators, led by members of parliament affiliated with the opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood, chanted slogans against the Israeli offensive and what they called Arab complicity in the blockade of Gaza.

The protesters chanted “Down with Israel, and with it every collaborator,” and “Gaza excuse us: opening Rafah is not in our hands,” referring to the Rafah border crossing with Gaza, which Egypt has refused to open permanently.

A security official said at least 50,000 demonstrators had assembled in Mediterranean city after Friday prayers.

An AFP correspondent said thousands of riot police had tried to prevent the demonstration but gave up because of the number of demonstrators.

The government has refused requests from Hamas and its regional allies to open the Rafah border crossing, citing a 2005 agreement that required the presence of European Union monitors and Palestinian Authority representatives at the passage.


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  1. Just been reading the Dhimmi UK MSM. Seems that Israel might have committed a “war Crime’ because some Palestinian “civilians” got bombed. No word of course about the WAR CRIMES that Hamas has been carrying out for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS by bombarding INNOCENT Israeli CIVILIANS with rockets even while there was supposedly a truce. And what about the WAR CRIME of hiding arms and ammunition in schools and Hospitals and Mosques and using your OWN “civilians” as HUMAN SHIELDS and Ambulances as TROOP CARRIERS. On no its ONLY filthy JEWS who can commit war crimes and be the aggressor. I am so disgusted at the the UN the MSM the Dhimmi Western Governments I just want to puke.

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