Hey, what happened to my old school?

The London School of Economics Appeasement. The Banning of Douglas Murray

* The result or the utter failure of Fabianism?

From the Chesler Cronicles


The London School of Economics has just banned the young and distinguished Douglas Murray, the author and Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, from their campus. Murray was to have chaired a debate about Islam titled “Islam or Liberalism. Which is the Way Forward?” The reason given was “security concerns.”

Not acceptable

* The London Evening Standard promptly smears Murray with the “Right Wing” label

According to Damian Thompson, of the London Telegraph, the School had no such fears when known “members of Al-Mujaharoun, a pro-terror Islamist organisation,” spoke there. Thompson was in attendance. “The presence of the group was announced in advance, but that was OK with the School. Presumably that was because it was also OK with the Islamic campus ideologues in front of whom it cowers.’

This is maddening and tragic. According to Peter Whittle, Director of the New Culture Forum (who, to his credit, has just invited Murray to chair their first program of 2009):

The ban on Mr Murray is outrageous. Even more worrying however is the total silence on such occasions from our elected ‘representatives’ in public life. Are they cowards? Are they in denial? Certainly, Douglas Murray is neither. ”

I have met and worked with Douglas Murray. He is a bright, shining star. His Center has recently published an excellent study (by James Brandon and Salam Hafez) titled: “Crimes of the Community: Honor-Based Violence in the UK.” I have just drawn upon this for my own forthcoming study about honor killings in the West which will soon be published in The Middle East Quarterly.

And, I have also been banned, albeit more “softly,” by Cambridge University. Asked to deliver a keynote address about Islamic gender apartheid and the failure of western feminists to address it, I agreed to do so; but I asked them to evaluate whether or not I might need security. They must have done so for they cancelled their invitation to me to speak at the international conference.

According to my friend and colleague, the esteemed author and journalist, Carol Gould, “Both Douglas Murray and Peter Whittle are brave and tireless champions of free speech in an ever more repressive British society living in fear of offending Islamic radicals and their followers.”

The handwriting is on the sky. The Islamic mobs have slaughtered and silenced their own intellectuals and human rights activists. They are now turning to their Western-based counterparts. The West seems suicidally ready to give us up.

Why is Holland putting Geert Wilders on trial for “anti-Islamic hate speech” instead of deporting those whom themselves “hate” free speech and truth-telling and who speak in the language of violence? Why is the London School of Economics banning Murray but allowing jihadic terrorists to speak at will?

I would like to thank Carol Gould for calling this matter to my attention.