Hindus to Muslims: Please declare us off-limits for jihad


Ideally, the headline  should continue: “hysterical laughter over Hindu stupidity kills 50.000 Islamic clerics”- but for now that remains wishful thinking, just like this misguided appeal by naive Hindus above.


From our Wishful Thinking Department comes this choice item: “Hindu leaders for ‘fatwa’ against ‘jihad’ in India,” from the Press Trust Of India, January 28 (thanks to JW):

A group of Hindu leaders on Wednesday appealed to Islamic religious institutions and scholars to come forward with an appropriate ‘fatwa’ (edict) to declare that Hindus were not ‘kaafirs’ (non-believers) and that there need not be a “jihad” (war) against them in India.

“The fatwa should say that India is not ‘Dar-ul-Harab’, which means it is not a land against which Islamists have to wage a war,” convener of the All India Acharya Sect Dayanand Maharaj told journalists in Mumbai on Wednesday.

Speaking at a seminar, Dayanand said our country is a ‘dar-ul-amen’, a land of peace, as here Muslims could practise Islam without any impediment….


Good luck with that. There is no theological justification by which Muslims could not regard Hindus as unbelievers — nonetheless, the response to this request, if any is forthcoming, will be most interesting.

PS: For Muslims, Hindus are at the bottom of the food chain. They are cursed as cow-worshipers, idolaters and polytheists. Whereas Christians and Jews are allowed to live as dhimmies under the Islamic system, by   buying their lives by paying the jiziyah, Hindus and Buddhists don’t enjoy such a ‘protected status’. The Muslims are doing them a favor when they kill them.


 About cows, the only thing worth noting is the diabolical pleasure taken by the Muslim conquerors in tormenting Hindus, who regarded cows as sacred, by harming those cows.

“cow-sacrifice in India is the noblest of Islamic practices. The kafirs may probably agree to pay jiziya but they shall never conced to cow-sacrifice.” In other words, the “cow-sacrifice” – killing of cows by Muslims, is regarded by the Muslim, as “the noblest of Islamic practices” precisely because it mortally offends the kafirs (in this case, the Hindus), who would pay the jiziyah, and accept all kinds of humiliation attendant upon it, but would never ever agree to seeing cows, deemed holy, killed. Which, in Muslim eyes, made the killing by Muslims of cows in India “the noblest of Islamic practices.”

A train set on fire by a mob in Godhra, India, is seen in this Feb. 27, 2002, photo. The day after the deadly train fire that ignited Hindu-Muslim violence in western India, local authorities blamed the attack on a railroad platform fracas among angry Muslim tea vendors and slogan-chanting Hindus. Nearly a week later, conspiracy theories abound about who was behind the assault, which claimed 58 Hindu lives and set off riots and attacks that left more than 500 people dead, most of them Muslims. 

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  1. Most Hindus dislike muslims with an intensity that is difficult to believe – the reason: the behaviour and actions of the muslims.

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