Honor Killing Updates

Aqsa to be remembered


H/T  JW:

Pamela Geller has a wonderful new plan to honor the memory of Aqsa Parvez, who was murdered by her father in an honor killing.

“And the reason he took his daughter’s life, by his own words was that she wasn’t being true to her religion or to her husband”

* The Sandeela Kanwal case

Police believe Rashid killed his daughter because she wanted a divorce and he felt that it would bring shame on his family. Schindler says Rashid told him killing his daughter was a right given to him by God Allah , and that God Allah would protect him. To police, in other words, this was an honor killing.

“Since my career begun here at Clayton County Police Department, I’ve never encountered anything like this,” says Schindler. “This was the first time.” […]

* Get ready for more, mate. With increasing Muhammedan immigration it will become rather common…