Introducing the Shahid Mobile

Just to crack you up: from the “Chasers War on Everything” Car-ad

The Chasers, as you might recall, are the inventors of the “Mufti-Muzzler”- but ol’catmeat sheik Hilali didn’t take that lightly and just couldn’t be convinced to use it:

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Shahid Mobile”

  1. I am so impressed. If we in Canada tried to do any kind of sketch that made fun of Islam let alone say anything truthful about it which is somewhat less funny, we would be in front of more commissions, human rights tribunals and likely an actual court to the point where your life would be utterly destroyed. Please see what happened to the Reverend Boisson in Alberta for publishing a mild letter about his churches position on homosexuality or Ezra Levant and the Canadian Human Rights council filed by the Canadian Islamic congress.
    Australia value your freedom of speech and your freedom of humor. Know that even a comedian was charged in Canada by the HRC for responding to the heckling of two lesbians from the stage.
    It happens by increments but it seems instant. The total loss of freedom to political correctness.

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