Israel's Jewicidal Supreme Court Reinstates Pro-Terrorist Arab Parties

Israel’s Court: Pro-terrorists Arab parties OK-d to run

JPost: Court: Balad, UAL can run for Knesset

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The Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned the decision to disqualify Balad and UAL from running for Knesset, accepting two appeals submitted on behalf of the Arab parties.

The decision had been made by the Central Elections Committee on the grounds that two parties “support an armed struggle against Israel and that their political platform aims to undermine Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state.”

The nine Supreme Court justices unanimously accepted the UAL appeal, while the Balad appeal was accepted by eight justices against one. The rulings paved the way for the parties to run in the February 10 elections.

The appeals were both filed by the Israeli-Arab rights group Adalah on behalf of the two parties.

Court basically said the following is OK:
* Instigating murder of Jews
* Spying for enemy nations, telling them where to shoot rockets
* Committing illegal activities such as organizing groups to travel to enemy nations
* Advocating destruction of Israel

The English article is missing many details, here’s an auto-translate from Ynet’s Hebrew article:
High court rules: Anti-Israel Arab Parties can run for Election

Following the decision of the Supreme Court, said “Israel is our home chairman” MK Avigdor Lieberman: “Aharon Barak, he said that democracy does not need to kill herself to prove it is alive. The court today threw that statement to the trash, in fact gave the Arab parties a license to kill the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. We will not give up and will try to pass a citizenship law which will give limits to disloyalty of some of Israel’s Arab. “

(Auto translate failed miserably, this was my translation)

Would the court allow the Nazi party to run in Israel? Wait, they just did – the Arab Nazi parties.

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  1. Israel must suffer from a split personality disorder-first they finally pound Hamas, then they do this. Insane!

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