Italy's Defense Minister: "Enough of the Provocations of Islamists!"

Italian government not happy with Muslim protesters

* Scroll down for new provocations in Bologna, from Atlas Shrugs

* I didn’t know Italy had a Defense Minister, did you?

Stern warning have been issued to Muslims to stop pro-Hamas demonstrations, which were called “provocations”, and mass prayers in the streets.

ROME, Jan 11 (Reuters) – Italy’s defence minister warned the country’s Muslims to stop further “provocations” after thousands held prayers in public squares in Milan during pro-Palestinian demonstrations over the past week.

Ignazio La Russa, from the right-wing National Alliance, said he did not oppose protests or want to deny anyone the right to pray, but called the public prayers a challenge to peace. “I say enough of the provocations of Islamists in Milan,” he told Il Giornale newspaper on Sunday. “In Milan, a legitimate demonstration ended in a deliberately provocative mosque under the open sky.”

Thousands of Muslims knelt with their heads bowed to the ground in prayer before Milan’s central train station in one of several pro-Palestinian protests on Saturday.

A week ago, Muslims held prayers in front of Milan’s central cathedral, angering right-wing politicians in the overwhelming Catholic country who called it an affront to Christianity.

Muslim leaders later apologised, saying no offence was intended. There are about 1 million Muslims in Italy, making up almost two percent of the population.

“What would have happened if a group of Christians gathered together to pray with a rosary before Mecca? They probably would have been stoned,” said La Russa, who described himself as a practicising Catholic who attends Mass almost every Sunday.

Milan’s deputy mayor issued a similar warning to Muslims, saying four protests in seven days was too much.

“Enough with pro-Hamas marches now,” said Riccardo De Corato. “Milan is not a province of Gaza and has no intention of reluctantly instituting this type of ‘Gaza Saturdays.'”

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right coalition, which includes the hardline anti-immigrant Northern League, has clashed with Italy’s Muslim community in the past.

It irked Muslims last year with plans to block the construction of new mosques in Italy.

Protests against the Israeli offensive continued in Italy on Sunday, with 3,000 people marching through the centre of Naples. Another 1,000 held hands to form a human chain and march through Rome’s historic centre to demand an end to violence in Gaza.


Remember this last week, when the Muslim hordes took over the Gothic church grounds in Milan and performed takbir (expansion) and some akbar? They allegedly apologized — but they keep on doing it. Islamic imperialism. (photo hat tip Gaia)




Vatican alarmed by Muslims burning Israeli flags outside cathedrals Times Online

The Vatican has expressed alarm over the burning of Israeli flags by Muslims protesting against Israeli actions in Gaza during Muslim prayers staged outside Italian cathedrals

The Vatican has expressed alarm over the burning of Israeli flags by Muslims protesting against Israeli actions in Gaza during Muslim prayers staged outside Italian cathedrals.

However prayers held recently outside the Duomo in Milan and the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, with thousands of prostrate Muslims facing Mecca, had been accompanied by flag burning which was not only anti Israeli but anti Semitic, with protesters carrying banners depicting the Star of David alongside the Nazi swastika. “What matters is the spirit in which one prays – and prayer excludes hate” Cardinal Martino said.

Bishop Ernesto Vecchi, vicar general of the Bologna diocese, said the Muslim prayers were “not just prayers but a challenge, not so much to the basilica itself as to our democratic system and culture”. Bishop Vecchi suggested the staging of mass prayers outside Christian churches in Italy was a deliberate move “on orders from afar” as part of a strategy of “Islamisation” of Europe.


Just last week Muslims were kneeling down in prayer in front of Milan’s gothic cathedral as they protest Israel …… it starts with the Jew, the Sunday folks are next.

Hey, I’m Jewish and this makes my skin crawl.

UPDATE: Gaia translated the article in the Italian newspaper for us and adds this note: Bologna is a city which has traditionally had a strong communist administration which has offered land in the centre of town to the muslim community for the construction of a mega mosque and citadel.  There is a campaign launched by the local people to prevent this.

March and prayer pro Gaza in centre town

Slogans against Israel, flags burned


4 thoughts on “Italy's Defense Minister: "Enough of the Provocations of Islamists!"”

  1. I said this over at jihadwatch and I say it here, in case anyone from Italy, from Bologna or Rome or Milan or anywhere else is reading this: get onto your bishop and your parish priest.

    Tell him: the moment those Muslim ‘protesters’ appear in the plaza outside the cathedral, or the town square, and they start that threat display ‘prayer session’ – you call in the teams of bellringers (if you haven’t got some, start recruiting and training now). And you swing on those bell-ropes, be it in the great cathedral or in the parish churches, and you keep swinging and ringing, as loud as you possibly can, all the way through those Muslim prayers.

    Get organised, Catholic citizens of Italy. Have some people on watch in the cathedrals and the churches (retirees, students, preferably BIG guys with some big dogs on hand for safety’s sake); and the moment the bishop or priest gives the signal, ‘the Muslims are prostrating!’, then – ring the alarm bells like you would have done in the days of the Saracen invasions, ‘li turchi! li turchi!’, because this time they’re inside the gates.

    Let the church bells ring the alarm from one end of Italy to the other. Muslims HATE, h.a.t.e, church bells. In Muslim lands Christians weren’t allowed to have church bells and Jews weren’t allowed to sound the shofar either. So: to let those arrogant supremacist invading b*st*rds know that Italy isn’t yet a dhimmi country: ring those bells!

  2. Eventually, this will be God’s response – they may object to the sound of the trumpet, but
    they will most likely hear it:

    1 Thessalonians 4:16&17
    The Lord will come from heaven with a command, with the voice of the archangel, and with
    the trumpet [call] of God. First, the dead who believed in Christ will come back to life.
    Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to
    meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.

    They have no idea what they are messing with.

  3. dumbledoresarmy, I endorse all that you say but would add that I would love to hear all our church bells ringing from one end of Europe to the other – can you imagine how beautiful that would sound instead of the idiotic durge piped out from the mosque. Maybe, maybe, one day!

  4. Subhallah! Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah! It is so squeamish to be seen the messy congregational prayer of theirs. Islam does not put excuses for any promulgation of deeds that truly degrades the prestige of Islam itself. It is not even “DHARURAH” to perform a muslim prayer “salah” in front of the cathedral. They were just an intrepid explorers sporadically.

    It made clearer to us not to mix the truth into falsehood. What kind of toxic propaganda is that? Islam hates the christian music even seeing, hearing nor promoting it and how much the squeaky bell of the church??????? What they did was an insipid one and the Qur’an is innocuous enough for us to be guided.

    They tend to be good not knowing that they have been committed to an inscrutable one. Oh no…….May these people repent to ALLAH …..The bell of the church sounds like a roaring wolf that we avoid most. You are indulging yourselves into messy…

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