Jihad against Italy

 Anti-Dhimmitude in Italy

Italy: Minister says govt must expel immigrants who fail to integrate

Rome, 22 Jan. (AKI) – An Italian Minister said on Thursday that immigrants who did not want integrate must be deported from the country. “We must fight everything that is related to violence, because our will is to integrate, however, in order to integrate we must expel all those that do not want to take part in it,” said Andrea Ronchi, Minister of Department for European Community Policies.
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Counter Jihad: New Rules After Provocative Muslim Prayer Sessions in Front of Duomo

 *  Rome: Directive being prepared to “prohibit rallies from being staged in front of places of worship”

To “prevent provocation, not restrict religious freedom.” More on this story. “Muslim prayer at Milan’s Duomo sparks ire,” from the Associated Press,          

Muslim prayer at Milan’s Duomo sparks ire  

ROME (AP) — Italy’s interior minister has drafted new rules for public protests after a few hundred Muslims ended a rally earlier this month by praying in front of Milan’s cathedral. The Jan. 3 prayer, which came at the end of a massive pro-Palestinian rally, sparked heated debate in Italy. Muslim leaders apologized to the Archdiocese of Milan, saying they didn’t mean to show disrespect. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, a leader of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, said Wednesday he had prepared a directive for all regional prefects. Details haven’t been released, but news reports say it is expected to prohibit rallies from being staged in front of places of worship. Supporters say the directives are preventing provocation, not restricting religious freedom.

*  Note the BS in this AP report: there were several thousand Muslims who tried to intimidate Italians in this way, AP tries to downplay it…
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Ronchi made the remarks during a roundtable with members of the Italian Islamic Religious Community (COREIS) in the northern Italian city of Milan. During the meeting, Ronchi attacked the UCOII, the largest Muslim umbrella group in Italy, accusing it of supporting terrorism. According to Ronchi, the UCOII “supports terrorism and fundamentalism.” “For example, I have always been a supporter of a register of the imams and muslim prayers in the Italian language. I also enthusiastically support the initiative by Rome’s Grand mosque to publish on its website all sermons preached there ,” said Ronchi. “I am not against mosques, but I say no to those tied to the UCOII, an organisation whose sources of finance must be clarified.” Ronchi, whose political career began in the post-fascist political party, Alleanza Nazionale, was sworn on 8 May 2008 as the European Union Affairs Minister in the cabinet of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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  1. * Italy: Minister says govt must expel immigrants who fail to integrate

    But not on Oz – give them work visas, and fawn all over them when they refuse to adapt to
    Australian cultural norms, like using toilet paper…. (big jizya payout coming up?)

    Amador Bernabe fired for ‘un-Australian toilet habits’


    and elsewhere

  2. MUllah,who is that guy,a’muzz’ or what ?….I can’t see in the article…anayway very bad Habit !

  3. I have spent the last five years working in Iraq. They are incapable of even the simplest thoughts. They follow the Koran without question like a flea bitten mangy dog follows it’s nose to a garbage can, simply because they don’t know another way. We should contain them, and let them beat their wives and sodomize their children until they are extinguished by the sarcastic humor of evolution. Islam spread only among illiterate shepherds of the middle east and Africa because any intelligent person not interested in defiling a goats brown-eye sees the Koran for what it really is. Toilet paper.

  4. Pierre, it’s not stated that he is muslim, but it is implied on muslim blogs that he is … South
    Australia is hoping to bring in 50,000 Filipino workers in the next few years, with an agreement
    with Philippine Govt, & they will need their “sensibilities” to be “respected” … assimilation
    won’t be an option.

  5. Italy update:

    Eurabia Update: First halal food supplier opens in Italy

    Hamza Piccardo hails his firm as a “triumph of integration.” But in reality it is just another example of what we have seen time and time again: Western adaption to and accommodation of Islamic principles, without Muslims giving an inch in the service of this “integration.” He offers Italian food adapted to halal restrictions, not halal restrictions adapted to Italian culinary custom. “Italy: First ‘halal’ firm to supply restaurants and canteens,” from AKI, May 20 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

    Bologna, 20 May (AKI) – Italy’s first-ever ‘halal’ supplier has opened for business in Italy’s northern city of Bologna, selling meals prepared according to Islamic principles to restaurants and canteens in Italy and abroad.
    “Integration is also being able to eat as one should and to be at peace with God,” Hamza Piccardo, told Adnkronos International (AKI).

    Piccardo, an Italian convert to Islam, is the director of the ‘Tre Alfieri Halal’, which is based in Bologna, a renowned gastronomic centre.

    “Our new company wants to be a triumph of integration: to combine Italy’s great cuisine and Islam’s rules without losing the flavours of the former and the spiritual rigour of the latter,” he said….


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