Wilders: "The problems with Islam will only increase"

* Of course they will. Because the jihad is permanent and relentless. But the Netherlands has now become a runaway train, where dhimmified, pandering politicians wankers prostrate themselves before their Islamic masters:


Geert Wilders interviewed about his looming prosecution. “Wilders feels persecuted in ‘political process,'” by Herman Staal for NRC Handelsblad, January 23:

Geert Wilders was “completely surprised” when he heard on Wednesday that the appeals court of Amsterdam ruled he shall be prosecuted for hate speech and inciting discrimination. Last year the public prosecutor had decided not to try the controversial Dutch member of parliament for his remarks about Islam. In an interview with NRC Handelsblad Wilders says he is “shaken, but also very angry and ready to fight.

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“The public prosecutor agreed with me, that I can say what I said. The attorney general at the appeals court has argued the same. I never thought that things would turn out this way,” Wilders says. Because of the appeals court ruling, the public prosecutor is forced to prosecute Wilders for statements such as “ban the Koran” and “the core of the problem is fascist Islam”, statements Wilders has made in the media and his own film Fitna.

In its detailed order the appeals court says that your statements are a punishable offence. What do you think of the decision?

“I have studied the ruling in depth, and have come to the conclusion that it is a politically motivated verdict. Normally, in these kind of appeals cases, a court rules on subsequent steps and includes an explanation [of its legal logic]. But here the appeals court is entirely focused on the content of the case. Therefore I can no longer get a fair trial. Should I stand before the lower court judge, there will already be a peremptory ruling from the appeals court on his desk. And if I go for an appeal, I end up in the same court. The immediate colleagues of the judges who have already sentenced me, will then be in a position to rule. That is unbelievable. The Wall Street Journal editorial is right. The appeals court is introducing Saudi Arabian legal standards to the Netherlands.”

But wasn’t there a proper procedure, where you and your lawyer were able to stand up in your defence?

“That is not the case. I have given a statement, but the appeals court has not asked me a single question. I have not been allowed to call any witnesses or experts. This was no normal appeals procedure – this was a political process. They have given a verdict that is content-driven.. I have already been convicted. This is banana justice.”

Wilders feels not only that the appeals court’s ruling is a political attack against him, but he says the pending change in Dutch anti-discrimination law is also aimed specifically at his populist PVV (Party for Freedom). Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrats) wants to do away with the legal ban on blasphemy, but at the same time change anti-discrimination act so that insulting a religion de facto means insulting the group that adheres to it.

“This is simply an anti-PVV proposition. A majority of parliament is likely to be opposed to it. But with this ruling Hirsch Ballin doesn’t even need change the law anymore. Thanks to the appeals court, the jurisprudence has simply sailed into becoming law.”

You have compared the Quran to Mein Kampf, and called Islam a fascist ideology. Why do you find that these remarks fit within the confines of the law?

“I am not the only one who thinks so. The public prosecutor also agrees, and many professors. Churchill said the same thing.”

“I view Islam not as a religion, but as a dangerous, totalitarian ideology – equal to communism and fascism. Aren’t I allowed to say so? If I say that about communism, there would not be a problem. I have never talked about people, I’ve always made it about ideology.”

You’ve referred to the ‘Muslim settlers.’ Those are people, aren’t they?

“That was not about all Muslims. That was referring to the problems in Gouda [where Moroccan youth caused problems that drew nationwide attention last October]. It was just about those Muslim settlers who spoil everything.”

But couldn’t that make all Muslims feel offended?

“You would be a great appeals court clerk. I am a democrat to the bone. I am allowed to say what I want.”

Where do you draw the line?

“At calling for violence. Also, I will not say any base things about entire population groups. The government makes the distinction between western and non-western immigrants. I push it a bit further. But these things need to be thrashed out in the political arena, not in court.”

Some critics say all this seems to suit you. You can exploit your role as victim at the hands of the political elite.

“That is a nasty insinuation. I do not want to be before a judge. I do not want to be prosecuted. I want to do my job in parliament. Hundreds of thousands of people have elected me to say what I say. I would need to be condemned if I did not speak my mind. The PVV is doing well. If elections were held today, polls indicate we would get 17 seats [in the 150 seat parliament], our highest mark in two years. The last thing I need is a lawsuit.”

The world seems to be infused with new hope from the election of Obama. Isn’t your whole approach and tone really ‘very 2008’?

“You mean passe? It’s not about the tone, it’s about the message. The problems with Islam will only increase. A bit of ‘flower power’ is fine, but that doesn’t suit this isue [sic]. Our proposals are vital.”

3 thoughts on “Wilders: "The problems with Islam will only increase"”

  1. If Wilders can be prosecuted for Hate Speech and Inciting Discrimination then what the hell is that Islam does. There is nothing more hateful and discriminatory than the Koranic trilogy.

    There was no one more hateful, violent and discriminatory than their prescious prophet Mohammed. The anti semticism in the Koran just beggars belief.

    Why dont the Dutch show some balls and prosecute Islam and its followers.

    Of course careful readers will appreciate that this comes hard on the heels of the recent UNHCR, and the upcoming Darfur meetings to outlaw ANY criticism of religions in the context of where only Islam is mentioned.

    These arse holes are salami slicing us all back to the dark ages

  2. .
    FREE Partij voor de Vrijheid! The Koran shouldn’t be banned. Mein Kampf isn’t a ‘Holy Book’, but it shouldn’t be banned either, but you should be able to criticize it and the idiots who agree with it.

    As many sane people know, Geert Wilders is NO racist. He is simply against out-of-control immigration; and against immigrants who won’t assimilate; and the ones who beat Gays and rape non-Muslim women for not being covered up. He is also very much against the ones who kill their own daughters and sisters for their ‘family honor’.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t criticize religions

    just use Christian words
    substitute for Islam’s words

    here’s an absurd thought –
    your Supreme God knew
    Jesus as a pedophile

    and a raping terrorist
    converting slaves by the sword
    Muslims are not a ‘race’ anyway, they are followers of a religion/ideology and its Sharia Law. Most Muslims aren’t even Arabs, which by the way, is also not a ‘Race’.

    But their duty is, according to their Koran, to spread Sharia law over the whole Earth. It might take 100-200 years, if they succeed.

    Is that the kind of world we want for our great-grand childrens’ great-grand children? A Taliban Planet? I bet not. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam. Wilders is NOT against Muslims, he is against Islamic Fundamentalism.

    We all should read the Koran, but be careful, for the Koran prohibits non-Muslims from reading it. I wonder why.

    This is BIG, this is REAL BIG! SPREAD THE WORD to the world everyone! The EU Mandarins have crossed the line! If this goes to court, how much more of the public will become aware of this tyranny?
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, then there can be no real freedom.

    The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews. People must learn to be civilized, and held to account when they are not. Muslims included.

    Geert Wilders is a hero spreading the painful truth. He MUST be protected!
    here’s an absurd thought –
    your Supreme God says
    Christians are a race

    who love the Jewish race
    and the peaceful Buddhist race

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    Islam for everyone

    submit to glorious life
    slavery and servitude

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    outlaw self-defense

    exposing violent crimes
    shall be deemed hate speech

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    decide to change your race

    just simply change religions
    your religion is your race
    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.

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