"Neo-Nazis" the only ones in Flanders standing against the jihad and for Israel

* Robert Spencer exposes the vicious defamation against Vlaams Belang on JW: don’t be fooled by hysterical reptiles!

The much-maligned Flemish political party Vlaams Belang, which has been the focus of thestupid blog war that has now entered its fourteenth month, turns out to be the only party in Flanders that is opposing the anti-Israel initiatives that all the other parties support — and the only one calling upon authorities to do something about the genocidal Jew-hatred expressed at pro-jihad rallies recently. Pamela reports:

The Flemish Parliament voted a resolution condemning the “disproportionate” violence of Israel in Gaza.The resolution was approved by all the parties, those of the government coalition as well as of the opposition, except for two members of the Liberal Party who abstained, and the Vlaams Belang which voted against the resolution.

UPDATE: Vlaams Belang calls for a special meeting of the [Antwerp] city council to discuss the riots and AEL demonstration. (hat tip Baron)

Vlaams Belang demands an explanation from the Mayor and the Chief of Police on the serious incidents that occurred. They also want to know why there was nothing done about banners saying “Joden Buiten” [“Jews Out”], “Osama we need you” and “Jihad, yes we can”.Vlaams Belang accuses Mayor Patrick Janssens of not having done anything to prevent this. “Only zero tolerance towards violence and vandalism is suitable here. The present policy with which all is done not to ‘provocate’ nobody, is a weak stand in which the Government beds backwards for the AEL and connected organizations.


This is noteworthy since Vlaams Belang has been repeatedly tarred with accusations of neo-Nazism, neofascism, white supremacism, etc. And there are unsavory associations and suchlike in the party’s history, but if a party cannot change over time, Barack Obama should be asking himself why he is a member of the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregation. Of course, any group that is actually neo-Nazi, neofascist, or white supremacist is morally abhorrent and should be rejected: but the ongoing spectacle of an allegedly neo-Nazi or crypto-Nazi party taking a consistent and (in today’s dhimmi Europe) unpopular and politically damaging pro-Israel stance ought to move the party’s accusers to some self-reflection.

Unfortunately, as the last year has shown many times, these accusers have no compunction about working to destroy the reputations of decent people with outrageous and unsubstantiated accusations. Defamation and lies come easy to them — in their reptilian minds, if you aren’t convinced the people they say are Nazis are actually Nazis, then you must be a Nazi yourself. But admit they were wrong? That would be above their pay grade.

See also here, where Diana West notes the conspicuous absence of these alleged neofascists from the plethora of Jew-hating demonstrations they could have joined — and even claimed (as do the jihadists) the moral high ground in doing so.

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