Pic's from the disgusting Hamas rally in Melbourne last Sunday

Tim Blair – Thursday, January 22

A witness tells of events at last Sunday’s Nazi-enhanced Hamas rally in Melbourne: 

The victory of Palestine/Islam (depending on who you were eavesdropping on) over the Jews (I didn’t hear anyone mention Israel) became the conversation topic that was floated about the most … 

Which isn’t surprising, when you look at some of the protesters (photographed by Colonel Robert Neville): 


Nice shirt, sir! Way to work that swastika right in there. The rally also featured Commies for Allah: 


It’s good to see that communists have finally gotten over that religion problem of theirs. Now it’s apparently the Semtex of the masses. From another photographer: 


Oh, sweet. Some retro Jew-pig hate. By the way, if you doubted that this rally was pro-Hamas (and some do) listen to one of the protest organisers: “The Palestinian people chose resistance when they elected democratically Hamas, and they were punished for it.” The audience cheers. Greens were there as well, and so was wicked Santa Jew: 


He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. A similar rally took place in Sydney on the same day, as Romeo Mikereports: 

A whole eight seconds is all the ABC gave yesterday’s anti-Israel protest in Sydney, which is odd given how extensively they like to cover any dissenting congregation. A couple of Greens picketing the PM’s office? They’re there. A handful of socialist shriekers holding up traffic? It’s news. Three thousand turn out with Israeli flags bearing swastikas in place of the star? So not mentionable. However, the record requires it, so downplay it. 

Also via Romeo Mike: 

A gardener at Sydney’s Hyde Park has complained weekend protesters caused several thousand dollars worth of damage.

Thousands of people marched to the park yesterday to demonstrate against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

Sydney City Council’s head gardener for Hyde Park, Nathan Gray, says the demonstrators trampled over several flower beds and left rubbish around the gardens.

“There’s a fair bit of damage done,” he said.

“All the annual beds that we are probably supposed to have ready for the Australia Day celebrations have all been crushed …” 

How perfectly appropriate. 

8 thoughts on “Pic's from the disgusting Hamas rally in Melbourne last Sunday”

  1. This is a terrible post. You have set out with a clear agenda to disparage the protestors not by questioning their motivations but merely by focusing on their dress or one or two anti-semitic drawings. These latter sad acts of desperation pale into insignificance against the crimes committed by Israeli forces in Gaza – as you well know. And see the scrawled messages that IDF troops wrote on the walls of Palestinian houses they had cleared and destroyed for real hatred, you wuss. Your divertion and distraction from the main event in this whole story, just illustrates that your agenda – support Israel under any circumstances – is all you have. You have no insight, no original view point and no understanding. ‘Should your face be covered?’ – I should say so.

  2. steve brown – you are an idiot!!! In case you missed it, Hamas was using civilians as shields, Hamas placed weapons stores in Civilian areas, Hamas murderered oponents from Fatah, Hamas staged managed several photo shoots using manufactured evidence. Isreali soldiers did not write on Pali walls (you wuss), Israelis did not target civilians. Independent sources verify that less than 600 palis were killed – most of them terrorists. As I said, you are an idiot.

  3. I endorse all of the above. Brown is an idiot and an ignorant man who needs to be educated to the truth before posting such rubbish. Hamas are liars amongst other things and Mr. Brown you are being lied to all the time from the muslim world, because it’s ok to lie to the infidel, which ALL non-muslims are – you are one, just in case you think you are not – and that includes world leaders, that unholy book they learn by heart says so. Stick with us and you might learn much, because this site does its best to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

  4. Steve Brown has been reading too many Fairfax newspapers. Spend a week or two imbibing Al Age propaganda without engaging your brain, and you’ll reflect these sentiments as well.

  5. I think that it is repuslive that human beings can blames Hamas for Israels’ terror attacks on the babies and women in Gaza. In case you morons have not seen it was the Israeli’s who used a little Palestinian boy as a human shield to go through Gaza. It is Israel who uses illegal weapons and targets civilian populations. It is Israel that are the terrorists and coward children killers.

    Blaming the victims for Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity is just proposterous.

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