Red Cross Unhinged: the gravy-train of aid to Gaza attracts great numbers of parasites for a piece of the pie

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Red Cross/UN Ambulance used as troop carriers for Hamas thugs

Why should we care? Because since 1950, the U.S. has provided UNRWA with $2.5 billion in taxpayer subsidies — about one-third of the relief agency’s total budget. Instead of investigating this latest black eye-inducing scandal we throw more money in a bottomless pit!  This ambulances-for-terrorists program has been going on for years. And “humanitarian” workers have been willing collaborators.

It should be obvious by now that the tools from the UN, the uncounted aid-organizations and the Red Cross are firmly in the camp of the Palistanians, for  good reasons: the billions of aid from the ‘International community’ fuels the jihad against Israel and gives all those wankers not only well paid jobs, but also a sense of belonging.  At this stage we couldn’t get more information on the above named Pierre Wettach, but we will.

Wanna bet that he is another Marxist-Muslim-jihad supporting parasite like mad  Mads who uses his humanitarian song and dance as propaganda against the pesky Jews who just won’t lie down and die?

* A commenter from Haaretz got his number:

Pierre Wettach puts blame on the wrong side. Isn`t it amazing that Hamas can`t take care of the Palestinians yet they have no problem starting wars. Maybe the next government will try feeding its people and hating Israel less and then we won`t have this problem.


* While jihadists gain shelter in its emergency vehicles, the U.N. continues to lambaste Israel for assorted wartime “atrocities.” Not one more American dime should go to fund the bloody self-righteousness of the world’s most generous terrorist relief organizations. UNRWA funding has been used to publish anti-Semitic textbooks and posters in schools that “glorify homicide bombers and the slaughter of innocents.

U.N. vehicles aren’t the only ones being used by terrorists. An intensive care ambulance carrying the acronym of the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) was used to deliver an explosive belt found underneath a stretcher on which a sick child was lying in spring 2002. Female suicide bomber Wafa Idris, who blew herself up in a January 2002 attack in Jerusalem, was a medical secretary for the PRCS. Her recruiter was an ambulance driver for the same organization. PRCS receives financial support from governments and organizations around the world, including the American Red Cross and International Committee of the Red Cross.

* UN calls for immediate Gaza truce, attacks go on


One medical team found 12 bodies in a shelled house, and alongside them four very young children, too weak to stand, waiting by their dead mothers, the ICRC said. One of the rockets hit a nursing home where some 25 elderly
The International Committee of the Red Cross on Thursday accused Israel of delaying ambulance access to the Gaza Strip and demanded it grant safe access for Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances to return to evacuate more wounded. Relief workers said
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said today that two American children trapped under Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip have still not been offered evacuation assistance by the U.S.
Casualty: An injured Palestinian is carried into Gaza’s Shifa hospital on Thursday (Reuters) The Red Cross has accused the Israeli army of hindering its rescue teams in Gaza after four children were found huddled next to their dead mothers in the
Aid group claims Israel refuses to allow rescuers reach sites in Gaza hit by IDF shelling and evacuate wounded The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has found four small children alive next to their mothers’ bodies in a Gaza home
Four small starving children too weak to stand were found next to the bodies of their dead mothers by ambulancemen who had been trying to reach their Gaza neighbourhood for four days after it came under Israeli attack, the Red Cross said yesterday. In
Israel has violated its obligations under international humanitarian law by refusing to assist civilians wounded in its attacks on the Gaza Strip, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Thursday. According to a statement issued
…the incident as “shocking.” “The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded,” PierreWettach said in a statement. “Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestine Red Crescent to assist the wounded.” Rescuers…

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  1. The clearest indication of the COWARD and the BULLY. When the Mohammedans were for YEARS firing rockets at Israeli CIVILIANS no calls for ceasefire no International Government and MSM hand wringing about poor children being subjected to daily terror no condemnation of the TERRORIST SCUM of Hamas. But once Israel starts to RETALIATE and defend itself all the Dhimmi,Islamic apologist, anti semitic MORONS come out of the closet and cry CEASEFIRE and wail atrocity. But you know why they want a ceasefire because the EVIL BULLY BOYS of Hamas are getting their arses kicked thats why. Just for one minute imagine this was the other way around do you think the UN would have been silent for YEARS if Israel had been firing rockets in to Gaza and would we have the clamour for a ceasefire if Hamas had the IDF on the run. I think we all know the answer to that one.

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