Saudis on income support in the UK? WTF? Saudi scroungers trash £2m house

A FAMILY of 13 Saudis are housed in a £2million mansion at taxpayers’ expense — and have trashed it.

The Sun

The Al-Ameri clan have spent four years at the plush six-bedroom home — at a total cost of more than £166,000.

They live on income support and a council pays the rent of £41,640 a year.

* How come Saudi nationals, from the wealthiest gulf state with trillions of dollars in undeserved wealth, can go on the dole in lil’ol’England? How many Brits are there on the dole in Saudi Arabia?

Swanky ... cars outside house    

Swanky … cars outside house: Income support with a 500 Merec in the drive?

But landlords Marc and Marlene Roberts are desperate to see the back of the family — accusing them of causing £30,000 damage.

The 3,500 sq ft home boasts a Jacuzzi and huge kitchen with oak panelling and marble tops. The last tenant was a top diplomat.


But as these photos show, there are now SMASHED windows,BURST pipes caused by nails driven into the floor, doorsRIPPED off their hinges,DAMAGED electrical sockets and ceilings COATED in cooking grease.

Marlene, 44, said the family — whose immigration status is not known — refuse to do repairs, claiming they have no money.

But a flash Mercedes S500 and Nissan Skyline are among four cars parked on the drive.

A woman in Muslim dress who answered the door in Hendon, North-West London, told The Sun: “We are very happy with the house. It is plenty big enough for us. We wouldn’t want to move.”

Marc, 42, said: “I’ll have to gut the place when they finally leave and I just don’t have the money.”


Happy ... one of family    

Happy … one of family


Hairdresser Marlene said: “It’s wrong, very wrong. They have no respect. I put the property for let with the council because I need to pay the mortgage. But they’ve wrecked the place. That home was my pride and joy.

“I really think that councils should make more enquiries when housing families.”

A spokesman for Barnet Council said anyone on income support was entitled to housing large enough for them.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “The Government is committed to a fair system.”

He said housing allowance was capped at five bedrooms and the system was under review.

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  1. I`m flabbergasted at this article! No wonder the Brits get fed up and are leaving the country in droves. The local council surely has a limit to the amount they can allocate to a family for housing costs, I don`t get it? This country has gone crazy, we are a laughing stock.!

  2. The landlord should be prosecuted for failure to maintain the dwelling in proper repair and a
    fit state for human habitation /barkingmadhumanrightsinsanity

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