So a radio-jock sez burkas shouldn't be worn in banks and all hell breaks lose…?

Michael Smith revisited: 


Michael Smith has denied claims he is racist. (which means he is, because he denies it, right…?)

* The Brisbane Times: Michael Smith has been called a racist, threatened with legal action and swamped with hundreds of emails and phone calls – and all before lunch. Well, would it change anything if it was after lunch?

“A minority of people say I’m a redneck racist… there’s leftos who are prepared to jump on any comments and claim it’s racist.”

He rejects suggestions that he breached the Commercial Radio Code of Practice and is not afraid of any potential consequences.

“We live in a country that values free speech… why can’t we talk about this? I have my feelings and I talk about them,” he said. No longer. Islam has arrived.

* Here’s the whole thing from 4BC

* VIDEO: Press Conference with Michael Smith at 4BC

Who let the dogs out?

Few people are prepared for the  raving loons from the so-called ‘free press’  and their rabid accusations of ‘racism’ and…  what exactly? Anti- Muslim bias? What’s wrong with that? Why are the PC-brigades so insistent to force us to accept the unacceptable? Who is behind the thought police that wants to force us to tolerate the intolerable? Islam is not a race. Islam is a totalitarian ideology, a theocratic nightmare,  totally incompatible with Democracy, Liberty, the rights of women and the rights of the individual to choose. Islam is diametrically opposed to everything we are and the values our forefathers fought and died for. 

* Listen to podcast A ‘redneck’ and a ‘goose’

Darryn Hinch, a fossil of Oz media, calls Michael Smith a “moronic redneck” for saying kids might get scared when they see a person in full burka. Hinch accuses Smith of being offended by the burka, and puts him in the defensive. But Smith has every right to be offended, because burkas don’t belong in Australia. Australia is not a place where men force women under a black tent, period.

The heavy breathing Hynch calls Smith ‘just crazy’,  claims he detects some kind of “anti-Muslim taint” (if there was, is that a crime now?)  Hinch puts Smith further on the stand: “a black, not really human shape – is that your quote? So these people not human?” 

Hinch: “Your trying to impose our lifestyle on them”– now that’s a hard one on the brain. If Darryn Hinch had even the faintest clue about Islam and what the soldiers of Allah have in store for raving lunatics like him……… (fill in the rest yourself…)

* Headdress ban a legal risk

* Chilling Death Threat …

Death Threats From Muslims & Intimidation by the PC-brain Police


Conflating Islam with race still works. But its way past its use-by date:

The Brisbane radio announcer who suggested the hijab be removed in banks and shops has received death threats.

4BC announcer Michael Smith on Wednesday said wearing a face-covering such as some Muslim women do posed a security risk because it made identification difficult in the event of a crime.

Wearing a face-veil in certain places, such as shopping centres, was also offensive and scared little children, he said.

In a recorded threat on the station website a caller says “you’re head is on a plate (expletive beeped). You’re going to be dead soon (expletive beeped), racist bitch”.

Station general manager David McDonald on Friday said most of the calls seemed to emanate from Sydney and he said Smith’s original comments had been taken out of context.

“This has been really blown out of total proportion,” Mr McDonald said.

“There was never any racism in this at all. There was nothing about religion, it was all about purely security and safety issues.”

Mr McDonald said Mr Smith’s call was only to show the face, not to remove headwear.

“A lot of criminals have used this to sort of disguise themselves.”

Mr Smith, an ex-policeman, was aware of the trauma robberies cause, Mr McDonald said.

“It was never about racism”of course not. Because Islam is not a race…

Complaints, both to official channels and those phoned in to the radio station, were based on media interpretations of Mr Smith’s comments rather than the comments themselves, the general manager said.

“That is extremely disappointing that it’s been hijacked for other purposes.”

Mr McDonald said upset staff had been counselled and security stepped up.

On the station’s website Mr Smith defends his comments.

“It seems this country’s media finds it difficult to talk sensibly about certain topics,” Friday’s entry reads.

“I’ve been branded a racist in writing by a major national television network who should know better.

“How could anyone say that my comments were racist?”

Queensland police acknowledged that a complaint had been made by the radio station and said it was under investigation.

* Reminds me of Gavin King Rat from the Cairns Fishwrap…

Michael Smith responds:


Last week Queensland’s acting anti-discrimination commissioner, Neroli Holmes bought into the discussion about my call for everyone to have their face uncovered in banks and shops.

“I don’t think people realise the consequences these sort of comments have for the (Muslim) women concerned,” she said. “They become the targets of abuse both verbal and physical.”

Well Neroli I’m not aware of any women who have been the target of verbal or physical abuse because of what I’ve said.

But I have been a target. And my family’s life has been a nightmare since the media and anti-discrimination industry inflamed this debate out of all proportion.

Whose rights are you vigorously protecting here Neroli?

I’ve received very specific death threats because I discussed a pretty simple and clear cut issue. Where are you now Neroli? Where is the outcry and rush to support me and my family?

My original blog on this topic bore the headline “Going into a bank in disguise.” That was in huge black letters at the top of the blog.

What’s wrong with speaking up for the rights and freedom of people like 65 year old Judith who has been the victim of armed robbery? She says every time anyone comes into her chemist shop with their face covered it all comes flooding back. Shouldn’t Judith be able to insist that anyone who comes into her chemist shop uncovers their face? Neroli, where’s your outcry about Judith’s fear?

I think the gist of the argument put forward by Neroli Holmes and her ilk is that immigrants have brought the custom of wearing the niqab or burqa to Australia, it’s their belief and they should be able to practise their belief or custom here. And I support that except where it causes fear – like in a bank where if someone comes in with their face covered they could cause a panic. And quite clearly it causes offence to people – including me – when the face is covered in a bank.

But if the anti-discrimination industry says some-one should have the right to cause offence to me or another Australian if that offensive behaviour is based on religion or customary belief then I’d like to know how far that goes.

What about the practice of genital mutilation of young girls? Many people around the world have an apparently genuine belief that it’s a good thing for a family to hold down a child while an elder slices off her external genitalia. Is that where we draw the line?

How about marrying off 10 year old daughters? Or polygamy? Honour killings?

We have a great way of life here. Little children can’t be hurt. Forcing people into arranged marriages is not our way. One wife at a time please! For the life of me I don’t understand why this face-covering issue is any different. There are some things worth standing up for – and to my last breath I’ll stand up for the Australian way of life

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  1. * Few people are prepared for the raving loons from the so-called ‘free press’ and their rabid accusations of ‘racism’ and… what exactly?

    Follow the money (Burkas Paradise?):

    Surfers to go ‘Ramadan-friendly’

    September 19th, 2008

    SURFERS Paradise could be turned into a souk and Cavill Avenue into a kasbah as
    part of a bold plan to make the Gold Coast a ‘Ramadan-friendly zone’.

    Arabic-style marquees, traditional coffee shops, halal restaurants and Middle Eastern
    entertainment would pop up in Surfers, Broadbeach and at theme parks to encourage
    big-spending, long-staying Middle Eastern tourists to come here next year during the
    usually travel-shy holy period of Ramadan.

    Nassif Lawand, managing director of inbound tour operators Lawand Tourism, said 2009 would be the first time in 30 years that Ramadan had encroached into the July-August period, traditionally the time Middle Eastern tourists flock to the Gold Coast to escape
    the stifling heat and sapping humidity of home.

    The idea, Mr Lawand said, would not only attract Arabs during Ramadan when people
    were more reluctant to travel, but could also steal a march on some of the world’s most
    glamorous cities. Muslims from Melbourne, Sydney, Malaysia and Indonesia could also be
    lured here as Surfers Paradise becomes ‘Ramadan Paradise’. [… …]

  2. Mullah,
    many years ago Surfers was called “Surfers Palestine” as it was the favoured holiday resort of many Aussie Jewish people.
    My how things have changed. Perhaps they will go back to this name, but for very different reasons?

  3. Are AUSTRALIANS such weak kneed DHIMMIES that they continue to tolerarte the antics of these fanatic immigrants. You have one choice and one choice only.

    Irrespective of wherther they are first born generation or new immigrants i SEND THEM BACK to their home countries where they can enjoy with great glee all the priivileges and facilities that they are beibng ‘denied’ in Australia. These parasites are vermins and there is only one solution for vermins.

    When you visit them later ( if you do ) after they have returned to their own lands of their ancestors you will find them handless or legless and without wife or daughters because they would all have gone to Paradise after being stoned by their village folks. What a wonderful life it must be to live in the lands where these vermins lived before parasiting other countries in the world.

    They have been driven insane from childhood in the Madrassas and you are now living with insane lunatics whose only objective is JIHAD and to enter Paradise and meet the 72 Virgins.

    Let them go and find out the hoax. But it will be too late. But it will be good for the others on Earth and the Non Muslim Paradise.

  4. I offered the following comment to an article in the the Daily Telegraph. Needless to say it has still not been placed in the blog. I wasn’t shocked at this as this is typical for any Muslim or their apologists. They simply cannot stand to be argued with.

    Dear Anjum Rahman,

    If you think your niqab is not offensive to a lot of people, think again. It is a symbol of Islamic Supremacism and it is not racist to say so. You see the trouble is Anjum everywhere that Islam comes into contact with any other culture the other culture has to submit, so the child’s instinctive reaction is smart. Contrary to your assertion, the hijab or the niqab is like a Nazi insignia.

    In your own words the wearing of a niqab is not an absolute enforcement so why be offended when asked to remove it.

    As for the radio announcer he merely pointed out that for security reasons no face covering should be allowed in both banking and retail. As a further elucidation he also pointed out that to cover ones face in public in our culture is offensive. Tolerance towards our feelings, isn’t this just part of being multicultural? Of course not, your definition of multiculturalism means we submit and your ilk will use any means to get it including the use of slander such as racist and or bigot and more often than not death threats.

  5. Well said Geoff, couldn’t have put it better myself. The sooner this ‘fashion’ is removed from Western society, the better. We must all keep up the GOOD fight.

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