Surprise: Norwegian Commie Doctor Supports Hamas Terrorists, Praises 9/11

* Why targeted assassinations are necessary:

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Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor in Gaza, is all over the mainstream media, claiming that Israel is indiscriminately and purposely murdering civilians. He’s given interviews to the BBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, the Independent, Sky News, and the New York Times, among others.

And in 2001, shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks, this supposedly impartial Norwegian doctor (actually a radical Marxist member of Norway’s Red party) expressed support for the hijackers.

In an interview with the Norwegian daily, Dagbladet, shortly after the attacks, Gilbert stated:

“The attack on New York was not surprising, after the policy that has led the West in recent decades. I am upset over the terrorist attack, but am equally upset over the suffering which the United States has created.

It is in this context that the 5000 dead people must be seen. If the U.S. government has a legitimate right to bomb and kill civilians in Iraq, then there is also a moral right to attack the United States with the weapons they had to create. Dead civilians are the same whether they are Americans, Palestinians or Iraqis.”

When asked by Dagbladet if he supported the terrorist attack on the U.S., he replied:

“Terror is a bad weapon, but the answer is yes, within the context I have mentioned.”

Of course, not a single mainstream media report on the creep mentions any of this.

Mad Maads,  Commie medicine man & Hamas Agit-PropIt’s a ‘Mads’ World: Crackpot Norwegian Says Gaza a Lab for New Weapons


This idiot contradicts himself by claming that “Gaza is now being used as a test laboratory for new weapons,” while at the same time “having used the weapon in the 2006 Lebanon war and previously in Gaza.”

Which is it? Is it new now or in 2006? When have they used these nefaious weapons in Gaza?

ISRAEL is testing a new “extremely nasty” type of weapon in Gaza, two medics charged as they returned home to Norway after spending 10 days working at a hospital in the war-torn Palestinian territory.

“There’s a very strong suspicion I think that Gaza is now being used as a test laboratory for new weapons,” Mads Gilbert said at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport, commenting on the kinds of injuries he and his colleague Erik Fosse had seen while working at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza. 

The two medics, who were sent into the war zone by the pro-Palestinian aid organisation NORWAC on December 31, said they had seen clear signs that Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME), an experimental kind of explosive, were being used in Gaza. 

“This is a new generation of very powerful small explosives that detonates with an extreme power and dissipates its power within a range of five to 10 metres,” Mr Gilbert, 61, said. 

“We have not seen the casualties affected directly by the bomb because they are normally torn to pieces and do not survive, but we have seen a number of very brutal amputations … without shrapnel injuries which we strongly suspect must have been caused by the DIME weapons,” he said. 

The weapon “causes the tissue to be torn from the flesh. It looks very different (from a shrapnel injury). I have seen and treated a lot of different injuries for the last 30 years in different war zones, and this looks completely different”, Mr Fosse, 58, said. 

“If you are in the immediate (vicinity of) a DIME weapon, it’s like your legs get torn off. It’s an enormous pressure wave and there is no shrapnel,” he explained. 

Mr Gilbert also accused Israel of having used the weapon in the 2006 Lebanon war and previously in Gaza, and referred to studies showing wounds from the explosive could cause lethal forms of cancer within just four to six months.

I guess the fact this terrorist stooge works with Hezbollah makes him a fair and nonpartisan news source.
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Update from LGF:

CNN’s Staged Video Updates: The Norwegian Connection

MEDIA | Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 11:09:37 am PST

European LGF reader “morning star” points out another interesting connection between the Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, and “freelance photographer” Ashraf Mashharawi:

Please note that Mads Gilbert knows or is part of a group in his home town Tromsoe in Norway, who long have planned to make a film together with Ashraf Mashharawi (the famous “freelance cameraman” in the video).



This group, which promotes friendship between Tromsoe and Gaza, also met Ahmed Mashharawi, a film maker with whom Ashraf Mashharawi has worked together, at a film festival.

This means Gilbert and Mahharawi probably knew each other before this incident.

And more connections surface; here’s a 15-minute documentary at the Danish site, titled “From the Camp.“ The credits contain several names that will be familiar if you’ve followed the threads:

Cameraman & Director: Ahmed Mashharawi
Script: Raid Dawoud
Editing: Ashraf Mashharawi
Narrator: Paul Martin

UPDATE at 1/10/09 12:04:46 pm:

Translations of the PDF files linked above:……

Check this out:


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  1. What the media has apparently overlooked is the well publicized fact that Hamas has raided the hospital of a lot of its supplies and senior staff and is treating its own fighters at a separate location in another one of their well planned propaganda moves. Any comments coming from the UNRWA must also be taken with a rain of salt, of their 25,000 employees, there are the usual token whites but 99% of its staff is Palestinian, only its head is a good old Yankee with a good Muslim name of al something or the other.

  2. You people make me sick…

    He is a creep, a nazi and should be executed for stating that American lives are of equal worth to other members of the human race?

    Yes, Dr Gilbert is pro-Palestine, but only those with a very narrow mind believe this conflict to be black and white. Educate yourselves to both sides of the struggle.

  3. First of all, regarding the 9/11 comments, Mr Gilbert himself has stated that they were “unwise and unconsidered”.
    Secondly, war is terror and money. The US, Israeli and all other armies are “legal” terrorists governed by corrupt leaders.

    Gilbert and Fosse only reported what they saw and experienced. They are pro palestine, that’s why they helped the palesinian people. They fight for what they belive is right. Now, is there anything wrong with that? People helping others in need?

    Dr. Mads Gilbert: “The statistics are clear. Among the 2,400-2,500 injured, 45 percent are women and children. And then there are also all the civilian men. So the large majority of the injured, the victims, are women, men and children civilian. Among the the killed, 25 percent of the killed are children and women, and among the children, today, it was—this morning, it was 801 children either killed or injured. 101 children had been killed.”

    Dr. Gilbert also criticized Israel for claiming there is no humanitarian crisis.

    Dr. Mads Gilbert: “I ask, where is the international community, who has this big organization to come to disasters. We are two doctors from the West. Where are the others? They are not let in, because the Israelis say there is no disaster. Now, how can they know? They never came here, they never saw. They don’t care. So this is the worst man-made disaster for the time I can think of.”

    Of course he was upset, he was in a freaking war zone!

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