UK: "Lord Ahmed" achieves another "victory for the Muslim community"

British Parliament caves to Muslim demands, calls off screening ofFitna

* Disgusting, revolting cowardice and  dhimmitude in once great Britain… take note. Muslims are now running the show.

Watch Fitna now

Now if only they could call off jihad attacks by the Muslims who read the same Qur’an verses that are quoted in Fitna, and who act upon them in the way that Fitna depicts.

Craven Cringing Shameful Dhimmitude Alert: “British Parliament calls off screening of controversial film,” from APP, January 23 (thanks to Robert Spencer):

LONDON, Jan 23 (APP)‑The British Parliament has cancelled the showing of a controversial film “Fitna” by the right‑win Dutch MP Geert Wilders following vociferous protest by the Muslim community.The screening was to take place on January 29 at the House of Lords.

Lording over a parliament of dhimmified wankers: “Lord” Ahmed of Blackmailistan…

In 2007 he responded to the award of a knighthood to Salman Rushdie by claiming he was appalled, stating that Rushdie had ‘blood on his hands’.

The decision to cancel the showing was taken on Friday when Lord Nazi Ahmed had a meeting with the Government Chief Whip of the House of Lords and Leader of the House of Lords, together with representatives from the Muslim Council of Britain, British Muslim Forum and other representatives from the British Muslim community.

Pamela has more…

Good Lord: Ahmed admits sending text message while driving just before fatal crash

The film has created huge controversy around the world, especially in Europe. The decision by the Amsterdam Appeals Court, the second‑highest legal authority in the country, overturns an earlier ruling by the Dutch Prosecution Service, which last June dismissed hundreds of complaints against Wilders on the grounds that his utterances had been made “in the context of public debate”, a position that was endorsed by the Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, a Christian Democrat.

But on Thursday, the appeals court argued that the criminal prosecution did not conflict with Wilders’ right to freedom of expression and said it based its decision on the standards set by the European Court of Human Rights.

The Far‑right Dutch politician will now be put on trial for his public statements against Islam. As a result of the meeting at the House of Lords not going ahead, all protests and demonstrations have now been cancelled Lord Ahmed termed the decision as “a victory for the Muslim community.”

Indeed it is, but it is a defeat for all those who want to resist jihad and Islamization.


* Become acquianted with Lord Ahmed:…

The Right Honourable Member of the House of Lords Lord Ahmed in late December visited nis native Pakistan, where he publicly declared that ‘‘Israel and India are jointly massacring the innocent Muslims in Palestine and the occupied Kashmir.’’ 

He also said that the Mumbai attacks were carried out to divert the international community’s attention from the Kashmir issue. 

[Source: Roznama Express, Pakistan, December 29, 2008]


January 27, 2009

“By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist”

The UK’s only Muslim peer, Lord Nazir Ahmed, was responsible for the British Parliament’s dhimmi cancellation of a showing of Geert Wilders’ film Fitna. He called the cancellation “a victory for the Muslim community.” And Brian of London has more:

Two years ago when I helped organise Bat Ye’or’s visit to the House of Commons we had the pleasure of receiving Lord Nazir Ahmed as our guest. I personally went to enormous trouble and expense to send a personalised printed invitation to every member of both the House of Commons and Lords including spending hours stuffing envelopes before delivering them back to the Houses to be distributed in the internal mail system. We had around 50 MPs and peers which, we were told, was not a bad turn out for such an event. I had also invited just about every member of the press likely to come and a few did.Lord Ahmed listened to Bat Ye’or give her Eurabia talk. He was the first to ask a question, which was really just an angry statement. He blustered and complained and ended with “By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist”. He then got up and left.

This was, of course, unreported in the UK or anywhere.


“By your definition, madame, I am an Islamist.” He said it.

More on the Right Honourable Lord scumbag Ahmed Of Rotherham

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  1. Does Lord Ahmed know about the ‘Other Refugees’ notably the almost one million Jewish refugees of the middle east & the maghrebi states whom were made homeless stateless moneyless destitute refugees fleeing from persution by their arab tormentors in 1948.
    Around 75% of these jewish refugees fro the arab speaking world were settled in the newly formed ‘State Of Israel’ today they comprise around 60% of the total jewish population of Israel. The other 25% are citizens of western europe, the USA, Canada & Australia.
    The land that these jewish refugees owned in the arab world totalled around four times that of the size of Israel today. out of the almost 1,000,000 jewish refugees of the arab world in the 1940s only around 6-7,000 remain today mostly in marocco & around 1,500 in Tunisia.
    In 1941 baghdad the (Fahud) took place ie. the cold bloodied murder of jews, this was instigated by none other than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseyni after a pro-nazi coup against the british that failed. he then fled to Berlin as gust of Adolf Hitler, he also visited some of the death camps where the nazis were exterminating jews on a daily basis in the 10s of thousands, he stated that he would like similar death camps to be set up in palestine and all over the middle east and north africa where there was a jewish presence after an assured axis victory. When arabs say they had no hand in the murder of jews in world war two they are just lying, most of the arabs supported a german victory over the allies. haj Amin Al-Husseyni even formed some Bosnian Muslim regiments loyal to Adolf Hitler and resposible for hunting down and mudering thousands of jews and serbs.

  2. Geert Wilders , a FREEDOM FIGHTER , who the are you ahhhmed ,
    your people are destroying EUROPE , go back to your backwardness in , S.A, Irak , Iran , Marokko , Tunesie , Somalie , Nigeria , Pakistan ,Afghanistan , Jemen and so one , leave us alone WITH OUR WESTERN FREEDOM !

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