Vlaams Belang: Filip Dewinter: Flanders is Not the Gaza Strip……!

Vlaams Belang wants to revoke the Belgian nationality of immigrant rioters

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Filip Dewinter: “He who will not be taught must suffer. Flanders is not the Gaza Strip. Immigrant troublemakers are the terrorists of the future, abuse our hospitality and must leave!”
In recent days and weeks, in Antwerp as well as in Brussels and Mechelen, young immigrants Muslims triggered riots and caused a lot of damage to shops, public buildings and street furniture as a result. The violence and vandalism were invariably the result of anti-Israel demonstrations of all sorts. According to Filip Dewinter, the city government “harvests what they have sown. This policy of pampering ensures the radical minority the delusion of being untouchable. The war situation in Gaza is only a pretext to provoke the government and the authority, and to riot. Organizations like the AEL and related extremist groups want to test the limits of what is acceptable and see how far they can go. In the end they apply the same tactics as the Hamas in Gaza: provocation, escalation, confrontation.”
According to Filip Dewinter, immigrants who run amok here and commit violence and acts of vandalism no longer have the right on our hospitality. “Given that all of these immigrants have a dual nationality, it is perfectly possible for to revoke their Belgian nationality and expel them,” said Filip Dewinter yesterday in a direct television debate on ATV.
“We must dare to set a clear example and follow a decisive stick-behind-the-door [under conditions] policy. A minority of Muslim immigrants benefits from the situation of lighting the fuse to the powder keg here as well. We must dare to show who the boss is on the street, not the Osama Bin Laden nominees, but our own government. The Islamic immigrant hooligans of today are the terrorists of tomorrow,” says Filip Dewinter.
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Notes:* The mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens, is member of the SP.a, Flemish Socialist Progressives; the aldermen are from the SP.a, CD&V, and Open VLD. Since 1989, the parties in the city council have instituted a cordon sanitaire around the biggest party Vlaams Belang, locking them into the opposition. In 2004 immigrants for the first time were given the right to vote in municipal elections and made the relatively small Socialist coalition jump in the 2006 elections from 20% to 35.5%, slightly bigger than Vlaams Belang (33.5%). Since 1932 Antwerp has had Socialist mayors.
** Since the PvdA in the Netherlands lost in the polls and stood at the same level as the PVV [of Geert Wilders], they copy some PVV positions to compete and recover. The recent tough stand on immigration might only be window dressing, since many PvdA members already criticize the sudden paper on immigrants, and the true Islamizers and appeasers still hold power.
Translated by the Gates of Vienna’s Flemish correspondent VH on the latest from Vlaams Belang concerning the anti-Israel riots and the violence against Jews in Belgium.

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  1. This is a start. I am sure that repatriation of all their offspring who were born in western countries back to the homeland of the parents would be a positive move. The country won’t accept them back? well drop them off at the twelve mile limit in a boat, nobody gets hurt and nobody comes back to the west. Behave and conform in a civilised society or BUGGER OFF!

  2. Mr Dewinter’s remedy sounds very promising, and his analysis is totally accurate, but I wonder if the eurabian superstate’s courts would allow such measures? I doubt it, more’s the pity.

  3. The future of EURABIA is at stake if the present DHIMMIES do not act sternly and send the trouble makers back to their own countries. These vermin are testing the patience of their hosts and adopting the same tactics that they and their ill fated ilk are doing innGAZA and other countries where they have been accepted as immigrants on sympathetic grounds by the DHIMMIES of those days.

    It is time to get TOUGH now. Or REGRET all your life on this Earth and in a Paradise where you are NOT promised 72 Virgins.

    Let us see if the BELGIANS have what they call “B….”

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