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screw u,ass holes,fook off,pakistan lost so much money and men,is your fooking so called war on terror,its time yu shut the fook up and take this war on terror crap up in your ass.yu thughs frauds,lsoers,coil stelears,land grabers,cant yu see the TERROR GONIG ON IN GAZA?

From Pinch me! Jo Biden to reward Pakistani terror with 15 billion jiziyah, 2009/01/06 at 4:22 AM

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  1. Don’t the illiterate, uneducated Mohammedan morons realise just what a laughing stock they make of themselves when they post such ignorant bullshit. Or maybe they THINK they are defending their Mohammedan brothers, I would add and sisters but won’t because I know with what contempt women are held in Mohammedanism following the example set by their paedophile leader and enshrined in the koran the book he wrote.

  2. Ali apparently resides in that bastion of freedom and democracy and diversity Swordi Arabia:

    IP Address (click for more detail):
    Country: SA
    AS: 24731
    AS Name: ASN-NESMA National Engineering Services and Marketing Company Ltd. (NESMA)

    address: National Engineering Services and Marketing Company Ltd.
    address: NESMA – Internet Services
    address: P.O. Box 300940, Riyadh 11372 – KSA
    phone: +9661 465 6767
    fax-no: +9661 462 6034
    e-mail: NOC@NESMA.NET.SA

    Web – nesma.net.sa/Content.aspx?Action=AboutUs

    Islam is doomed, Ali – “allah” cannot even succeed against a tiny number of Israelis
    with his 1.x billion deluded followers. Who do they think they are, waging war against
    Israel, the apple of God’s eye?

  3. thanks ali for the enlightening comment – actually ali, the money paki land spent was given to it from us, and paki land has done nothing to terminate the muzz terrorists. There is terror in Gaza and it has been perpetrated by the Iranians thru Hamas, just as Hizbollah destroyed Lebanon.

  4. BTW, Are you the same Ali who spent his time trying to rape female students when Saddam sent you over to be taught Microbiology at one of our Universities. WE WERE HOPING THAT YOU HAD BEEN BLOWN UP IN THE FIRST GULF WAR – OH WELL – GEN IS SOMETIMES INCORRECT – GUESS WE SHALL HAVE TO FIX THAT.

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