We got mail! From "zionist stirfry"

zionist stirfry Says: 

You will never feel safe you cowardly pestilence. Laugh now but as Moses and every one pf the prophets condemned the ungrateful lying idol worshiping zionists and as God himself promised after being the chosen people and yet spat at his commandements and then you were ostrasised by GOD..YOU are a hated race …FREE PALESTINE ..Israel=All the diseases known to man. FROM NOW U WIL HAVE TO WATCH ALL YOUR BACKS ALL OF THE TIME WHERE EVER YOU ARE>>YOU CHILD, WOMEN MURDERING SATAN WORSHIPING WHORES

People like the poster above would have you believe that genocidal Hamas thugs are just like Jewish prisoners in a Nazi-concentration camp:


Thanks to Atlas

*   “Zionists are the new Nazis”- s#*t, how original! where did we hear this before?

     * How Hamas wins by losing


* The Guardian goes whoring for Hamas: prints Khalid Mish’al  propaganda piece

2 thoughts on “We got mail! From "zionist stirfry"”

  1. Notice the positioning for the VICTORY claim ‘ we will never accept occupation of Gaza’ Of course this moron KNOWS Israel has no intention of re-occupying Gaza so he has already claimed a “victory” for when Israel eventually pull out. And to think some deluded anti semitic fools in the MSM and Dhimmi Western Governments actually listen to this crap and the Guardianistas of course lap it up as the fleft wing morons that they are.

  2. Everyone who reads this disgusting rubbish should copy and paste to every news media they can think of because they obviously cannot resource it for themselves, and the world really does need to know.

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