Another Hijab Lawsuit in San Diego


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SAN DIEGO – A woman who wore an Islamic head scarf to a local bank said she was turned away and singled out, and is a victim of discrimination.

Amal Hersi and her family moved to the U.S. from Somalia in search of freedom. (Freedom from what? Freedom from Islam? Or freedom to spread Islam?) Hersi said she’s had the freedom she’s wanted, up until last Saturday.

“I felt like a criminal. I felt humiliated. I fell ashamed,” said Hersi.

* Why should she not feel ashamed and humiliated? Is Islam not a criminal cult? Why should we not shame and humiliate those who believe we are filthy kuffars who have to pay the jiziyah with willing submission while feeling miserable and subdued?

* Islamification of Britain: New Police Uniform Features Hijab


                  Once there were Bobbies…

It would be unthinkable for any Islamic nation to adapt its official uniforms to allow Christian or any other religious artefacts to be incorporated into its emblems.

This sort of thing only happens to a nation which is being occupied and colonised by foreigners. This is the very definition of colonisation: the forcing of an alien and foreign way of life upon another people.


* And another burka case in Canuckistan: 


TORONTO – A decision by a Toronto judge to compel a Muslim woman to testify in court without wearing her veil has raised the tricky issue of how freedom of religion fits into the legal system and how it stacks up against other charter rights. More…


Hersi said she was waiting in line at the Navy Federal Credit Union in Mission Valley when she said she was stopped by an employee.

“So she goes, ‘Ma’am, could you follow me?’ And at that point I was like what did I do wrong?” said Hersi.


Hersi said the reason was because she wore a traditional Muslim scarf.


“For her to approach me in front of 40 people and they’re actually looking at me thinking, you know, what’s wrong with her or why is she being singled out,” said Hersi.


Even after telling the employee she wore the scarf for religious reasons, she was asked to remove it. She compares herself to any other person wearing a garment, like a Jewish man wearing a Yarmulke or a Catholic nun wearing a habit.


“I feel naked because this is what I know; this is how I grew up. It’s my religion,” said Hersi.


Many banks have policies like this in order to deter bank robbers, a representative from the Navy Federal Credit Union said.


“In the interest of security and safety for our members and employees, hats, hoods and sunglasses must be removed when entering the branch office,” Navy Federal Credit Union said in a statement.


It’s a policy that is difficult for Hersi to grasp since she said wearing a scarf is not a choice.


“This is part of my religion to wear this scarf. It symbolizes who I am. A Muslim woman is suppose to be modest,” said Hersi.


On Tuesday, Navy Federal Credit Union issued a statement regarding Hersi’s complaint and its policies. Click here to read the statement.

5 thoughts on “Another Hijab Lawsuit in San Diego”

  1. * “This is part of my religion to wear this scarf.

    Only when the shapeshifters want it to be. Solution: destroy islam. Problem solvered!

  2. Naturally, a bank is in the wrong for refusing to serve a muslim wearing a head scarf
    “for religious reasons”, but muslims get soft treatment from authorities when they
    refuse to carry guide dogs or alcohol “for religious reasons”. And so the jihad rolls on.

  3. Mullah Lodabullah …MOhammmed ordered cover woman , you symbol of shame of islam, shame must be covered

  4. I have been a target of hate crime, I am a Christian. I wear a scarf for virtuous reasons and I have been called every slanderous name in the book, from heinously ugly to a criminal. I have been a victim of cyber stalking by a ex cop that thinks he has a right to slander me and he does this through various avenues, one is through the San Diego Fire Dept and through daily mass text messages to the public in San Diego county with humiliating & degrading & comments about my face, body parts (which no one has seen) & character and murder conspiracies on my life by him and others involved. Lies have been spread by various persons in the community and that I am slandering this city which is just an excuse they use to cyber stalk me and it is the other way around. This city is slandering me. I need people to come forward with the text messages so I can put a restraining order on them. If you know anything that can help please contact me at, Thanks.
    I am refered to the as the women with sunglasses and scarf that is not worn properly. The problem is there is police and government corruption involved in this and is why I don’t get assistance by them or police.

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