The Mother of all suicide bombers explains how its done…

‘Mum’ had 80 women raped for suicide missions

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    Samira Jassim admitted she had mentally prepared the women for suicide missions

A WOMAN suspected of recruiting more than 80 female suicide bombers has confessed to organising their rapes so she could later convince them that martyrdom was the only way to escape the shame.

Samira Jassam, 51, was arrested by Iraqi police and confessed to recruiting the women and orchestrating dozens of attacks.

In a video confession, she explained how she had mentally prepared the women for martyrdom operations, passed them on to terrorists who provided explosives, and then took the bombers to their targets.

“We arrested Samira Jassim, known as ‘Um al-Mumenin’, the mother of the believers, who was responsible for recruiting 80 women”, Major General Qassim Atta said.

“She confessed her responsibility for these actions, and she confirmed that 28 attempts had been made in one of the terrorists’ strongholds,” he said.

Samira Jassim was arrested on January 21. She is allegedly linked to the Ansar al-Sunnahinsurgent group.

The Associated Press reports US military figures indicate at least 36 female suicide bombers attempted or carried out 32 attacks last year. Women are often allowed through military checkpoints without being searched, making it easier for them to hide explosives under their traditional robes.

Two of the attacks for which Samira Jassim admitted responsibility in the video confession took place in Diyala province, in central Iraq, which is considered one of the most dangerous areas of the country.

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  1. What a piece of work this woman is.

    Her methods and motives perfectly illustrate the Jihadist globally.

  2. What will “Women Against Rape in War” have to say about rape as a jihad recruiting tool?

    I guess they still exist.

  3. My last mail may have seemed to disrespect the Islamic rerligion. They were poorly chosen words. The actions of the individual concerned beggars belief. She has killed the hope in the present times of understanding and reconciliation between Islam and the rest of the World.

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