Australia: College Employee Defrauds Govt. of $1 Million…

*  In all previous reports he was clearly named as the boss of the college. Now the perps present him as some lowly employee, a mere ‘staffer’- Anwar & Zubair Sayed update:

Muslim college staffer Boss charged with $1.35m rip-off


  • It is no crime stealing from the kuffar. Especially in this case, where the money would have been wasted on the education of females. Surely this good Muslim employee had much better use for the money in order to spread Allah’s religion…


An employee  The boss of the Kenwick-based Muslim Ladies College of Australia has been charged with defrauding governments of more than $1 million, and stealing $356,000 of school funds.

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Police Media’s Ros Weatherall said Major Fraud Squad detectives had charged the 50-year-old man with four State counts of falsifying records and one of stealing as a director of a company.

The man will also face four Commonwealth charges of making false statements, including two in a statutory declaration.

Police will allege that between August 2005 and April 2007, the man falsified grant applications that he submitted to the Commonwealth and State governments in order to secure public funds for the school that it was not lawfully entitled to receive.

Ms Weatherall said the man allegedly defrauded the Commonwealth and State of more than $1,000,000.

In addition, it will also be alleged that while holding the position of a director of the college, the accused man stole $355,914.10 in school funds.

He is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on March 3.

Muslim school charges expected

CHARGED: In a separate police probe into Muslim Ladies College of Australia finances, Anwar Sayed’s brother, Zubair, pictured, has been charged with fraud. Picture: Colin Murty

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