Britannia: Subsidizing Islamic Terrorists

Andrew Bolt 

Britain is crazy. It bans a Dutch MP for warning against the very thing that British taxes subsidise:

Several men considered by MI5 to pose a grave threat to public safety are receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance, according to figures from the Department of Work and Pensions. Other terror suspects are being paid benefits including incapacity benefit and income support.

* Britain loves Islamic terrorists: TERROR SUSPECT FLOWN TO BRITAIN ON PRIVATE JET

*  Weasel Zippers: UK: Government Spends $175,000 Bringing Binyam Mohamed Back From Gitmo….

Control orders are imposed on people whom the Government says are too dangerous to be at large but who cannot be prosecuted in an open court…

A total of 15 control orders are currently in place. Of the 15 subjects, nine are receiving some sort of welfare payments. Seven of them are receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance, which is worth £60.50 a week to people over 25.

And, no, we don’t really need to be told what cause these people are believed to serve.

Hours of Torture’ Fails to Sway New York Prosecutors…


England’s dumbest Jew is delighted:

UK Foreign Secretary praises Obama for the release of man charged with making dirty bombs in Kabul

However, we’re still waiting for the total closure of Guantanamo

More on this story. “Miliband: Binyam release is the 1st step towards shared goal to close Guantanamo,” from the Kuwait News Agency, February 23: via JW)

LONDON, Feb 23 (KUNA) — Foreign Secretary David Miliband said on Monday that he was pleased that Binyam Mohamed was coming back to the United Kingdom. 

“His release and return from Guantanamo Bay is the result of a number of years of very hard work by officials with him and with his team.

“Obviously the release of Binyam Mohamed is the first release from Guantanamo Bay since the election of President (Barack) Obama.

“We very much welcome President Obama’s commitment to close Guantanamo Bay and I see today’s return of Binyam Mohamed as the first step towards that shared goal, ” he added.

Mohamed just arrived back to UK coming from Guantanamo with a coverage of his arrival by media.

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