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So the Death to the Jews marches and the promises of a second holocaust is the Jews fault. Spoken like a true Nazi. Good luck with that bastard.


Hartwig Möller must be disciple of Helmet Schredder, the chancellor who sold his services to Russia after he was voted out. Could it be that Möller also sees friends and allies in Moscow?

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The head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the German federal state North Rhine – Westphalia, Hartwig Möller (Picture), has criminalized pro-Israel and pro-USA protesters. In an interview with the newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten, he described the presentation of an Israel – Flag in a violent Islamists – rally in Duisburg as “targeted provocation”. The flag was removed by the police (as reported). Mr Möller blames so-called anti-Germans for the hanging of the Israeli flag. In the interview Möller said:
Center of the political objectives of the anti-Germans is the unconditional support of Israel and thus Israel’s protective power USA. 

65 years ago the forced us to wear the Star of David 

Now the Germans force us to remove the Star of David

And who is behind this?

Tim Blair:

It’s similar in Australia, where local Jews have been condemned as “vitriolic, bigoted, racist and downright pathetic”by people given mainstream platforms and anti-Israel rallies feature Nazi symbols. Anti-Semitic attacks in Australia recently hit rates twice the average of the past 18 years.

The so called moderate left, in Germany currently represented by the party “Die Linke”, founded just last year. It’s leader, former Minister of Finance Oscar Lafontaine, repeatedly defended Iran’s atomic weapons program and propagates an alliance between the left and Islamists, arguing that they have many things in common; rejection of the interest economy, for example. Unfortunately, this argument is absolutely correct.
Prior to the Iraqi war of 2003, Germany as a whole wanted to lead the all the appeasers. Former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (Social Democratic party) and Appease-Minister Josef Fisher (Green party) defined the German foreign policy to entail Germany acting as the world’s “peace” power (“Friedensmacht”). What are the methods for “peace”? “Dialogue” with the henchmen of “Holy War” and support for anti-Americanism.

Update from DW:

A few weeks ago we posted a video of German police breaking into an apartment to oblige an Allahu-akbaring Muslim mob by removing two Israeli flags from an apartment window and balcony. Now one of the New Breed of German politicians steps up to tell us that it was all the fault of “anti-Germans” — i.e., Jews and Americans.

The video of the removal of the flags has (surprise, surprise) been removed by YouTube. However, Beate Klein from the German weblog has kindly alerted me to the fact that you can see it here, on And now the story has also reached German television — see here.

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More from the fatherland:

Invading the City, One Bezirk at a Time

The Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey


This morning we received the following email from a reader in Germany:

Mosque in BerlinI do not know how many of yourselves, or your readers, have heard of the campaign of Pro-Deutschland against the building of mosques in Frankfurt and Berlin recently.

This is a campaign that we are having to repeat in our towns, cities and even villages, more and more (I am not a member of Pro-Deutschland yet, but I am a supporter).

I live in a part of Berlin that has the odd Turkish Imbiss (small “café” type of place), a tailor’s or two, and a very small scattering of Turks living here.

In the last twelve months, however, there has been a veritable explosion. All of a sudden, you cannot step out of your house for ten minutes without seeing two or three mothers pushing prams and all dressed in the latest bin bag design from the Middle East. And the numbers are getting bigger every week.

– – -  – – – – –

Where do they all come from in such a short time? There can only be one answer, and that is, that there is a concerted plan to “invade” the city one bezirk (local area) at a time. Having filled Neu-Kölln. Kreuzberg, Wedding, to the brim, they now move on to the neighbouring bezirk, which is us.

How long before we too are having to campaign against a mosque or three? How long before our schools are seeing armed security on the doors because of Middle Easteners’ knife crime?

— Furor Teutonicus

I wrote Furor Teutonicus back and told him that I had previously mentioned Pro-Deutschland, in a post about the attacks on Pro-Köln last September. The translated article included this paragraph:

During this attack [on the Rhine vessel], the self-proclaimed “antifascists” beat up the 45-year-old German-Jewish member of the Federal Executive Board of the citizens’ movement Pro Deutschland, Michael Kucherov, in the district town hall of Rodenkirchen.

Beyond this I don’t know much about the group, and there is very little about it in English available on the web. German readers are welcome to send me more information about Pro-Deutschland.


  1. Maybe it just wasn’t Hitler’s problem with the Jews. Maybe he rode of wave of his generation’s hate of the Jews in Germany? Seems the problem is arising again…

  2. Not. Hitler had a very personal thing with the Jews.

    Very much like Muhammad. In fact, Adolph couldn’t make it as a painter in post WW1 Vienna. The art-scene was very Jewish, he just didn’t get his lucky break, hehe…

    Just like Muhammad cursed the Jews for not converting to his new religion, Hitler cursed the Jews for “controlling” business. People used to (many still do) believe that kind of sh*t, but Adolph made sure he nationalized business and made everything “German owned” once he came to power.

    Very much like the Obamessiah, really. “Spreading the wealth around” will have some serious implications.

    Watch this space!

  3. I AGREE WITH THE CONCLUSION GIVEN BY THE POSTER FROM GERMANY. There is a serious attack underway against Europeans by muslims, and it does involve overrunning of neighbourhoods. The germans however are an easy target – there is still much heartbreak over german actions in WW2 with the need to be seen to be good. Unfortunately, the germans believe that their laws will protect them – what they forget is that the muslim invaders are working to change the laws.

    So this is a warning to Oz – these muslim scum are trying this in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide as well. Get of you backsides and make your sure protests against these invaders are heard.

  4. Notice I said…maybe it wasn’t “just” Hitler’s problem? If overwhelming majority of Germans would have rejected Hitler’s hatred of the Jews from the beginning, his power would have been starved. Hitler didn’t just magically force all the Germans against their will to hate Jews. Just like today, if Muslim propaganda finds no takers in Germany…their hate machine would be far less effective.

    All I’m saying some of these native Germans need to quit jumping in bed with the enemy. Show the rest of the world they do remember their history, and any hint of agreeing with Jewish anti-semetism is going to be magnified ten fold by it.

  5. Germany sealed their future , for murder of Jews Germans condemned to be enslaved by Muslims. They will kick you out from your land , they will violate your woman and you will become dhimmy

  6. World population will be lowered by hunger, disaster, disease and war
    and so will be the desire to dominate. europeans, russians, chinese or
    arabs wont get to worldwide domination. time is running out.

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