Islam in Russia: Islam and Muslims pose a serious challenge

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Finnish Defense Ministry Publication: Russian Challenges Include Becoming a Muslim Majority State…….

The Russian Street Erupts

By Kathy Shaidle


The Finnish Ministry of Defense has published a report available in English concerning the problems/challenges facing Russia. On page 51 under the heading of “Islam in Russia”, the subject of Russia’s challenges becomes even that much more interesting. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Finnish Ministry report mentioning the possibility of Russia becoming a Muslim majority state. KGS
Islam and Muslims in Russia pose a serious challenge to Russia’s internal stability and domestic policy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the self-esteem and sense of identity of Russia’s 20 million Muslims have been bolstered. In 1991 there were approximately 300 mosques in Russia; the present number approaches 8 000. Half of the new mosques have been built with foreign financing, mainly from Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. In 1991 there were no Islamic schools in the Russian Federation. Now there are approximately 60 madrassas, attended by some 50 000 students.
Percentagewise, the largest Muslim populations are in the Volga-Ural region, Bashkorstan, Tatarstan, the North Caucasus and the Karelian Republic. In the Karelian Republic there are some 20 000 Muslims (3 % of the population).32
Another striking statistic is related to the growth of Russia’s Muslim population. Russia is about to face big demographic challenges. Russia’s population is diminishing by approximately 400 000 persons per year; yet, the population in 15 Russian regions increased in 2005. Each of them, such as Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetya in the North Caucasus has sizeable Muslim populations. The life expectancy among Muslim males is far greater than that of ethnic Russians.33
Paul Goble, an expert of Islam and the Muslim populationin Russia, estimates that the majority of Russian military recruits will be Muslims in 2015. In 2020 twenty per cent of the citizens will be Muslims, provided that the current demographic trends continue. If no changes occur, within three decades the majority of the citizens of the Russian Federation will be Muslims. Russian Muslims are a very heterogeneous group, ranging from Volga Tatars and multiethnic groupings in the North Caucasus to the new immigrants from the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.
Yet, they share one common denominator: their birth rates exceed that of the Slavic population.34 Looking at the statistics it becomes perfectly clear that Russian Muslims are going to play an important role in the future. This will not affect domestic policy only, but will also have an effect on foreign policy. Although Russia is an observer at the Congress of Islamic Organisation, its Iran policy also reflects Russia’s internal differences of opinion. On the one hand Russia seeks cooperation and shared interests but, on the other hand, it is wary of the Islamic world and sees itself, first and foremost, as a European state.
The status of Islam and Muslims has greatly suffered because of the Chechen Wars. Most Russians equate Islam with terrorism, which is also an impression partially sustained by the government-controlled media. The growing xenophobia among ethnic Russians may result in local tensions with the Muslim population. The position of Muslims in predominantly ethnic Russian areas is not enviable.
Especially the Caucasians, regardless of their religious affiliation, face discrimination and persecution. Demographic changes and higher birth rates in Muslim areas instil fear in Russia, causing people to believe that Russia is gradually becoming an Islamic country.
This has resulted in problems with obtaining building permits for mosques as well as in racist aggression. The most worrisome feature is the increasing violence towards the Muslim population. Vandalism against mosques has increased throughout this decade. In 2006, an Imam was shot dead at his doorstep in the city of Kyslovodsk. Among other things, the increasing role of Islam in society was thought to be a motive for the murder. These types of ethnic tensions also caused the Kondopoga riots in the Karelian Republic in 2006.
In spite of all this, Russia’s Muslim community is convinced that Muslims and Islam are part of the Russian identity and that they have a place in Russia. After all, as early as 922 Russia had its first Muslim nation, the Volga Bulgars. Umar Idrisov, head of the Muslim Religious Directorate in the Nizhniy Novgorod region, was asked whether a future President of the Russian Federation could be Muslim. He replied, “I may not live long enough to witness the wonderful miracle but I hope that, sooner or later, it will happen.
Russia emerged from two civilizations – the Turkish and the Slavic, Islamic and Christian. The first state religion in the area of Russia was Islam, so why couldn’t Russia have a Muslim president?”

NOTE: What’s noteworthy is the report’s attempt to put a positive spin on the “serious challenge” a Muslim majority Russia would pose for the Russian state, and the West as well. Cognitive dissonance in full display, or a severe case of political correctness, or both? There are very dark clouds on the horizon for Europe every which way you look.

It’s encouraging that the Finnish Defense Ministry is actually looking at the rise in Muslim demographics as a possible “serious challenge”, but then it wastes the opportunity on wishfull thinking, insteading of shouting DANGER-WARNING-TURN BACK-DON’T DO IT

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  1. All Russians I know concede that muslims are/will be a significant problem. Being russians I am pretty sure they can handle what ever muzz throws their way.

  2. All who are Christians should pray most fervently for wisdom and courage for the newly-elected Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. If he can inspire all christians within the Federation – whether Slavic or non-Slavic, whether Orthodox, Protestant or Catholic – to work together to encourage and support one another, to heal their country, evangelise those in despair and anomie (especially alcoholics and prisoners) and, most important of all, fearlessly and patiently and relentlessly evangelise the Muslims, there could be hope for all the Russias.

    A Tatar translation of the Bible was recently published; and it is bearing fruit among the Tatar, many of whom are truly converting. Similar translations in all languages used by Muslims within the Federation – and their continual broadcasting 24/7 over the radio – might produce results. Furthermore, rebroadcasting Fr Zakaria Botros’ ‘Life TV’ program, in Russian and in other suitable languages, might be an excellent idea: it has a proven track record on deprogramming Muslims.

    In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, donations to the work of the Bible Society in Russia are probably the most practical response and liable to give most bang for your buck.

  3. I should add that whoever translates all of Mr Robert Spencer’s books about Islam into Russian, even if it’s an unofficial translation put up online or circulated as samizdat, would be performing a service to the whole of humanity.

    Imagine ordinary ‘grunt’ Russian non-Muslim soldiers and parish priests and schoolteachers getting hold of ‘Islam Unveiled’, ‘Onward Muslim Soldiers’ and ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades’ and ‘The Truth About Muhammad’, in a good, clear Russian translation.

    In the meantime, since many educated Russians are diligently learning English, and are doubtless on the lookout for interesting books upon which to practise their skills, Americans or Canadians whose hometowns have ‘sister city’ arrangements with Russian towns or cities might consider donating, to the libraries of said towns or cities, nice fat gift-packages of books – Mr Spencer’s complete oeuvre, and perhaps also Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Nonie Darwish’s book on Sharia, ‘Cruel and Usual Punishment’. Perhaps ACT for America could get a ‘Robert Spencer for Russians’ project underway.

  4. Re: “as early as 922 Russia had its first Muslim nation, the Volga Bulgars. … Russia emerged from two civilizations – the Turkish and the Slavic, Islamic and Christian. The first state religion in the area of Russia was Islam”

    What ahistorical rubbish!

    The Volga Bulgars were pagans, then Orthodox Christians subjugated by Turkic Jews [Khazars].

    Then they were liberated by Christian Russians. Then they became Muslims.

    Then they were subjugated again by the Mongols.

    Meanwhile, Russian civilization developed as Slavic Christians struggled for freedom from Muslim invasion.

  5. hi ,i think that one should ask a constructive question as this…why should a faith like islaam be held as a threat at all?..i guess if one studies what it about then its merely the fact that islaam offers a pure way of life.Muslims are as human as the next person…so why is it that they sem to be the flavour of this century..?oh whils we about to…also check out the russian women!why such a wave of embrace to islaam?i guess it because they are inherrently seeking a pure way of life.(no smoking&drunkenness)as this is natural that women look only to decency & find that in an islamic way of life.Please take the oppertunity to look around you & ask this…what is it about islaam that people cling to even when facing such persecution..?i guess ita that quality of FAITH..& thats the difference..that makes it so hard to the onlooker to understand..!its also been more tolerant than all other faiths…despite the history books & all the lies that media generated! those lies are so provocative…please take the time to read its laws & then understand it…You will be amazed!
    please we owe ourselves this truth..! thank you…!

  6. A century ago Europe and Russia villified the Jews and called them a threat to racial and religious purity. The Jews were harrassed non-stop with pogroms and eventually the Holocaust. After all that brutality Europe learned that Jews are humans and should be treated with respect, but man, those Muslims, they are a total threat to our religious and racial purity. Am I the only person who sees a pattern?

  7. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about 1400 years of jihad warfare against Jews and unbelievers, Ali Hassan?

    Muslims are not Jews, and never will be. And please don’t waste anyones time by bringing race into it. Islam is not a race…

  8. Dudayev during the first Russian-Chechen war wanted democracy and the Russians killed him. Chechen extremism is a product of outside influence but Russia is happier with extremists since dealing with a vibrant democracy would threaten it’s own fascist policies.

  9. To Ali Hassan I would like to say the following: you might see a pattern, which is not bad at all… but I also see a pattern, allthough a different one, which I shall explain now.
    Years and years their where discussions about the so called pitbulls, they should be agressive, to much armed with their strong jaws, and motivated to fight untill the death…
    So to speak a dangerous animal, nowadays almost all countries forbid the rase pitbull, because it is indeed proven they are to dangerous for society..
    Muslims, at least in my country The Netherlands are carrying knives and other weapons when they go out on the street, if some got stabbed again it is 99% sure this was done by a muslim…
    So should we even consider what to do with this muslim pack, or shall we better see the pattern, and forbid this rase right now, so a lot of people wont die by their knives???

  10. Islam is a solution, its a revolution, its a great religon, teaches peace, honesty and a straight path of life.

  11. people:
    I live in a country which muslims an christians live happy(SYRIA).
    wether you are a muslim or a christian,you beleive in God.
    your releigon order you to love other people
    (“love your enemies”&&”don’t harm anything concerns christian’s or jews”)
    we beleive in same prophets.
    the history of arabia is full of stories about living together.
    whether you are a muslim or a christian,learn about your releigon,and
    then take a look at the other releigon.
    and then: only then let your mind decide after that you will
    learn alot of things especially respecting the other .
    similarities are alot.
    in my village mosques and churches are side by side (less than 100 meters)
    when some one marry or die,his”neigbors” visit him.
    i think the relegion teach us to “love the other”,because God chose
    to create “the other”,and “the other” will remain till day……

  12. I would like to say in short accept the Truth accept Islam for a peaceful life in this world and the life hereafter which is the ultimate destination for every human being for the good people who led an Islamic life its Heaven and for the non believers of Truth and disobeying muslims its Hell. So accept the truth and be a muslim we muslims dont wont your wealth ,land or any materialistic thing we just want to spread the truth beacause its the duty of every muslim to spread islam peacefully those who accept you will be rewarded because Allah subhanalahtalah will give you Hidayat but others will not because in quran its mentioned howmuch ever we try to tell you the message of Allah subhanalahtalah you will not accept beacause Allah subhanalahtalah has filled your ears with melted glass and had put a blanket on your heart.
    May Allah subhanalahtalah give you hidayat.Ameen.

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