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* Everybody goes under the bus @ LGF, even Ann Coulter is now one of the bad guys: 

We’re all “racist white supremacists” over at the “honorary black” Lizard site, where CJ’s clueless sycophants are scared to death of their own skin color…

Pamela reminds us that the Lizard left out Sean Hannity. Sean and Ann in a 24-hour period! Sweetness and Light takes down Charles’s smear of Ann here. And now Johnson is after Hannity too — there is no homegrown jihad? WTF is this?

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Now Charles Johnson Has really Lost it…….

Transsylvania Phoenix: Charles Johnson: You really Lost It, Pal!
“Honorary black” Charles Johnson, chief lizard of the morally supremacist ‘lizard army,” where being white is a genetic defect that one should be ashamed of.  At LGF nobody dares to disagree that opposing the global jihad is  ‘racist’ and white supremacist symbol chasing will make it all good.

Even some of the most avid supporters of Charles Johnson are learning they’re better off being banned from LGF. The latest casualty is Transsylvania Phoenix, who has not only been “Johnsoned” by Johnson, he’s been muddied and smeared as an added going away present from the King Lizard himself!

Transsylvania Phoenix: I am really saddened and disappointed with what is going on these days at Little Green Footballs, one of my favorite places to hang around-until today.The anti-Christian crusade started by Charles Johnson took proportions I would have never ever dreamed in my worst nightmares. […]

Well, starting today I am no longer welcomed at LGF. Charles Johnson banned me for the following comment I wrote on one of his blog entries in which he is doing what it seems to lately become an obsession for him: mocking Christians and ridiculing whoever isn’t an enlightened atheist like him on a daily basis. Here is the ONLY ONE AND ONLY comment I wrote on LGF since last August, posted today on one of Charles’ daily Christian bash-fest :

Mocking, ridiculing and alienating our (Christian) allies when Islamonazi appeasing socialists control the White House, the Legislative, the Executive and 95% of the media. Unity is what we need most, yet we are tearing each other apart. Not smart. Not good. Koskooks and DU-ers must be filled with joy reading these posts.

Well Transsylvania Phoenix gets banned for that remark:

Well, that was my last post at LGF; not five minutes later, my account was disabled.
But that’s not all: Charles went a few extra steps ahead to smear me. At first he posted this reply:

Charles Post#476
I should have blocked your sorry ass when you posted comments calling for the mass deportation of Muslims from America, and to amend the Constitution to strip them of citizenship. That mistake is now remedied.

Transsylvania Phoenix responds: What the hell are you talking about, Charles? When and where did I said or wrote any of that? Did you just lost your f**king mind or are you just the biggest liar on the Blogosphere?

HAHAHAHAHA, Go check it all out here. KGS

Okay, so Charlie posts a limp dick “Mission Statement”


I’ve posted this many times in LGF comments, but with the increasing extremism of the so-called “anti-jihad movement,” it’s time to make it a front page post.

If you argue that it’s vitally necessary to deport the entire Muslim population of the United States, you are ADVOCATING MASS MURDER.

Yes, I’m shouting.

There is no way in hell that you can uproot millions of people, most of whom have done nothing wrong, and throw them all out of the country, without committing mass violence. People will resist this with all their hearts.

No decent American would stand for it. It’s an un-American, evil idea to its very core.

And not only that, it’s a stupid, empty, meaningless fantasy that will never happen. (Don’t bet your lizard ass tail on it, Charlie, stranger things have happened. Who would have believed a year ago that America would have a black Marxist Muslim POTUS?/ed) When you start ranting about it at LGF, you achieve nothing but to drag everyone here into the muck, and make us all look like extremists, fascists, and brain-dead morons. Only a very few comments like this appear at LGF, but they can tar the whole site by association.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few “anti-jihad” blogs that have no problem whatsoever with this kind of hate speech, and some that actually invite it, so if you really want to rave like a lunatic about it you can easily find somewhere that will let you. But I won’t tolerate it here, and if you post a comment advocating this reeking garbage heap of an idea, your comment will be deleted and your account will be history.

Here is one banned poster who calls Johnsons bluff:

…my point is that targeting individual Muslims, who have the support of their community and mosques, who advocate killing and subjugating non-muslims through out the world, who use our legal system to erode the rights of us all, IS NOT WORKING!

Does any one here honestly think that Muslims preach the ‘golden rule’ (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) in Mosques? It is never taught in Mosques because Islam does not have the equivalent.

I would also like to point out that killing millions of people is mass murder. Deporting millions of people is, in fact, deporting millions of people.

How about not letting any of them is for the next five years? You think that is going to happen?

Muslims in the US are not rising up and condemning terrorism. They are not rising up and condemning Sharia. Muslims do not support gay rights. Muslims do not support the equal rights for women. Muslims also act and vote as a group. They use our system against us.

OK, so mass murder is out. Deportation is out. And we have to treat Muslims as though they are just as peaceful as the Amish, which they ain’t.

No, what we should do is give Muslims here the same rights that Christians have in OIC countries. Oh, but that is fascism too.

So, according to Charles, we can’t do anything except expose these Muslims for the barbaric bastards that they are, except that is racist! Nationalism is also racist.

So Muslims have a banner to rally to, while those who are willing to fight Muslim aggression are either racist, fascist, or nationalist. Charles does nothing to suggest how Western society can prevail against this Islamic menace.

OK, f*** it then. I’m a male. I’d be better off in a Muslim society than this one cause in this one I actually have to compete with women for jobs and shit, but in Islamic society, that won’t be an issue. And if I’m a Muslim, I can crap all over those who are not. Good deal.

2 thoughts on “Lizard Meltdown Watch”

  1. .
    Wow, CJ is one sick, deluded EFF. What a baby, he can’t take any dissent, can’t argue back, nothing. I know lots of good people who were ‘blessed’ to be able to ‘register’ before his precious registration was (closed). They must feel real disillusioned by this pompous and confused failed ‘musician’.

    Just look what he has in a post on this day,(Mission Statement of the Day – Blogosphere | Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 11:33:51 am PST) this is how deluded he is:

    “If you argue that it’s vitally necessary to deport the entire Muslim population of the United States, you are ADVOCATING MASS MURDER.”

    How does he arrive at that lie?

    First of all, most anti-jihadists don’t advocate that. They advocate stopping or severely limiting future immigration of Muslims, and throwing out Radical Imams who preach Jihad, and shutting down Jihad training camps and throwing out radicals, shutting Islamic schools that teach Jihad, stop making concessions to Islam; and making all Muslims denounce Jihad (although that would be meaningless due to taqiyya.)

    May God help the apparently insane Charles Johnson.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    let yourself go insane

    get so frustrated with life
    that you turn against allies

  2. I used to visit LGF, but as soon as CJ turned against Bible believing Christians that was it.

    The enemy of my enemy is ……. not always an ally or a friend.

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