Madeleine Albright: "Don’t create more terrorists…"


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A Willie Clitman fossil seeks the limelight, International News:

WASHINGTON: Stressing that the United States should fight terrorism in a way that does not create more terrorists, said former top US diplomat in Bush administration Madeline Albright.


               Peace lies wherever the champagne flows: one of Madeleine’s  successes…

She was responding to questions at a Washington think tank on Saturday about the US drone attacks on suspected militant targets in the Pakistani tribal areas.

Speaking in a discussion at the Council on Foreign Relations on ìUS-Muslim engagementî, she called for making a distinction between civilians and militants while targeting the extremists in populated areas. She also urged greater cooperative efforts by the two countries along the Afghan border ìso that we are not in this particular positionî.

On the other hand, she said, Pakistan has a responsibility in that region.

The Pakistanis, she said, have to try to figure out how their security forces and everybody can be helpful ìso that we are not in this particular positionî.

She continued: ìBut this is really difficult, because we all feel that if you hit a house with civilians in it, you are actually creating a lot of problems. On the other hand, you cannot just let people with impunity try to figure out how to kill all of us.

“The bottom line is making distinctions between civilian populations Muslims and murderers. There are people that are murderers; they are not Muslims just generally to identify everybody as being a part of the problem.”

The seasoned Democrat called for United States broadening its cooperation with Pakistan and was confident that the United States and Pakistan will forge one of the major relationships in the years ahead.

Albright welcomed President Asif Ali Zardariís articulation of a ìseries of waysî for fostering cooperative relationship with the United States as well as in dealing the Afghan situation in a newspaper article.

ìI think there will be a re-calibration in terms of how we relate to Pakistan. In my opinion it is going to be one of the major relationships,î she stated in response to a question about the Bush Administration asking too much of Pakistan without equipping the country adequately with security and economic tools to curb militancy.

Albright emphasised that the US relationship with Pakistan has to be looked across the board in terms of not only in its relationship with Afghanistan but in terms of what is going on there economically.


Follow the money, sez Pamela:


Madeline not at Albright is right in one thing. Americans are woefully ignorant of the Muslim world. If they had a clue, they would stop Muslim immigration immediately (see Europe). Or at least pass Tom Tancredo’s Prevention Act.
Not at Albright’s suggestion that we submit to Islam is spoken like a true dhimmi.
What is noteworthy and particularly disgusting is swallowing this in light of Albright’s history. Her parents converted from Judaism in order to escape Nazi persecution. So it is really tich that should would this century’s nazi’s. Is she a pig?
Many of her Jewish relatives in Czechoslovakia were killed in the Holocaust, including three of her grandparents.

Over at Creeping Sharia:

Any surprise here from Madeline Albright? Blame America for the Muslim worlds problems. According to Albright, Americans are not only ignorant of the Muslim world, but woefully ignorant. No mention of how ignorant the Muslim world is of America and other issues.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and former Represenative Vin Weber (R-Minn) spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations conerning American relations with the Muslim world. Secretary Albright said that Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world, but that Afghanistan and Pakistan are closely tied in their turmoil. She continued that most Americans are “woefully ignorant” of the Muslim world, and that America’s approach should not be one of ‘tolerance’, but rather one of ‘respect’.Concurrent to that line of thought is the notion that the United States should be prepared to deal with Islamist democratic elections where the results are not favorable to American policy. Albright said people all over the world are ready for democracy, but that the United States should take the position of supporting popular democratic movements, not “imposing democracy”. Weber echoed that sentiment, but insisted that the U.S. could help build the “preconditions for democracy”, such as improving women’s rights or encouraging an open media.

Regarding America’s approach to fighting terrorism, Albright said that the U.S. must not fight terror in a way which creates new terrorists, and that every civilian death makes both the United States and our causes suffer. Regarding the policies of ‘targeted killings’ and assassinations, Weber highlighted that both the Bush and Obama administrations said that they would not ignore ‘actionable intelligence’ on the locations of terrorists. Albright also stated that it is important for America to distinguish those who were civilians and those who were “murders”.

Listen to that asshattery. The objective of the enemy is to cill as many civilians as they can get off on one attack, but if we defend ourselves, we will get them angry. So …. what? Don’t defend ourselves, just give them money and land?

via The Talk Radio News Service » Blog Archive » Madelaine Albright: Americans “woefully ignorant” of Muslim world.

Update: The audio clip of Albright painting a monolithic swath of knowledge on Americans – woefully ignorant Americans, listen here:

The American public is woefully ignorant about, first of all they think that most Muslims live in the Middle East which they don’t uhhhhhh, and they don’t know anything about ehhhhh the difference between ummmmm Sunni and Shia or or any aspect of this, and so I think it is an educational process for the United States which can eh the American people which cannot be done without the help of reporters and ummmm the help of the media. Also the other way, I think that this is what we talked about in uhhh both these reports basically that there had to be ummm also more coverage in the uh Arab media or Muslim community of the United States.

So, when referring to terrorists who happen to justify their murderous actions on Islamic law and the Quran, we cannot damn an entire religion or culture. But when Obama is kissing their ass, he can refer to ‘the Muslim world’ and when Albright dictates the level of knowlege Americans have of Islam she can damn an entire nation of people? Clearly she isn’t aware of the growing counter-jihad, counter-sharia movement in the United States, many whom are more knowledgable than she on things Islamic.

No surprise Albright is a professor at Saudi-funded Georgetown University, her parents converted from Judaism, she has relatives who were killed in the Holocaust, she helped the spread of Islam in Europe, and that she is dictating the media bombard Americans with Islamic propaganda to educate them it more than suggests she has become a most useful idiot for Islam.

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  1. yeah, she and the clintons kept the US public woefully ignorant about the truth regarding the former yugoslavia. hypocrite

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