"Pakistan Should Use Its Nuclear Weapons to Challenge the Christians & Jews…"

New from MEMRI TV: The Emir of the Pakistani Taliban Beitullah Mahsoud: Pakistan Should Use Its Nuclear Weapons to Challenge the Enemies; Five Percent of Fighters in Afghanistan Are Our Men


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         Pakistan demands unconditional aid from U.S.

                        Pay now; ask for guarantees later

This after Pakistan frees the man who used to sell nuclear secrets to Iran and Libya — much to U.S. discontent. Now the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. is telling Obama that “assistance that is conditional is never good.” After all, when dhimmis used to line up to pay the jizya, which was supposedly meant to “protect” them, they never received “unconditional guarantees” that they would not be molested from their Islamic overlords; rather, they were humiliated and slapped on the nape of the neck to remind them of their place. Are those days, symbolically at least, back?

UPDATE: Robert writes in to note that “Your post reminds me that in ’04 or ’03 I met Hussain Haqqani and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz at CPAC, and they assured me that a large-scale theological rejection of jihadism and Islamic supremacism was just around the corner. I’m still waiting.”

“Pakistan wants unconditional aid from US: Haqqani,” from Times of India, February 7 via JW

LONDON: Pakistan wants aid from the Obama administration without any “strings attached”, the country’s ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani has said. 

Haqqani has said that “assistance that is conditional is never good.”

* Not good for Pakistan, that is. No aid should be given to these freaks…

His comments come in the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plan proposal to triple civilian aid to Pakistan but impose clear conditions on military assistance to ensure the money goes towards fighting terrorists rather than building up Pakistan’s defences against India.

But to this the Pakistani envoy had a poser. “There is no bullet that has been invented that Pakistan can be given to shoot at the terrorists that cannot be used in case there is a war with India,” he said in an interview to Financial Times.

At the same time in an effort not to get his nation on the wrong side of the new US administration, Haqqani pledged that Pakistan would focus on fighting its “primary threat.”

He outlined this threat as currently coming from terrorists and not from “eastern neighbour (India).”

What a relief! He “pledged” that this money will go against fighting the jihadis. OK, no excuse America: Pay up.

The Obama administration is expected to unveil its foreign and security policy as its Vice President Joseph Biden speaks at the international security conference in Munich in Germany.

Haqqani’s advice was that while Islamabad can discuss what the Americans would prefer… any conditional aids are not going to serve the US or Pakistani interest.

* Hugh comments:

Hussain Haqqani is a smooth fellow, one of the anglophone elite, well-versed in packaging for Western, especially Ameican audiences, the bottomless and outrageous demands of Pakistan, a country that has for decades led, first American generals (so impressed with those rectitudinous terry-thomased moustachioed ramrod straight generals, in the mode of Zia ul-Haq, and as well with the comforting simpleton’s notionn of Islam as “a bulwark against Communism” that served to shut down even the hint of worrying about what else Islam might be). In fact, the Americans should be reading Pakistan the riot act, and begin with that smooth man Hussain Haqqani. It was American aid that paid for A. Q. Khan’s project, his theft of Western secrets (he was not a real nuclear scientist but rather someone well-versed in espionage and escamotage), and the subsequent ISI-backed Science Project, leading to nuclear weapons for dangerous, meretricious, Pakistan, as well as the sharing of nuclear secrets with both Iran and North Korea. Thirty billion dollars, in military and economic aid, and debt relief, has been given since 2001.