A MUSLIM FANATIC who yelled vile abuse at British soldiers just back from Iraq is a baggage handler at Luton Airport, it emerged last night


Your Friendly Muzzie Baggage Handler…

Jalal Ahmed was in the 15-strong hate mob that hijacked a homecoming parade for 200 Royal Anglian troops. The extremists branded the hero soldiers “baby killers” as they marched through Luton, Beds, on Tuesday.


Vile ... Abdullah, left, and Omar, right    

Vile … Abdullah, left, and Omar, right


Ahmed was pictured on the front page of yesterday’s Sun holding a banner which read “Butchers of Basra”during the protest.

He works for Menzies Aviation and has access to security-sensitive areas at the airport.

* Update:  it is a reasonable inference that the protesters are not anti-war but pro-war. The war they favour is the one being prosecuted, in various parts of the world, by theocratic terrorism against open societies…

The Islamist protesters against British soldiers espouse a perverse ideology and abuse the liberties of a free society; the liberal State is entitled to defend itself. Read more

A spokesman for parent company John Menzies plc said: “Jalal Ahmed has a contract with Menzies Aviation. He works as a baggage handler and has an airside pass.

“He is a ramp agent so would put bags on to planes. He is not a full-time employee. He works as and when we need him, such as during holidays or peak periods.”

The spokesman said Ahmed passed all criminal record and security checks.

He added: “He would be in a supervised environment at all times.”

A source said last night that Ahmed had been told not to come to work for a few days “for his own safety”.

It is believed he has worked for Menzies for about two years.

He and his family live in a £160,000 Victorian house in Luton. A woman there refused to answer questions yesterday.

A Luton airport spokesman said: “We are not aware that any of our own employees were involved in the demo.”


The mob returned to the streets yesterday — and uttered more defiant bile.

One of its leading figures, IT consultant Abu Abdullah, 30, claims to head a group called Muslims Against British Atrocities and wants the UK to one day be ruled by Sharia law.

He has links to firebrand Islamic leader Anjem Choudary — right hand man of banned hate preacher Omar Bakri.

Abdullah said yesterday: “I’ve been living in Britain most of my life but I don’t consider myself British.

“I don’t want to be associated with Britain. One day Britain will be liberated from capitalism and democracy and will be living under Sharia.”

13 thoughts on “A MUSLIM FANATIC who yelled vile abuse at British soldiers just back from Iraq is a baggage handler at Luton Airport, it emerged last night”

  1. It appears very obvious that Abdullah falls into the category of muslims that live in there own little world of hatred of anything that differs from there ideals. He does not seem to realise the his hatred march was only able to take place because he lives in a democracy, and that the very police officers that were protecting his demonstrators, would have been in all likelyhood violently crushing his protest under Sharia law, in which he would have us live.

    If Abdullah does not consider himself british and loaths this country so much, then maybe he should consider leaving this country and find somewhere more suited to his liking to live.

  2. * Abdullah said yesterday: “I’ve been living in Britain most of my life but I don’t consider myself British.

    British citizen / subject by any chance? Undertook to obey Britain’s laws & to be a good
    citizen? False pretences? Fits in well in the dying “United Kingdom”.

  3. * He works for Menzies Aviation…

    … which is a major global provider of baggage & cargo handling, at 109 stations in 24
    countries, including Aust, USA, UK
    ( www2 menziesaviation com / home htm )

  4. I am for the arrest/deportation of anyone who is uttering threats against the country. If these muslimthugs are unhappy in Britain, they should be deportedto their origin country. Even they are born in the UK, their parents are certainly originating from somewhere between Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Deport them there. Or maybe Saudi Arabia would love to take them. But DO NOT LET THEM SPOIL the UK…

  5. Yep. Kick those stinking muz bastards out of Our Civilized countries. Maybe our soldiers can deal with them properly, over there.
    And you white people…..learn to fight!! And get ready to fight.!! Take your country back.

  6. I agree 100% with Battal Agha – kick these muslim thugs out and let the rest of us, including the muslims who against these thugs, get on with progress and our lives.

  7. Young muslim men in the Uk are really into learning martial arts…I agree with El Greco , white people need to get fit and strong and start aquiring a few extra skills. I live in an area where most people are in dreamland re islam and I am considered an extremist for constantly speaking out but even here I recently have noticed more of these bearded creeps. If I had a daughter she would be learning martial arts and carrying a can of oven cleaner with her at all times.

  8. Good stuff.

    Somebody should keep a database of these more hot-headed Moozlims; an online quick reference; like some people in the US do who keep track of released pedophiles’ movement [I’m guessing such a site would be illegal in the UK]; with their aliases, nicknames, schools, jobs, quotes, etc.; since authorities are unable or unwilling.

  9. Abu Ab,

    That’s good, but that’s a “terrorist database”

    I mean more like keeping track of these “foot-soldiers” who have no criminal records or only minor, but who organize these rallies, put “pressure” on the media and politicians, engage in the kind of demonstrations that happened in Luton.

    They’re almost always heard from again somewhere sometime, and instead of having to google them one by one, it’d be good to have a names database so for example, if this guy shows up running for parliament in 15 years time, arguing that Muslims can be patriots or whatever, people could be informed, “Oh, BTW, here he is calling British troops “butchers””.

  10. The best way is to photograph and document – the problem is collation and analysis, which takes a lot of time, computational resources and money. This is what our security services are doing (at least I hope that they are).

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