A Prayer For Allah…

…lands Tunisian pilot in jail for 10 years…

Tim Blair:

Even atheists will pray if they’re in a troubled aircraft. But you don’t generally expect the pilot and co-pilot to join in:

An Italian court has jailed a Tunisian pilot who paused to pray instead of taking emergency measures before ditching his plane, killing 16 people.

A fuel gauge fault was partly to blame for the crash off Sicily in 2005 but judges convicted Chafik Garbi of manslaughter, jailing him for 10 years.

Six others, including the co-pilot and head of the airline Tuninter, were jailed for between eight and 10 years.
That BBC report declines to name the co-pilot. An aviation site is more informative:
A court in Palermo, Sicily, has sentenced Capt. Shafik Al Gharbi and copilot Ali Kebaier Lassoued to 10 years in prison for failing to take adequate emergency measures before crash landing their Tuninter ATR 72 turboprop into the sea …

The court said Al Gharbi and Lassoued prayed instead of trying to land the airplane …

Neither man is identified by Reuters.

3 thoughts on “A Prayer For Allah…”

  1. I hope they will be issued with nice prayer mats and private praying facilities in prison otherwise there may be an outcry at the lack of respect being shown. What is the problem anyway? Everybody knows that airplanes stay in the air due to the grace of allah and not because of aerodynamic considerations. So their priorities were obviously in order. They were obviously communicating with the wrong tower, the one at the mosque.

  2. There are fools and then there are really grave fools. In this case the pilot is one as is the previous two posters.

    The pilot would be sacked in any country for doing that, that includes any Muslim country. Islam says that work is prayer, thus commit yourself to your responsibilities, prayer times can come after if it conflicts. Soldiers, police, security agents, doctors, paramedics, ambulance workers, fire and rescue for example all are excempt from praying whilst they do their duties, obviously a pilot as much as a bus driver is. The man is a great fool, just like the comments made from the two posters above do not make sense as well.

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