Clinton Announces Multi-Million-Dollar Scholarship Program for Pali "Students"

For the Left, it’s like Mark Steyn says:  There are no enemies; only friends whose grievances we haven’t yet accommodated.


Ramallah, West Bank — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced a new million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students enroll at Palestinian and American universities.

Mrs. Clinton announced the Middle East Partnership Initiative during a visit to this Palestinian town last week. The four-year program will support about 10 scholarships each year for disadvantaged students to attend four-year courses at Palestinian universities. The program will also offer 25 “opportunity grants” to enable promising but disadvantaged young Palestinians to apply to American-accredited institutions in the United States or the Middle East, a State Department official told The Chronicle.


Hillary pretends the Palistanian Authority is already a state

And plays into Palestinian teens’ victimhood attitudinizing. “Clinton Hints to Arab Teens PA is Already a Sovereign State,” by Hana Levi Julian for Israel National News, March 11 via JW

Always wrong and stoopid too: Biden finds a “moderate Taliban” for you:

Biden the Mathematician: 5% “incorrigible” Taliban + 25% on the fence = 70% “moderate”

                                             Moreover, 1+1=2!

According to the vice president — and don’t ask where he came up with these precise numbers — only 5% of the Taliban is “incorrigible” (i.e., are determined jihadis); 25% are on the fence, sort of; the other 70% are in it for the money (i.e., they are not serious about this whole Islam, jihad, and sharia jazz, but are “frustrated,” “impoverished, “disaffected,” etc., and so let’s buy them off.)

Thus, according to the vice president of the U.S., 70% of the Taliban — those guys responsible for spraying girls with acid, blowing up shrines, daily murdering infidels and apostates, fighting and dying in the name of sharia law — are “moderate”; they only act that way because they’re poor. So why not reach out to them? If only we give them lots of money, perhaps they’ll go away — only, of course, to regroup with better weapons, and come back to fight another day. But Biden and Obama will be out of office by then, so what do they care? Besides, Fareed Zakaria said so.

“70% Taliban fighting for money in Afghanistan: Biden,” from The News, March 10:

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