Danish Parliament: Muslim senator tells kuffars to shut up, not to oppose Islamic terror and to pay the jiziyah

* Same old, same old: that’s what all these good Muslims tell us, just like this guy here

*  Since American drones are very effective in roasting  Taliban who now control the greater part of Pakistan, the Pki senate committee recommended the US consider providing the drones to Pakistan to utilise against terrorists whenever it had confirmation of their presence. For the Paki sock puppets “the real terrorists” are, you guessed it: NATO…


Pakistan urges West, EU to shun Islamophobia

Instead, it urges the West to focus on “the root causes of terrorism, poverty, injustice and deprivation.” Odd, however, that even though billions of peoples around this world suffer from “poverty, injustice, and deprivation,” the Islamic world has the lion’s share of terrorism. To be sure, Latin American (e.g., Cuba) and non-Muslim Asian countries (e.g., China) have their fair share of oppressive, authoritarian regimes, of poverty, and of all the rest that the Muslim world suffers. Yet there are no records of, say, practicing Christians or Buddhists crashing explosives-laden vehicles into Cuban or Chinese Communist government buildings all while screaming “Jesus is great!” or “Buddha is great!” Why?

“Senate body urges West, EU to shun Islamophobia,” from the Daily Times, via JW:

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Kashmir Affairs has urged Western countries, especially the European Union (EU), to shun ‘Islamophobia’ and try to promote a better, broader and more realistic image of Islam and Muslims in media.

Agreed: the media should definitely be dedicated to promoting “a better, broader” but above all “more realistic image of Islam and Muslims.”

This was observed during a meeting between the committee and the Foreign Policy Committee of the Danish Parliament on Thursday. The Senate committee, led by Senator Mushahid Hussain, called for addressing the root causes of terrorism, poverty, injustice and deprivation, to eradicate it

* The reality is quite different: the drones are in the right hands and they do what they’re designed to do: kill Islamic terrorists….

Survey: Rural Pakistanis Support US Drone Attacks Against Taliban, al Qaeda


Very interesting findings sent to me by the Pashtun Peace Forum. This would be the same group that organized an anti-Taliban rally in Canada last month.

In a nutshell, the group found that in areas most affected by US strikes against high-value Taliban and al Qaeda figures (South & North Waziristan, Kurram Agency) that the population actually seemed to favor the strikes. These findings stand in stark contrast to the loud voices in the Pakistani media which paint the targeted air strikes as “civilian massacres”.

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  1. Gee, after all this time and discussion, I thought we had the “the root causes of terrorism” nailed.

    In a word: Islam.


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