Indonesia: cant' touch polygamy (because its in the Koran)

The Koran allows a man to marry four women. “Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four” (Sure women 4:3). And since the Koran is from the perfect man, for all time and all places, we have a beautiful model of conduct that can’t be changed, ever…


* Just like child-marriage in Yemen: the new law to marry off girls with 15 is encountering resistance based on sharia law, which invokes Muhammad’s own example (as a model of exemplary conduct, per Qur’an 33:21) in marrying Aisha at age six and consummating the marriage when she was nine. “Yemen: New law moves to reduce child marriages,” from Dhimmi Watch

Just like this pedophile ex-jihadist here:   “Sure. In Islam, and this is what we were taught, a girl is mature from the age of nine. This is true with regard to Sunnis as well as Shiites. You are focusing on Shia Islam, because I am a Shiite, but according to religious jurisprudence, a girl is mature at the age of nine. This is where we got this idea. I was a child, and so was she, so I was not allowed to touch her, if I didn’t form with her the kind of relation that permitted this.”

Jakarta, 3 March (AKI/Jakarta Post) – The Indonesian government’s plans to tighten procedures for polygamous marriages and ban unregistered and contractual marriages has sparked controversy across the country. 

Some Indonesians believe the government should not interfere in the private lives of its citizens, while others said the plan should be supplemented with a revision of Indonesia’s 1974 marriage law. 

                             Indonesian women lobby for polygamy ban

“Marriage is an individual right. Marriage is not only between two single people, but can also be between people who have problems [with their marriage],” restaurant owner Puspo Wardoyo, a polygamist with four wives and 11 children, told The Jakarta Post. 


He said Islamic law allowed for unregistered marriages, locally known as nikah siri, and this matter should be accommodated in the law. 

The current marriage law stipulates that all marriages are legal if conducted according to the requirements of one’s religion or beliefs. 

“I believe nikah siri is the best way to avoid adultery, and that it’s a [legal] way before a couple marries under the state law,” Puspo said. 

He added his first wife had approved of his marrying other women. “Besides, I’m capable financially and spiritually to engage in polygamy, so why not share it with other women?” 

Controversial singer Dewi Persik, who came under the spotlight after publicly revealing her unregistered marriage to her boyfriend and film actor Aldiansyah Taher, said she decided to make the move for the happiness of her lover. 

“Many people consider unregistered marriages unfavourable for women, but I’d rather do it for the sake of another person’s happiness,” she said. 

The Indonesian religious affairs ministry’s marriage bill is aimed at curbing such practices and protecting women. 

It threatens couples, who tie the knot without either the proper documents or the presence of an authorised religious official, with up to three months in jail and up to 5 million rupees (414 dollars) in fines.

Under the bill, public officials who help administer illegal marriages would also face a maximum jail sentence of one year and/or fines of up to 6 million (497 dollars) rupees.

The bill also tightens the prerequisites for polygamous marriages. 

Indonesia’s biggest Islamic organisation, Nahdlatul Ulama’s deputy chairman Masdar Farid Mas’udi refrained from commenting on the bill. 

“It’s better to listen to the comments from conservatives, liberals and moderates on this issue first ,” he said. 

“I will only comment after that.” 

Indonesia’s second largest Islamic organisation, Muhammadiyah’s chairman Din Syamsuddin called for caution in passing such a bill into law.

“What needs to be regulated is the social dimension [of unregistered marriages],” he said as quoted by Antara news agency. “Don’t try to meddle in the religious realm.” 

Women’s rights activist Lis Markus said she supported the government’s effort to protect women’s rights through the bill. 

“Unregistered marriages are really detrimental to women, especially if they have children, because then they can’t get birth certificates because legally there is no father,” she argued. 

She added the move should also be followed up by amending the 1974 marriage law, which she deemed “unfavourable” to women. 

Unregistered marriages are widespread in the predominantly Muslim nation because they are recognised under Islam.

A recent survey also found polygamy was a significant factor behind the country’s rising divorce rate. 


              Cleric probed over child bride


The marriage between cleric Pujianto Cahyo Widiyanto and junior high school student Lutfiana Ulfa in August sparked an outcry from civic groups in Indonesia. — PHOTO: INTERNET

JAKARTA – A MUSLIM cleric in Indonesia was questioned on Friday over his marriage to a 12-year-old village girl, police said.The marriage between cleric Pujianto Cahyo Widiyanto, 43, and junior high school student Lutfiana Ulfa in August sparked an outcry from civic groups in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Widiyanto and his supporters say his actions are acceptable under Islam but others say he should abide by state law, which sets 16 as the minimum age for marriage.

‘He has been questioned since this morning,’ a police officer told AFP from Semarang in Central Java.

Although Indonesian law carries stiff penalties for paedophilia, arranged marriages between older men and girls are not uncommon, especially in poorer rural areas.

Most of the time they receive religious blessings, but – like Widiyanto’s marriage – are not legally registered. — AFP


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  1. In this part of the world, it is quite common for men to have as many as nine wives. Lots of the children end up in orphanges…but noone tells this side of the story.

  2. One notices the photo of Indonesian Muslim women protesting against polygamy (or, more properly, polygyny, multiple wives, since Islam would have a fit at the idea of polyandry).

    This is one of the ‘fault lines’ in the Ummah. Despite the claims that ‘my wife approves’, and the strength of Islamic brainwashing, the bulk of the anecdotal evidence, and the testimony of people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Nonie Darwish and Wafa Sultan, suggests that even Muslim women living under sharia are not at all happy when hubby installs wife # 2, 3, or 4; or starts messing round with the Filipino maid; or is revealed to have a ‘mut’ah’ or ‘misyar’ wife on the side.

    This is one area where a massive multimedia psy-ops campaign might be advisable, aimed at Muslim girls and women, and focused on displaying the benefits and pleasures of monogamy as practised by many kafir societies, especially Jews and Christians but by most other civilised communities also. Human nature – female human nature – is, I suspect, on our side.

    (I recall an interview with an elderly Aboriginal lady from the western desert, one of the last tribes to ‘come in’ in the 1950s or 60s; asked if there was something she liked about the new world she had entered, quick as a flash she responded that she very much approved of the idea of one man one wife. She had *no* hankerings for the old days of one man with two or three wives, all of them jealous of each other, bickering and squabbling.)

  3. The men are supposed to provide equally for each wife..if the first wife has a certain type of house , a mercedes etc..then subsequent wives are supposed to get the same..What men can really afford all of this?

  4. I know Indonesia well and have lived there and have an Indonesian wife. Multiple wives are common as is Temporary Marriage ( Islamic sanctioned prostitutionbig business in Indonesia for visiting Arabs) and most married men if they don’t have more than one wife have girlfriends. These girlfriends are usually set up in apartments the quality depending on the mans ability to pay. Some apartment blocks in Indonesia are almost exclusively occupied by ‘kept women’. But it is not only Muslims who do this across Asia this is common practice and the Japanese and especially the Chinese, who are the Asia wide commercial driving force no matter what country it is, are heavily involved in the kept girlfriend business. They usually have girlfriends from whatever country they live in but marry only other Chinese to keep the line pure. Women seem to accept this as the normal way of life but you find most Asian women want caucasian husbands or boyfriends because they think they treat them better.

  5. The men have a good time screwing around legally ( supported by religion written by men of their ilk) whilst the women go on suffering till eternity. This has been the fate of women in certain sectors of Society throughout history but it became lawful and God sanctioned when so called religious leaders made it a religious obligation.

    Most Holy books or in fact all such books which contain numerous nonsensical guide lines were written and re written over the ages to suit those in power at that point and time and place. Women of course had no hand or right to involve themselves as the scribe re wrote the holiest of books.

    Unfortunately, the advance of printing technology probably has prevented these books being further modified to give the ‘maniacs’ more access to women and children BUT what is already recorded willy nilly in the Books is deemed good enough for everything under the sun.

    It is a curse to be born a female child in most civilisations and it is mind staggering to learn of the thousands of female foetuses and female babies that are sbuffed out at birth by WOMEN themselves.

    I have said it before and I will say it now. MAN IS THE MOST CRUEL OF GOD’S CREATIONS. No animal kills for pleasure. Man does.

  6. The fact that the Indonesian government plans laws to become strict on polygamy was announced by the liberal Indonesian Islamic scholar Dr. Nasruddin (Nasaruddin) Umar who, for a long time, has been a campaigner for women’s rights. He published a book, Qur’an untuk perempuan (The Qur’an for women), published by Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL) dan Teater Utan Kayu. See: – Utan Kayu is a progressive theater which, for example, played a gay film festival. See: – In lectures at the Utan Kayu Theater, Dr. Nasruddin (Nasaruddin) Umar openly critisized the language of the Qur’an as anti-women. You can read about his lectures at Utan Kayu here: – His lectures are in Indonesian, but here some translations. “Tuhan … adalah selamanya Tuhan-dalam-bahasa. = God … is forever God-in-language.” – “Bila bahasa itu … mengunggulkan laki-laki di atas perempuan – seperti tampak dalam struktur … bahasa Arab… pesan yang disampaikan tak akan bisa bersih dari ketimpangan itu. = If this language favors men over women – as can be seen in the structure of the Arabic language, the message [Allah’s message] is not clean of this defect.” It is remarkable that a high Indonesian government cleric (he is a director in the Ministry of Religious Affairs) declares the language of the Qur’an defective. It is remarkable because normally, Muslim’s regard the Qur’an as the literal word of Allah. Dr. Nasruddin Umar’s lectures were titled “Gender Bias in the explanations of the Qur’an” (Bias gender dalam penafsiran Al-Quran).

  7. The first thing that ALLAH ordered by the tong of his messengers all of them Noa Abraham Moses Jesus Mohammed is that we worship ALLAH alone without worshiping any thing else besides him for he ALLAH created us for that noble and beutiful reason. now when the messengers where sent to the people thos who followed them where muslims (the meaning of islaam is ”to submit to ALLAH our creator by worshiping none except him and compile to obedeance to him and boycotting every thing that is worshiped other than him -statues sun angels prophets or prophets mothers where this worship to be invocation or sacrifice calling on to them before sleep or in the morning or that it be prostrating to them -the muslim to be a muslim must boycott all of that worship that is done to others than ALLAH worship ALLAH who created us all) thi s is the ALLAH ‘s right upon his slaves (men) and are worship is accepted only with two things
    the first: ”cencerity” that this action is done cincerely for ALLAH alone
    secondly: ”following of the prophet” meaning following the prophets way of worshiping ALLAH

    know that the last of prophets is Mohammed and that those who didn’t follow jesus in jesus’s time where disbeleaver’s and astray also those
    who do not follow the last messenger Mohammed that jesus said to follow are also astray and there disbelief dos not hirt ALLAH in any way far is he from every thing that they associate to him

    Now are brother who studied in dar ul hadith dammaj known as one of the best places to learn islam they teach by the Coraan and the Sunnsah and the way of the pious predecessors wich are the compagnions of the prophet Mohammed and those who followed them in faith from the first three generations of Mohammed’s community and the companions where the best of mankind ,after the Prophet of course who taught them every thing that they knew, they where the best of mankind in faith jurisprudence dealing with people of innovation and of desire and the best in explaning the coraan and in implamenting the sunnah of Mohammed they where the best in implementing every sciences of Islaam that was revieled to the Prophet Mohammed by ALLAH ,of course the Prophet was better for it was to him that ALLAH revield the Coraan witch is the speach of ALLAH and is the best of speaches and reveled the Sunnah witch is the actions and speach of Mohammed and every thing he taught to his compagnions wich is the best of guidance as ALLAH stated in the coraan that Mohammed is the best example and that he is sent as mercy to man Kind.are brother student of knowledj told me when I was studing in dammaj that none of the Prophet’s companions where married to a young girl.

    The Prophet’s marriage to ‘aisha was full of wisdom she is the one who reports the most of hadith (sayings of the Prophet) she was one of the biggest scolars of Islam a Great cheykh the compagnions and theyre followers useto learn from her during her long life you see her brain was young strong and fresh, she was with the Prophet when he was at home and his companions where at theres, she was the best of mankind just like the companions where in explaning the coraan , in implementing the sunnah of Mohammed, in faith also in jurisprudence, she was the best also in explaning the diffrent types of way’s that make someone leave the fold of Islam may it be by apostasy or because a person worshiped someone else then ALLAH with a action of worship that was due to ALLAH alone like for example prayer or prostration or sacrifice.
    Marrying severle wifes is an action full of wisdom also you see when
    people come in a muslim country like it has all ready accured to kill the muslims and rape the women steal the money and replace the Coraan and Sunnah ”ALLAH’ s law” by man made law wich is disbelief and and great association to ALLAH and whoever says that its allowed well he leaves the fold of Islaam as a disbeliever and also if he thinks that the man made law is beter then ALLAH’s law well he also leaves the fold of Islaam as a disbeliever ,
    well while defending ourselfes the number of men diminues
    and the number of women augments and the number of orphans augment also so the poor women would need a husband to help the widow and her orphan children .any way women are more numbered then men in the world and prostitution because of poverty still augments every day and aids also
    ”do they not reason ”

    Mohammed was sent as a mercy to the worlds and the best example

    like ALLAH said in the Coraan

    if you have any questions I am ‘abdullah

    the Prophet said: Who has three things will taste the sweetness of faith

    1 that he loves ALLAH and his Messenger more then anything
    2 that he loves the man only for ALLAH
    3 that he hates going back to disbelief like he hates being thrown in the fire

    AS-SALAAM ‘alaikum wa rahmatuLLAH wa barakaatuhu my brothers and sisters

  8. You aren’t the first to use the gibberish generator in here, abdullah.
    You probably won’t be the last.

    Te seker ne ge yaha nu bub ebanesu net cirok: Luditi loyitet mies aran tes gim gi, neraca pab tepen cig tan.

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