"Jihad is a duty, not terrorism," and its no "inner struggle" either…

“God in the Holy Quran makes jihad a duty on the shoulders of every Muslim who is able to fight”


* Jihad is what Muslims are commanded to do: to kill and die as per Koran 9:111

Yemen Times columnist Mofeed Al-Gaad insists that jihad is not terrorism, that America and Israel are the real terrorists, and that jihad warfare is a religious duty for Muslims. If by “terrorism” is meant a strike on innocent civilians in order to demoralize an enemy, then the application of the word does indeed rest on one’s conception of who is innocent and who is the enemy. But note that al-Gaad is subscribing to a doctrine that mandates the subjugation of non-Muslims under Islamic rule, by violent means if necessary, and their forced acceptance of second-class status. That makes it incumbent upon all free people, and all people who value the concepts of human rights that have evolved out of the Judeo-Christian tradition and become universal (except where Sharia norms prevail), to resist this man’s religious obligation.

“Jihad is a duty, not terrorism,” by Mofeed Al-Gaad in the Yemen Times, (thanks to JW):

Massacres are being committed in different parts of Arab world amidst the complete silence and quiet absence of the brotherly soul of the Arab people. In the past, the enemies of Islam realized that their aims could not be fulfilled via military force because the Arab people have a strong faith in their religion that makes them sacrifice themselves for its defense. That is to say, events and life experiences made the enemies of Muslims realize that it is impossible to defeat those Muslims who have strong faith in the idea of the jihad.
Hence, the enemies of Islam sent missionaries to Arab world in order to kill the idea of the jihad inside every Muslim mind. Those missionaries had already tried to use their various weapons to change the beliefs of Muslims and kill the soul of jihad. In the past they failed to affect the conception of jihad among Muslims or force them to forget their duties toward their brothers. These days however, it seems that the enemy achieves whatever he failed to do in the past.

Under the umbrella of terrorism, the enemy succeeded to erase the very word of jihad from the Islamic dictionary, burying its corpse in a deep grave. If any Muslim who possesses the soul of jihad tries to take revenge on those who kill innocent children and elderly people, he will be accused of being a terrorist who disturbs the safety and stability of the world. Consequently, America and Israel are seizing this opportunity to accomplish their colonial aims by destroying the Islamic cities and by killing Muslims in different parts of the Arab world.

To prove this point, let us look at what is happening in Iraq and Palestine. Under the umbrella of emancipating the Iraqi people from Saddam’s dictatorial regime, the United States of America destroyed the great country of Iraq, killing its heroes, raping its virgin girls, absorbing its valuable wealth, and slaughtering its faithful leaders in the process. Likewise, Israel accused the poor people of Gaza of being terrorists who disturb the stability of both Israelis and Palestinians, ignoring the fact that it is the Israelis who are the savage criminals who spread corruption in Arabic Palestine. The Israelis killed innocent children and elderly people, burned the beautiful plants, and destroyed the sacred places in the virgin land of Palestine.

Perhaps most importantly, the Arab leaders who claim that they represent their people accused those mujahedeen fighters who defend their people and their land as aggressive jihadists. Thus they are participating with the enemies of Islam in changing the concept of jihad into another concept called ‘terrorism.’ This is why the Arab leaders looked silently at the savage massacres committed by Israel against our brothers in the Gaza strip.

Moreover, America and its daughter Israel describe the fighters of the Hamas movement who resist the invaders as being a terrorist group. Here is a question that poses itself to these aggressive countries: is the one who defends his homeland, fights the invaders, and protects his people a terrorist? That most certainly is not true. All the cultures of the world see that defending one’s homeland and fiercely fighting invaders is a duty on the shoulders of all people residing in the invaded land.

America and Israel claim that Hamas fighters are the real terrorists who are disturbing the stability of Israel, neglecting the fact that Israelis, represented by their cruel officials, are the real terrorists. They are the ones who killed the innocent children and slaughtered the elderly people, throwing all Security Council and United Nations resolutions to the wind. The real picture of Israel must be shown in an obvious fashion to all people all over the world. Israelis are the real terrorists who assault humanity and violate international laws. The unjust Israeli war against Gaza is a clear example of this cruel and savage country that disturbed the international stability and aroused chaos and horror in the world.

Dear readers, we ought to pay attention to the devilish aims of our enemy who desires to delete the duty of jihad from the Islamic dictionary. In this situation in which the enemy of Islam makes a lot of Muslims unable to distinguish between jihad and terrorism, we should consult our holy book, the Quran. God in the Holy Quran makes jihad a duty on the shoulders of every Muslim who is able to fight. Therefore, we should be rational and support the flag of jihad wherever we find it.

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  1. I find it amusing how arab scum can rant on with such absolute BS, most of which can be easily shown to be false by simple cross referencing against other sources, Yet the mindless muslim umma continue to accept this rubbish without question. It speaks volumes in support for those who claim muzzies are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. And it shows clearly that muslims have no place in our societies.

  2. According to Mohammad the warlord:
    1) Male Muslins who do or support Jihad will go the Islamic whore house in the sky and
    2) (Bukhari: V1 B22 N28 “…: ‘I was shown the Hell Fire and the majority of its dwellers were women who are disbelievers or ungrateful.’ When asked what they were ungrateful for, the Prophet answered, ‘All the favors done for them by their husbands.'” So, most Islamic women get nothing but Hell fire – no male virgins for you.

    From the Hadith by Muslim: C40 B20 N4676
    “Jihad Is Compulsory.”

    From the Quran 4:77
    Have you not seen the people who were told: “Hold back your hands (from attacking), observe your devotional obligations and pay the zakat?” But when they were commanded to fight, behold, a section among them were filled with fear of men as though it were the fear of God and even more, and said: “O Lord, why did you make war compulsory for us? Why did you not allow us to live a little more?” …

  3. I spent one month in an islamic country in 1992 at the time of the Gulf war…I couldn’t believe what I was reading in their papers..it was coming directly from Bagdad…anyone would think they were writing about a completely different war..
    Some years later I had the pleasure of being in the same country at the time of the invasion of Iraq..I got visciously abused for being British which I am not. The young people in this country do not even know their own history…..so I agree ignorance is everywhere in islamic countries and as sharia spreads ignorance will spread..education Darfur style..no education for girls and boys memorising the koran and being forced to drink the water they wash their blackboards with..as this improves their ability to remember the precious book..yeah right.
    Already islamic countries produce few scientists and few patents…expect this to get worse.

  4. Islam is a good religies islam is true islam is life or leaving policy issue to all people

  5. Hell with be populated with shahuls, and those who feed them the crap they spout.

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