Londonistan: Headbangers & Hate-Preachers March For Sharia

By Tom Savage and Ross Kaniuk/Daily Star

H/T Pamela has video, here

*  HOME Secretary Jacqui Smith today attacked immigration judges after they ordered the release of four foreign terror suspects despite fears that they will go on the run.


HATE preacher Anjem Choudary will march in London today calling for Britain to adopt Islamic Sharia law.  The startling move comes just days after processions celebrating St George were banned for being racist.  Choudary was given the green light yesterday despite a previous demonstration in which some of his supporters chanted: “Bomb the UK”.

Publicity for the march, in the East End, carries 41-year-old Choudary’s personal mobile number and says the aim of the campaign is to “emulate the Prophet and his companions, by calling for Islam and speaking out against the oppression of man-made law”.

It says that Britain is full of “disbelievers” who are involved in prostitution, gambling, alcoholism and worshipping other gods. 

The publicity says women are welcome to join the march but they must walk at the back of the procession as “strict segregation will be enforced”.

The demo comes 18 months after three of Choudary’s supporters were jailed for soliciting murder in a London protest against cartoons of the prophet Mohammed published in Denmark.

 That was when some demonstrators chanted “Bomb the UK” and “Europe, you will pay with your blood”. Organiser Choudary was fined.

Today’s march won permission after a council withdrew funding for a St George’s Day parade in the Midlands – on the grounds that it was “racist”.

Parade founder Mark Cowles, 40, of West Bromwich, said yesterday: “I can’t believe Choudary’s event can go ahead.

“The British establishment is trying to take away the British voice but other cultures choose to force their way of life on us.”

11 thoughts on “Londonistan: Headbangers & Hate-Preachers March For Sharia”

  1. These crazies are like missionaries from hell determined to save wicked “infidels” from themselves in their own nations. Thanks for the concern, but we’re not interested-if I’m going to hell for what I do then so be it. Why should Mohammed or Ibrahim give a damn if that’s what I choose to do? I certainly could care less what they do in Cesspoolia.

  2. When is Britain going to take action against these people? They have allowed their country to turn into a jihadists training camp…Jihadists don’t only want to weave their magic in Britain , the whole world is their oyster. Britain should be called to account for endangering the citizens of so many other countries.
    The Americans have so little confidence in the Brits , they have just sent 200 of their own spies there.
    Why is anyone in the British intelligence service being paid????and why is it called an intelligence service???

  3. what is this crazed law, so what, its ok to allow a guy to protest the british government to implement sharia law, that same law that puts extra taxes on Christians and Jews, and kills Buddhists and Hindus. Yet when a group of Christians celebrate Saint Georges day its “racist”. but hey what the hell “Bomb the UK”, thats not racist at all right, these fanatics are so tolerant aren’t they.

  4. Islam is in a dedicated War against all other societies. All there adherents believe Mohammeds words to the letter.
    We must declare WAR against Islam in self defense. To win this WAR we must activate a few steps that will help us be victorious.
    1) Target Mecca and Madrasses as the first step against this abominable Ideology.
    2)Create the Death Penalty for all Jihadists, their financiers and planners.
    3) Automatic Death Penalty for those who fight in civilian clothes.
    4) Guarantee impure deaths for Jihadists, to short circuit their Martyrdom and the reward to Allahs Bordello, as per their belief system. One such possibility is Pigs Blood spray or bacon bits. etc.

  5. In a declared WAR against Islam, hunt down and exterminate in an impure way, all Mullahs who are inciting their followers to Jihad against our societies.

    No debates with Islamists, till Saudi Arabia allows Churches, Synagogues and Budhhist Temples in their land , with guarantees of respect for these Beliefs.

    Information is wonderful, but there is a time for actual WAR LIKE action

  6. I agree Lorenzo. We are already in a war. I consider myself to be a member of the resistance. I resist at every opportunity…I am sure many people in the peaceful , isolated area I live in think I am an extremist but I do not care.
    Fight the good fight.

  7. In this War, Saudi Arabia should be made to pay an indemnity for the cost of our Defense against Islam. Saudi Mosques are the centers for Jihadist encouragement.

    If I sound harsh and War Like, when I was a youth my country used to pay one dollar and twenty five cents ($1.25) to shoot those who were trying to conquer us through totalitarian ideologies.

    Unfortunatly our societies have been softened by the Existentialist philosophy and political correct nonsense.

    Its time for the Warriors to activate.

  8. Lorenzo that’s a wonderfull program,i buy it right now (loll)….anyway there is no other way to deal with this monster call Pisslam…i know it’s the only way .

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