New Zealands Failed PM Helen Clark Dives Into UN Cesspool

Former Kiwi PM Helen Clark gets top UN job
Sydney Moonbat Herald

Top job … Helen Clark.

Former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark has been appointed the head of the United Nations Development Program.

Highly-placed sources have told the Trans-Tasman political newsletter that UN Secretary-General Ban Ky-Moon will confirm the appointment within the next few hours.

The post, to be taken up in August, is the third most senior UN role and would involve overseeing a $US5 billion ($7.5 billion) budget, which is mostly spent on programs in Africa.

Clark was Labour prime minister from 1999 until 2008 when she lost an election to the conservative National Party.

The new government has strongly supported Clark’s nomination for the job, with prime minister John Key lobbying other leaders to offer assistance.


2 thoughts on “New Zealands Failed PM Helen Clark Dives Into UN Cesspool”

  1. She will be in her element…she will be able to wear her headscarf all the time not just when she is sucking up to the immans…
    As NZ Prime Minister , she spent zillions of dollars NZ does not have…she was the most anti-family PM NZ has ever had..but no doubt she will just LOVE those big African families..

  2. Whilst in power , her govt brought in things like legalising prostition , banning smacking..etc When they got tossed out , they were on the verge of legalizing polygamy.
    The English guy who came to NZ wth his male partner , almost single handedly pushed the the new prostitution law plus also quietly pushed thru hate crimes law which now sees young white boys going to jail on what could be considered minor home detentionfor them. This guy whose name escapes me , has a left NZ for another big job at the UN..they are both real climbers.

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