Quadriplegic Muslim sues UK after being rejected for 007 position

*  A Quadriplegic Muslim James Bond? Why not? After flaming moonbat Dame Stella Rimington anything is possible in dhimmified Britain:


*  Dhimmi of the Year Award: Former chief of MI5, Stella Rimington

Quadriplegic Muslim sues UK spy service after spy application rejected

“Suleman, a Muslim, said he wanted to protect Britain and to take a stand against extremists.” If he really wanted to protect Britain, he wouldn’t tie up its resources with frivolous lawsuits like this.

Litigation Jihad Update: “Wheelchair-bound man sues MI5 after application for spy job rejected,” from the Telegraph, March 9 (thanks to JW):

A wheelchair-bound former bus driver is suing MI5 for £363,000, after his application for a job tracking down suspects was rejected.Sajad Suleman, 35, admitted he could not move his arms or legs when he applied to be a Mobile Surveillance Officer but still claimed he should have been the “preferred candidate” out of the 1,092 who applied.

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The trouble with Muslims in the police force:

UK Muslim cop sues: other cops “laughed at his beard”

                           Don’t you dare

Javid Iqbal, poor lamb, says that the big bad mean “white” police officers made fun of him. Shouldn’t police officers be made of stronger stuff? Could it be that Javid Iqbal is merely trying to stir up resentment among Muslims toward the British authorities, once again deflect attention away from Islamic terrorist activity by portraying Muslims as victims, and divert attention away also from his miserable performance as a police officer? Now, it would be “Islamophobic” to suspect any of that, of course, but couldn’t Javid Iqbal have taken the taunts with patience and shown up his tormentors by doing a good job? Why was that option out of the question?

Litigation Jihad Update: “Muslim PC sues after workmates ‘laughed at his beard,'” by Andrew Levy for the Daily Mail

And here’s another one:

UK: Muslim cop beats up homeless man, gets fired, claims Islamophobia

Though he boasted that he beat the vagrant “good and proper.” Apparently this officer let the Muslim injunction to always “enjoin the right and forbid the wrong” — which can easily involve beating, whipping, and killing those who transgress Islam’s rules for society — get the best of him. Hard to blame him, though, since sharia law has been granted such a prominent place in the UK.

“Muslim Cop Beats Up Home-less Man, Claims Islamophobia,” by Tom Kelly for the Daily Mail


* continued from above: Quadriplegic James Bond:

He said the role – “all about observing people or places either on foot or by vehicle” – could have been adapted and he could have travelled and tracked targets by train, coach or taxi.

The service should have also paid for his health care, he said.

British-born Suleman believes MI5 and its recruiting agency TMP (UK) demonstrated “reckless discrimination” in rejecting his application.

His discrimination claim has already been thrown out by a London employment tribunal, but he is appealing….

The job description states applicants should be able to pass a “physically and mentally demanding” course.

Suleman said: “I knew the mobile surveillance officer job was active. They sent you out, sometimes to different countries to spy on someone. You are out on the front line, but it was right up my street.

“They have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabilities. They should have invited me for an interview, there is no doubt about that, and I should have got the job.

“I should have been the preferred candidate because they said they encouraged applications from people from ethnic minorities and with disabilities.”

Suleman, a Muslim, said he wanted to protect Britain and to take a stand against extremists….

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  1. This must be the comedy page of the month!!!!

    Brings back images of the Black Knight in Monty Pythons “The Holy Grail”

  2. * frivolous lawsuits

    It’s better than “Deal or No Deal”, Mastermind, or picking the X Lotto numbers.
    It’s money in the bank.

  3. It is just another form of jihad…On another site I saw a list of the 15 different types of jihad currently being waged against Britain.

  4. This is funny. I think there should be a bill applied to frivolous lawsuits after a certain number of appeals. Let us not forget that the process of hearing these cases, even when they are thrown out immediately, costs the taxpayers MONEY! Their are laws in place to punish people who summon police, ambulance, or fire service without cause, because of the expense and danger it presents to the greater good. What about the expense and danger these lawsuits cause? Has their been a man awaiting trial for some minor offense murdered in jail because the courts were bogged down with garbage? Possibly not, but the theory is sound. The higher appellate courts can easily be given the authority to levy fines on cases so obviously lacking in merit that they have been repeatedly thrown out, but then persistently appealed or re-filed. There should also be some form of progressive punitive action applied to lawyers who engage in such behavior. The lay public is not meant to understand the intricacies of the law. They can be forgiven for “asking the stupid question” When they feel they have been wronged they consult a professional who is ethically bound to help them interpret the law as it applies to their situation. This interpretation can consist of the expert advising the layperson that their case lacks merit. Apparently these so-called professionals have lost track of this ethical responsibility. This is unforgivable. This is not a gray area. Even the most liberal, tree hugging, vegan, hybrid driving, IRA sympathizing, communist, has to admit this man is unsuited to the task in question.

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