Time is running out

* from Carl in J’lem:


Can Obama stop Israel from acting on Iran?

Writing in Sunday’s Times of London, Martin Ivens describes the preparations that Israel has undertaken for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and makes a good case that as far as the Israelis are concerned, time is running out.

* IDF Chief snubbed in Washington – a message to Israel

*  President Hussein Hopenchange said US troops would not go in hot pursuit of extremists across the Afghan border intoPakistan 

If anyone still thinks the US will save Israel from an Iranian nuke…

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates predicted North Korea would launch a missile soon and saidthere’s nothing the United States can do about it.

“I would say we’re not prepared to do anything about it,” said Gates during an appearance on “Fox  News Sunday.”

Will the MSM come clean and tell the truth about Gaza?

Two good posts on the absolutely disgraceful mainstream media reporting about Israel’s invasion of Gaza, and the “war crimes” that never happened:

Soccer Dad: Now he tells us.

CAMERA Snapshots: NY Times Backpedals on Gaza Atrocities Story.