US Muslims: Don't you dare spy on us! We'll spy on you…

From Atlas: Infiltration

US: Muslim Orgs Threaten to end all Contact With FBI

In the wake of finding out that the FBI had an informant in a California Mosque, 11 major US Muslim organizations have threatened to end all out reach programs with the FBI. Demanding that the FBI changes their ways in dealing with potential Islamic threats. Of course these leading Islamic groups once again try and use our freedoms against us to get their way as they are saying “We want our constitutional rights.”
They even go as far as to say that the FBI is to blame for potential Islamic terrorists here in America. This is just another example of US Muslims trying to dictate how our country is run. We need to wake up and see that they are not here to be our equals, they are here to dominate.

“Friends of the Muslim Brotherhood are no friends of America”

In “Shariah’s Brotherhood,” at the Center for Security Policy, March 16, Frank Gaffney explains what is wrong with the “U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project that is being aggressively promoted to the Obama administration and Congress by a number of its non-Muslim participants”: Source

What is the FBI trying to hide?

FBI Cuts Ties With CAIR Following Terror Financing Trial

Click here to see Wolf’s letter to the FBI.

FBI refuses cooperation with congressman’s enquiry re CAIR relationsship

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  1. The same story in every invaded country: Demanding, threatening, whining, threatening and demanding. What a miserable bunch of people.


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