BNI in the crosshairs of CAIR

An update from this:

Hamas-linked CAIR again wars on free speech, tries to get anti-jihad website shut down  (JW)

Well, they didn’t succeed, but you know they will keep trying.

HAMAS-linked CAIR has BNI in the crosshairs again re: Campaign to get advertisers to drop the TLC farce called ‘All-American Muslim’

Apparently the success of the campaign waged by the Florida Family Association assisted by Bare Naked Islam readers, in convincing several advertisers to pull the plug on All-American Muslim, isn’t sitting too well with CAIR and its affiliated Muslim extremist groups.

BNI and its readers send heartfelt thanks to the FLORIDA FAMILY ASSOCIATION for their help in educating TLC advertisers about the fraud being perpetrated by that show re: Islamic community in this country.

CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad:

“The program’s detractors are using every stereotype in the book to defame American Muslims and to demonize Islam.”

The  decrepit Sheila Musaji from  THE AMERICAN MUSLIM is another accuser who sounds off as if she was  a movement:

American Companies Accused of Joining the All-American Anti-Muslim Bandwagon

by Sheila Musaji

Within days of the show’s premiere, the fear-mongering Islamphobia network complained the show is actually propaganda that promotes a “submission to Islam through the hijab” and “tries to make a religion which believes in world domination and the inferiority of women, seem normal”. The author of this article, posted on David Horowitz’s inflammatory Front Page Magazine, also goes on to compare Muslims to Nazis: “Muslims are like us [Americans]; that’s the problem. The Nazis were like us too. So were the Communists.”  (More from Sheila)


FBI apologizes for calling mainstream Islam ‘violent,’ but is it wrong?

Muslims remain angry… but is it wrong?

The Bunglaphobia mob whines:

“untangling the Islamophobic thread woven into the FBI’s counterterrorism training culture won’t be easy.”

The FBI library at Quantico currently stacks books from authors who claim that “Islam and democracy are totally incompatible”.

It is. But whether the authors say that or not,  the world’s majority of Muslims and their clerics reject ‘man-made laws’ and the constitution,  which they seek to replace with sharia.  So where’s the beef?

The Bureau’s private intranet recently featured presentations that claimed to demonstrate the “inherently violent nature of Islam”, according to multiple sources. Earlier this year, the Bureau’s Washington Field Office welcomed a speaker who claimed Islamic law prevents Muslims from being truly loyal Americans.

These are undeniable facts. ‘Assimilation is a crime against humanity’ says Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan. In fact every Muslim cleric seconds that.

And as recently as last week, the online orientation material for the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces included claims that Sunni Islam seeks “domination of the world”, according to a law enforcement source.

That’s standard Islamic doctrine, that’s the kind of stuff they preach in every mosque. Why should there be a need to apologize?

The Bunglawussi mob gets support from the Soros financed  “Think Progress” and a site called Danger Room, which blames, you guessed it: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for doing their job.  Its not that these Islamic ‘civil rights groups’ like Hamas front CAIR can refute anything on substance, its that ‘Islamophobes’ get to tell the truth about Islam, that’s what stands in the way of making Islam dominant.  That irks them.


Why is the FBI caving into the demands of an organization that instructs the Muslim community to “build a wall of resistance: don’t talk to the FBI”?

CAIR Calls for Reform of FBI’s Training on Islam, Muslims

Which means only Muslim Brotherhood members should be allowed to instruct the FBI in ‘sensitivity training’ and ‘cultural diversity’.  And don’t forget the ‘outreach!’  How come we don’t insist that Islam is reformed, from the bottom up?  (source)

BNI:   Enemies of this country, which many Muslims in America clearly are, should not be given a bully pulpit to condemn the counterterrorism policies of the FBI and other governmental agencies trying to keep us safe from Islamic terrorists.  Representatives of Islamic Terrorist Front Groups like CAIR should have their First Amendment rights revoked

 Hamas Front CAIR whines about   “Islamophobic FBI Training” 

From Iran Press TV (of course)

 FBI apologizes for calling mainstream Muslims ‘violent,’ but anger remains

Some American Muslims are not happy with the FBI’s apology for an incident in which a trainer at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., told 37 agents in an April session that “mainstream” Muslims are likely to be terrorist symphathizers, that the prophet Muhammad was a “cult leader,” and that the more “devout” a Muslim the more likely he is to be “violent,” Wired reports.

The FBI building. ( Rich Clement – Bloomberg)In a statement, the FBI says the training segment in question has been discontinued, the instructor who conducted it was fired, and that they believed it was an isolated instance, according to Wired.

But Muslim groups say that’s not good enough.  (WaPo has more)

UK: Radical Headbanger Azad Ali Still Advising the Police

Azad Ali appears to be still in place as an advisor to the Metropolitan Police. Seriously. The man who praised Al Qaeda’s Anwar Al Awlaki, who opposes democracy  “if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia”, and who supports the killing of British troops, is actually advising the Metropolitan Police:  (Harry’s)

When Islam moves in, Freedom goes out the door:

“Where France and Islam are concerned, the true scandal is not the legally-sanctioned oppression of Muslims but of the State-supported suppression of free-speech.”


CAIR is Hamas and Hamas is CAIR

That makes CAIR a terrorist organization. WTF are these people doing in America?

Nihad Awad of Hamas-linked CAIR refuses to condemn Hamas

Sleeper Cells in the USA

Dave Gaubatz

There is every reason to suspect that we will endure suicide missions by Islamist sleeper cells. They are already in place. They are waiting for the right time. I know this from experience.  I have worked over 15 years as a U.S. Federal Agent, a U.S. State Department Arabic linguist, and the first civilian Federal Agent deployed into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.  (Read more)


In an interview from 2004. “CAIR’s Nihad ‘Awad Refuses to Condemn Hamas,” fromTranslating Jihad, January 24 via JW:

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Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) Launches "Islamophobia Dept." at Sold-Out Banquet

Thanks to Mullah

New Department to address ‘alarming’ rise in anti-Islam sentiment


WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization has announced the launch of a department devoted to addressing the alarming rise of Islamophobic sentiment in American society.

CAIR is not a “civil rights and advocacy organization”, CAIR is the long arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America and aids and abets the global jihad. Our unabashed dictionary defines ‘Islamophobia’ as a non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam…

Look who is a spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood: Former Muslim Chaplain of Guantanamo Prison,  America hater James Yee who is now some sort of Obama advisor!

Small world, isn’t it? Isabellathecrusader has a long memory:

Remember him? The Islamic supremacist Capt. James Yee was the Muslim chaplain who was arrested for espionage down at Gitmo a few years back and then all charges were mysteriously dropped. And now he’s a shill for the Muslim Brotherhood group CAIR. Coincidence? Uh-huh.

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CAIR: Mattson Out, Zebiba Boy In

Puff Ho’s Omar Sacirbey presents:

Mohamed Magid, Va. Imam, Named Head Of Islamic Society Of North America

We all know that the witness of a lowly female is worth little, if anything in Islam. Good bye, Ingrid. You deserve everything that’s coming your way. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. (H/T ZIP)

RNS) The Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim group in the U.S. and Canada, on Tuesday (Sept. 28) named a gregarious Sudanese-born Virginia imam as its new president.

Imam Mohamed Magid, executive director of the 5,000-family All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling, Va., will succeed outgoing president Ingrid Mattson, who in 2006 became the first woman elected to the position.

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Arrest. Them. All!

The enemy among us, plotting and planning our destruction. Aided and abetted by the Obama government:

Truth is the New Hate Speech, says Pamela Geller

Ground Zero mosque developer Sharif El-Gamal joines Helen Jews get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Germany and Poland Thomas and Silver tongued snake Tariq Ramadan (banned from the US when Bush was president) at co-conspirator, Hamas linked Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR’s annual hatefest.

Robert Spencer, james Lafferty and I will be protesting this outrage. Come!

Other Atlas links:

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Down with the Mosqueteers!

MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Tilt Ground Zero Mosque Debate by Smearing Americans as ‘Islamophobic’

They ignored the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance, too

ABC, CBS, NBC ignore vast opposition to Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, heavily feature pro-mosque spokesman (including Hamas-linked CAIR) (JW)

The lame stream media offers CAIR trumpet Fibby Hooper a stage to perform the Islamophobia polka:

In other words, the networks permitted a balanced debate about a proposed real estate project, but allowed mosque supporters to attack the majority of Americans as “haters” and “bigots” without adequate debate. That’s yet another sign that the liberal, elite media are hopelessly out of touch with the public they ostensibly serve. (NewsBusters)

Raymond Ibrahim: The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America (JW)

In “The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America” at Pajamas Media (, September 13, our old friend Raymond Ibrahim explores the mandate for Muslims to be loyal to fellow Muslims and Islam above all other allegiances — including the American government: Read it all

Sharif el-Gamal, thug developer of Ground Zero mega-mosque, is being evicted from his SoHo office for racking up $39,000 in back rent

Belying their claims to be building it only to affect reconciliation and peace, mosque leaders have smeared all opponents of the mosque as racists and bigots and refused all entreaties to put their mosque elsewhere.

And the thuggishness goes way back, apparently. The waiter-turned-millionaire developer (a transformation not yet satisfactorily explained) Sharif El-Gamal has said that “when you beat up someone physically you get exercise & stress relief,” and it appears he spoke from experience. And the questions about his finances continue to grow more urgent.

“Sharif El-Gamal, developer of Ground Zero mosque, evicted from SoHo office for racking up back rent,” by James Fanelli for the New York Daily News, September 15 (thanks to JW)

The “Real” Demo

Why are these headbangers in the US of A?

Here’s what really went down: Media Coverage of FDI/SIOA Rally of Remembrance Worse than Pravda: The Big Lie (Atlas)

On the Bunglawussi blog, these brave, wonderful patriots were smeared as “football hooligans”


Yes, indeed. They were:

Lots more from the excellent Tundra Tabloids

To burn or not to burn


More love from the religion of peace and tolerance. Sorry, fellas, here in America we have free speech. Nobody said boo when Piss Christ was an art exhibit or Comedy Central had Jesus snorting coke or when the steady stream of Jew hating cartoons and TV shows in the Muslim world came out, so the prophet moe and his followers are going to have to grow up.

Muslims must learn to get along with others and live side by side with their fellow man. 🙂

Yet another Islamic event at the White House to continue celebrating the Month of Jihad (according to Muslims). Take the hint at what this “Next Generation” gathering is signaling. Hat tip BareNakedIslam

Heat packing, Koran burning pastor Terry Jones:

“We think it’s time to turn the tables, and instead of possibly blaming us for what could happen, we put the blame where it belongs — on the people who would do it,” he said. “And maybe instead of addressing us, we should address radical Islam and send a very clear warning that they are not to retaliate in any form.

Who is Terry Jones?

White House follows lead of US and Nato commander in Afghanistan, saying church group plan could put troops at risk.

Suddenly, the Muslim POTUS Obama worries about the troops: (Al Jizz)

Protests were held in Indonesia against the proposed Koran burning [AFP]

Why does the world care when people want to burn a koran? No one seems to mind when bibles, flags or human effigies are burned.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Tuesday said he “strongly” condemns the planned burning of Qurans on Sept. 11 by a small Florida church.  Rasmussen said such actions could have a “negative impact” on the security of the NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan.

Want respect? Earn it!

“I think it’s a disrespectful action and in general I really urge people to respect other people’s faith and behave respectfully,” Rasmussen told reporters in Washington, ahead of a meeting with President Obama. “I think such actions are in a strong contradiction of all the values we stand for and fight for.”   (The Hill)

CAIR’s BS Propaganda Goes into Overdrive

Muselmanic Hysteria:

72% of Americans are “birthers” and “religious bigots”- Keith Ellison, one of two Muslims serving in congress. (ZIP)

Tingles got the jitters

Tingles  (Chris Matthews) has sleepless nights over pastor Terry Jones “International Burn A Koran Day,” fears  it will send a “radical” warning to “Moslems.”

For the libel blogging lizard  the pastor is  “the face of fanaticism”, from which Muslims must be protected.

The lizard is also hot and bothered over Omar who pissed in a mosque, something for which he blames Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer  (sic)

Yep,  constant cannabis abuse causes paranoia and hallucinations…..

“As if this illogical conclusion jumping will somehow absolve them of responsibility for creating a climate of hatred and bigotry in which violence flourishes.”

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Muslim Brotherhood, libelblogger Charles Johnson blame Geller, Spencer for Leftist pro-mosque group employee’s attack on Muslim cab driver

CAIR and others have not hesitated  to fabricating “hate crimes.” They want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tingles is so deluded, its beyond comedy….

Zead Ramadan of Hamas-linked CAIR defames Spencer again on Hardball, calls idea that the Ground Zero mega-mosque is a victory mosque “ridiculous”

Robert Spencer:

Desperate to destroy me, hoping that if they do so they will be able to lie to the American people unimpeded, Zead Ramadan and the boys in the back room at Hamas-linked CAIR are pumping out the Big Lie that I am a modern-day Jim Jones — despite my lack of a cult, a cult following, designer sunglasses, and Kool-Aid. If anyone is offering the Kool-Aid, it is Hamas-linked CAIR and Ramadan himself, when he terms “ridiculous” the idea that the Ground Zero mega-mosque is a “victory mosque.”

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Michael Bloomberg, Koolaid, Truthers & Kumbaya

Allahu Akbar… Michael Bloomberg Tells Ramadan Audience: “We Are All Muslims”

Pic thanks to ZIP

This guy puts the fruit in fruitcake.
Michael Bloomberg shamed those who oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and told a Ramadan audience this week, “We are all Muslims.”
CNN reported:

We are now in the Islamic holy month of fasting called Ramadan, and Bloomberg hosted last night an annual iftar, or fast-breaking dinner, at Gracie Mansion.  (Gateway)

Bloomberg was also dumb enough to come out in support of  a Muslim cab-driver who was attacked by a far left loon, in what he perceived to be a hate-crime against Muslims:

I spoke today with the taxi driver who was stabbed last night in an attack that appears to have been motivated by anti-Muslim bias. I assured him that ethnic or religious bias has no place in our city, and to help show that, I invited him to City Hall to meet with me tomorrow, an invitation he accepted.”  (Bloomberg statement on stabbed cab driver/WaPo) Atlas has more: Set Up to Lynch Ground Zero Opposition: Muslim Cab Slasher Worked for Cordoba/Park 51

Obama Administration Stands By Ground Zero Imam Despite His Attacks On America (Video)

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque imam thanked Obama this week for his support for the mosque.
Someone please tell me I’m dreaming.

CAIR Muslims Rally Their Useful Idiots to the Rescue of the Ground Zero Mosque

Vomit inducing stupidity:

NEW YORK — The planned mosque and Islamic center blocks from ground zero got a new boost Wednesday from a coalition of supporters that includes families of Sept. 11 victims.  (AP)

Interfaith Kook “Rabbi” Waskow:  ‘I’m cooking my own private Islam, not the one of the terrorists…”

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of New York’s Shalom Center, said the project will show the world a form of Islam that espouses peace — not the Islam of the terrorists.

The good ‘rabbi’ might wanna take some time out to learn something about Islam: Islamic Antisemitism 101: The Daisy Khan Con (Atlas)

Faiza Ali, center, affairs director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations of New York, speaks at a news conference organized by the Coalition of New York Neighbors for American Values, as Rabbi Arthur Waskow, far left, director of the Shalom Center, listens, Wednesday Aug. 25, 2010, in New York. Ali offered support for the proposed lower Manhattan Islamic center and said, “The controversy over Park 51 and centers nationwide reveal a new wave of anti-Muslim sentiment.” (AP)

The Religion Called Tolerance

So AP writer Allen Breed begins his recent mosque piece by defining the word, “tolerance.” It’s a traditional rhetorical device, one learned back in sixth grade while plagiarizing the Encyclopedia Britannica.

His piece focuses on religion, of course, – but not Islam, Christianity or even my favorite, “the universal life force of the Grand Unicorn.”

His all powerful religion? Tolerance.

Of course, for him, tolerance can only play one way. As Yanks we must kneel before the alter of acceptance, while everyone else uses us as a footrest. (Greg Gutfeld, The Media Busters)

Useful idiots protest at a book-signing event in DC: The Welcome Wagon

Ferals against the counter jihad, bitches for the peace of Islam…..

9/11 Truther: Stop The Hate And Intolerance Over Mosque

MSNBC: Donna Marsh O’Connor, of the coalition New York Neighbors for American Values, explains why she supports the Park 51 Islamic Center.

MSNBC’s “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann omitted the fact that Ms. O’Connor is a member of the “9/11 Truth” movement, which believes the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. (Real Clear)