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Why did our top racism policeman go to an anti-Israeli hatefest?

calma20081They call me ‘the Sleaze’

AUSTRALIA’S Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma is attending the controversial UN anti-racism conference in Geneva, despite the Rudd Government’s decision to boycott the event because of fears it would become a platform to attack Israel.

From Carl in J’lem:

The Geneva hatefest is all but over


In his Tuesday night report from Geneva, Roger Simon explains why the Durban II hatefest adopted its final statement on Tuesday even though it technicallydoesn’t end until Friday.

In short, they have been humiliated big time by the Iranian despot’s racist screed. Non-attendance by the Americans was one thing, but mass walkouts by the almost always complaisant Euros was highly threatening to the UN machine. And, make no mistake about it, here in the small city of Geneva especially, the UNis a machine, a money machine that brings in a significant proportion of the local GNP. No wonder the Swiss President, despite much criticism, was eager to shake the hand of the Iranian leader. Even though the Iranian people are in disastrous financial shape, Ahmadinejad was more than willing to blow off the money for forty rooms in thisswank hotel, plus banquets for five hundred, plus who knows what else? Middle Eastern despots are cash cows for Geneva and the proximity of the UN to the local banks is no accident. They come to the Palais, say a few bad things about Israel and make a deposit.

Making matters worse for the UN today was a seeminglyunder the radar panel brought together in the Palais (only yards from the actual plenum) by the Touro Institute’s Ann Bayefsky in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. This formidable panel consisted of Natan Sharanksy, Elie Wiesel, Jon Voight, Alan Dershowitz, Shelby Steele and Father Patrick Desbois. Father Desbois is the only name there that may be unknown to you. It shouldn’t be. He is an extraordinary man who has devoted his life to locating the remains of anonymous Holocaust victims in Eastern Europe and is the author of a book undoubtedly not high on Ahmadinejad’s reading list - The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews.

This panel was electric, even to jaded me, and should have been the true conference. (PJTV will have it in a day or so.) During it, the African-American Steele made some telling points that were taken up by the others – (paraphrasing here – I would recommend the author’s own work) implying that racism had diminished significantly and was now being used as an excuse for failure. It had become, in Steele’s words, a “distraction.” And that anti-Semitism was the biggest distraction of all, an obsession that turned people away from their own problems and prolonged them.

Read the whole thing.

Simon suggests that Americans should keep after their representatives to determine what this week’s ‘conference’ cost the United Nations and how much of that was put on the United States’ bill through its contributions to the UN and its agencies. I’d go a step further.

The UN has had an obsession with the ‘Palestinian’ issue for at least 35 years, going back to Yasser Arafat’s first appearance at the UN in November 1974. The time has come for the American people to find out how much they have spent on this obsession and how much they are continuing to spend on it each year. With the Obama administration calling on Americans to cut their consumption, it’s only fair that the American government cut its consumption starting with wasteful spending on the ‘Palestinian’-obsessed UN and its constituent agencies. Times are tough. It’s time to cut the American (and Israeli for that matter) budget by getting out of the UN altogether. Giving the American people an appreciation for how much the UN’s obsession with the ‘Palestinians’ costs the American taxpayer each year would be an effective first step in leaving the United Nations and in kicking the UN off America’s shores.

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  1. Here in NZ , our race relations commisioner also attended..he is a commie from way back appointed by our previous commie regime..Joris De Bres..he is currently in a spat with the foreign minister.

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